Jas Leverette Wife - Cali K9 of Netflix Series Canine Intervention is Married and Has a Son

Feb 17, 2021 @ 1:14 GMT-0500

Born in New York but a resident of Oakland California, Jas Leverette a dog trainer who invented the Cali K9 system. With a number of celebrity clientele, Jas is getting his own Netflix show called Canine Intervention. And for those wondering who Jas Leverette really is, he is a trainer, father, and a husband faithfully married to his wife.

There may be some concern regarding the method used by Jas but he seems to get results. That is why celebrities like Kevin Hart and athletes like Steph Curry trust Jas with their dogs. Starting out with Horse training, Jas soon utilized the body language training he learned to help dogs and that has been his life for nearly two decades.

Jas Leverette has a thriving business in the Bay Area and Netflix giving him a documentary series is only going to put even more attention on the dog trainer. So, here is everything you need to know about his wife, personal life, and his upcoming series which is causing some controversy.

Jas Leverette Wife - Cali K9 Owner is Married and Has One Son

jas-leverette-wife-2021Jas Leverette is married to his wife Nouhaila Leverette. They have been together for nearly 4 years and have a 1-year-old son.
Image Source: Nouhaila Leverette Instagram

Appearing in a Netflix show is definitely going to increase a person's profile. Jas Leverette is already a well-known personality in the Bay Area but he will come to know the Netflix bump soon enough. And when the hordes come they are also going to be interested in the personal life of Jas.

Jas Leverette is a married man who will celebrate his fourth anniversary with his wife, Nouhaila Leverette, on 22 July. Jas and his wife Nouhaila tied the knot on 22 July 2017 in a ceremony held at Villa Laarissa, Morocco. The ceremony was attended by their friends and family and the marriage was a traditional affair.

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While we could not figure out how long Nouhaila and Jas dated before getting married. The first picture of the couple was uploaded by Jas' wife on her Instagram page, about a month before their wedding. She is the one who frequently posts about the couple while Jas is busy promoting his Cali K9 program.

After two years of marriage, Jas's wife announced on Instagram that the couple was expecting their first child. The announcement came in September 2019 and their baby boy, Jasir Leverette, was born on 16 February 2020. Jasir celebrated his first birthday in 2021.

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Jas and his wife post cute pictures of the family from time to time. Nouhaila is the one who writes sweet caption about how happy she is to have a husband like Jas and how blessed she is to have her first child. "Family is not an important thing. It's everything," this is just one of many captions she has written to thank god.

According to the trailer of Jas's new show will show his work with bog and also the person he is outside of his work. That probably means we are going to see Jas with his wife and son in the new Netflix docu-series.

Jas Leverette is Starring in the Netflix Docu-Series Canine Intervention

Canine Intervention is the new animal docu-series from Netflix. It follows Bay Area dog trainer Jas Leverette as he trains dogs from LA to Oakland. Jas is trying to show that dogs are never at fault they only have bad owners and through his Cali K9 method, Jas is showing a new way dogs can be trained.

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The show will also detail the life Jas lives away from the training room. The trailer also shows Jas helping people take control of their pets. He can be heard in the trailer saying, "It's never the dog's fault, it's always human error."

Since the trailer came out there has been some negative press for the docu-series. Certified animal behaviorist Steve Dale made his skepticism known citing techniques of violence used by Jas and there is even a change.org petition to stop the show's release on Netflix. The petition has close to 35,00 signatures.

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"We have spent over a decade fighting against the popularization of inhumane training toward animals on television. This type of commercialization for the sake of entertainment is barbaric and does not serve the general population and our most adoring companion animals," Nicole Barnett writes. But Netflix is sticking with its 24 February 2021 release date.

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