Mateusz Banasiuk Wife – Engaged to His Partner of Over 6 Years

Mateusz Banasiuk is starring in a romance movie and with the appearance questions of his relationship status are being raised. People want to know who is Mateusz’s wife. Well, he is currently in a relationship with his partner for over 6 years. They are engaged and have a son together, get all the details.

The Polish romance movie scene caught a lot of flack last year when 365 DNI was released on Netflix. This year however a little more sensible romance flick, Squared Love, is arriving on the streaming platform. With Adrianna Chlebicka and Mateusz Banasiuk starring, the movie is a success all over Europe where the film cracked the Top 10 list on Netflix.

Mateusz Banasiuk was born on 21 September 1985. He is the son of Polish actor Stanislaw Banasiuk and is one of three children of his parents. Mateusz has been in the movie industry for nearly two decades and he is also an accomplished theatre actor. He is currently in a relationship with his wife-to-be and we have got all the details about their relationship.

Mateusz Banasiuk Wife – In a Relationship with His Partner and Sharing a Son

mateusz-banasiuk-wife-partner-son-2021Mateusz Banasiuk is engaged to his partner Magdalena Boczarska. She is not his wife but they share a son together.
Image Source: Magdalena Boczarska Instagram

Mateusz Banasiuk has been in the Polish movie industry for nearly two decades now. From what we could glean from his acting credits, he has more romantic roles in his listed projects. One of his hit TV shows was about love, romance and drama so it is understandable that most of the fans of the actor see him as a romantic actor.

With romance at the center of his career, it is understandable that most of his fans want to know who Mateusz Banasiuk’s wife is. His Instagram page is filled with pictures of his latest pictures and photos of his boy. But every once in a while the actor shares the pictures of his partner and they make a perfect couple.

Mateusz Banasiuk is currently in a relationship with his partner Magdalena Boczarska. They have been together for over six years and according to our research, they have been engaged to be married for over four years. Magdalena is not Mateusz’s wife yet but they still are a family who enjoys living together and raising their son.

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Magdalena Boczarska is 42 years old and she is also working in the Polish film industry. She is an outspoken advocate for woman’s right to chose what happens to their body and also a supporter of love-equality. Poland has some harsh laws regarding abortions and LGBTQ+ freedom, and Magdalena gives her support to those groups.

Magdalena is not the wife of Mateusz Banasiuk. But they have been together for over six years. They got engaged in and around the late 2016s or early 2017s. While engaged, the couple welcomed their first and only child to date, Henryk, on 17 December 2017. Magdalena shared her experience of getting pregnant at the age of 38 and how happy she is to be a mother and start a family with her partner.

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While they may not be married (fans want to see the wedding) they are seen walking around Warsaw with their son. Whether they are cycling or just taking a stroll, the couple seems to be in love with one another. They may not be husband and wife but except for that label, nothing is different in their relationship which is approaching its seventh year.

Mateusz Banasiuk Plays Enzo in the Netflix Movie Squared Love

Polish romance film has a bad reputation after the erotic movie 365 DNI was met with derision by woman rights groups around the world. One movie cannot tell the story of a whole industry and that is the hope Squared Love as it debuted on the Valentine’s Day weekend.

The movie follows a journalist, Enzo, who is forced to work a photo shoot. The shoot is of a mysterious model, Klaudia. Soon a hated work assignment results in seeds of romance being planted between the two. But there is a problem Klaudia is not who she says she is and falling in love with a journalist is going to complicate things.

Mateusz Banasiuk plays Enzo in the Netflix movie Squared Love. Enzo womanizer who is in a relationship with his boss and he is forced to appear in an ad. There Enzo meets Klaudia and he starts to rethink all the life choices he has made. Klaudia, hiding a secret about her origin, also falls for Enzo as they slowly discover each other’s truths.

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Squared Love was released on 12 February 2021, only on Netflix. The cast of the movie is led by Mateusz Banasiuk as Enzo and Adrianna Chlebicka as Monika / Klaudia. Agnieszka Żulewska as Alicia, Krzysztof Czeczot as Jacek Szczepański, Mirosław Baka as Monika’s father, Tomasz Karolak as school principal also appear as the supporting cast.

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