Sara Waisglass Boyfriend – Netflix Star is Dating Her BF for Over a Year

At seven years old Sara Waisglass got her first role in acting. The pursuit of a career in acting has led the actress to Netflix (her recent production is Ginny & Georgia). Now aged 22, her career is thriving with a good following on social media and a healthy relationship with her boyfriend of over a year.

Sara Waisglass was born on 3 July 1998 to her parents in Ontario, Canada. She was raised in Canada with her older sister and from a young age, acting took hold of Sara. Her first role was on a TV show where she stayed for three seasons and as she grew older, Sara took hold of every opportunity that came her way.

She is known for her role of Frankie Hollingsworth in the Degrassi franchise. Sara’s rise to fame was with that series and her social media following is also somewhat a result of that. In recent years she has been appearing in Netflix productions and with that inquiries regarding her dating life have also increased. So, here we give you all the details about her boyfriend and their budding relationship.

Sara Waisglass Boyfriend – Dating for Over a Year

sara-waisglass-boyfriend-2021Sara Waisglass is dating her boyfriend Jeremy Kellen. They have been together for over a year.
Image Source: Sara Waisglass Instagram

High School romances are fickle, we all think they will last forever but for most people that is not the case. That is a point in time when teenagers fall in love with so many different things and so many different people but some couples do meet in high school. While Sara Waisglass and her boyfriend went to school together, they only started dating a couple of years later.

Sara Waisglass is currently dating her boyfriend Jeremy Kellen. According to our research, they have been together for more than a year. And according to a post by Sara, they went to the same school so it can be said that they were friends first and then become romantic partners.

The first picture of the couple was uploaded by Sara on 24 July 2019. The photo uploaded to Instagram showed Sara and her boyfriend Jeremy sitting on a rock in front of a waterfall. Her caption read, “a couple years ago Jeremy signed my yearbook: “hope we keep in touch, have a good summer”. LOOK AT US NOW.”

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Less than two months later she posted a picture of the two together again, this time wishing her boyfriend a happy birthday. While they do not call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, the pictures and their mutual friends in the comment section paint a familiar picture of a beautiful romance.

Jeremy Kellen has also posted about Sara on his social media page. The very first post by Jeremy of the couple has them on an apple farm as Jeremy writes about knowing how to “pick em.” It was a funny line by Jeremy who seemed to be complimenting himself.

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It appears Sara and her boyfriend were separated when the pandemic started. She posted a cute picture of the two and how handholding is no longer possible. But then during Thanksgiving the couple back together again as Sara mentioned how thankful she was, sharing a picture featuring herself and her boyfriend.

That was the last post featuring the two of them together on either one of their social media pages. From what we can tell, they are still together and coming up on another milestone for their young romance.

Sara Waisglass Plays Maxine in Netflix Series Ginny & Georgia

Ginny & Georgia is the latest Netflix series about a dysfunctional family, violent pasts, and teenagers. Okay, it is not as simple as that. Created by Sarah Lampert, the show was filmed before the pandemic started and is finally seeing the light of day, after over a year of post-production.

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The story of Ginny & Georgia takes place in suburban Massachusetts. A family of three decide to settle down in a quiet neighborhood. Ginny, the 15-year-old daughter, is finally relieved that her eccentric mother has decided to stop. But soon the serene life is endangered when her mother’s past comes back to cause some trouble.

Sara Weisglass plays Maxine in Ginny & Georgia. Maxine is a high schooler in the town Ginny and her mother settle in. She is friends with Ginny and starts to develop a crush on her mother. It appears Maxine is a fun friend to be around, a stark contrast to Sara’s other high school role in Netflix’s October Faction.

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Netflix is releasing Ginny & Georgia on 24 February 2021. The cast is led by Brianne Howey as Georgia Miller, Antonia Gentry as Ginny Miller, and Diesel La Torraca as Austin Miller. With Jennifer Robertson as Ellen, Felix Mallard as Marcus, Sara Waisglass as Maxine, Scott Porter as Mayor Paul Randolph, Raymond Ablack as Joe, and Mason Temple as Hunter Chen also starring.

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