Olivia DeJonge Boyfriend – Austin Butler Rumors, Vanessa Hudgens Drama Explained!

Olivia DeJonge is the star of the Netflix series The Society and the upcoming Elvis Presley biopic Elvis. But in recent years she is coming to mass attention due to an alleged relationship with her rumored boyfriend Austin Butler. From rumors to Vanessa Hudgens fans going after the actress, it was an eventful year for Olivia.

Born on 30 April 1998 to her parents Rob and Robyn DeJonge, Olivia DeJonge is an Australian actress who started her career at the age of eight. Initially, an accomplished voice-over artist working in radio advertisements, Olivia was offered her first acting role in 2011. Then over the next decade, Olivia racked up a healthy count of big shows and movies to her name.

With a slew of Australian productions under her belt, Olivia transitioned to Hollywood. Olivia made a mark with a starring role in The Society and next she will be seen alongside Tom Hanks in Elvis. But all this information is not why most people are here, so let’s dive into Olivia DeJonge’s boyfriend details, some rumors, and drama.

Olivia DeJonge Boyfriend – Rumored to be Dating Austin Butler

olivia-dejonge-boyfriend-austin-butler-2021Olivia DeJonge is rumored to be dating her boyfriend Austin Butler.
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When a young talent appears in a Netflix show, fans are excited to know who they are dating. Olivia DeJonge also drew such excitement when she appeared in The Society. While she was not dating anyone then, there is a strong rumor going around the internet which claims Olivia DeJonge’s boyfriend is actor Austin Butler.

Austin Butler is playing Elvis in the new Baz Luhrmann biopic. He is a 29-year-old American actor who rose through the TV industry, playing a notable character in the hit drama series, Switched at Birth. Austin also had a highly publicized nine-year-long relationship with Vanessa Hudgens.

In and around late 2019, Austin and Vanessa broke up and since then he has been linked with his Elvis co-star Olivia DeJonge. While Olivia has not said anything about her boyfriend fans of Vanessa Hudgens went digging and found some damming evidence to link Austin and Olivia together.

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It is claimed that the relationship between Olivia and her rumored boyfriend Austin began when filming on Elvis started. An unverified eyewitness report had the alleged couple eating together at a diner. Olivia and Austin were said to be “very close” while they were eating and his hand was always “on her leg.”

That eyewitness report and eagle-eyed fans spotting Olivia wearing a shirt that looked pretty similar to one worn by Austin convinced the masses that they were dating. To date, Austin has posted one picture of Olivia on his Instagram, there are three people in the picture. While Olivia has stayed away from even mentioning Austin on her page.

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Taking all the “evidence” into consideration, we have to say, there is a case to be made about Austin Butler being Olivia DeJonge’s boyfriend. One reason they are probably hiding their alleged relationship maybe the implication fans are making about Austin cheating on Vanessa with Olivia.

Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler, and Olivia DeJonge Drama

vanessa-hudgens-austin-butler-olivia-dejonge-relationship-dramaOlivia DeJonge is rumored to be dating her boyfriend Austin Butler, which caused a lot of drama among Vanessa Hudgens’ fans.
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Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler were said to have met for the first time on the set of High School Musical. And according to multiple outlets, the couple dated for nearly a decade till it was confirmed around the start of 2020 that they have called it quits on their relationship.

The reason given by everyone was that the former couple could not make the long-distance thing work anymore. While media reported on the long-distance thing, fans were convinced that Austin cheated on Vanessa and that was the reason for the breakup.

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Austin was linked to Olivia and rumors of them dating soon created a drama around Vanessa and Austin’s split. Fans called out Austin for spending time with Olivia while Vanessa was at her parents’ during the holidays. Olivia wearing a shirt that looked like Austin’s also created some buzz around the Vanessa Hudgens fan pages.

Olivia DeJonge has been mum about the whole thing. She is not claiming Austin to be boyfriend and even taunting haters on her Instagram comment section cannot get a reaction from the actress. Olivia’s fans do their best to protect Olivia but if one day Austin is to become her boyfriend, the hate is going to be even more severe due to all this drama.

Olivia DeJonge and Her Rumored Austin Butler Boyfriend are Starring in Elvis

After over six years in some level of production Baz Luhrmann finally got Warner Bros. to commit to an Elvis Presley biopic. With multiple actors vying for the titular role, it was Austin Butler who was hired to play Elvis, and filming for the movie began in January 2020.

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Austin will play Elvis while his romantic partner in the movie will be Olivia DeJonge who plays Priscilla Presley. Olivia and her rumored boyfriend Austin met for the first time when filming for the movie began. While the film is yet to begin filming, Warner Bros. has set a 3 Jun 2022 release date for Elvis.

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