Netflix The Big Day’s Gay Couple – Husbands Daniel Bauer and Tyrone Braganza’s Relationship!

It was only in 2018 when the Indian Supreme Court struck down a law criminalizing same-sex relationships. Still, the religious country has some hurdles regarding acceptance by society, peers, and family. But that did not stop husbands, Daniel Bauer and Tyrone Braganza from getting married and their love will be shown to the world in Netflix’s new series The Big Day.

With a population of over 1.36 billion, there is no doubt that there are many LGBTQ+ identifying people in India. According to the Indian government, there are over 2.5 million registered “gay people in India.” But that is only the number of people who registered in government documents. LGBTQ rights groups of India believe the numbers to be much more than the government figures.

The number of gay people in India could fill a small European nation so it is only natural for the government to strike down restrictive laws. And at the end of the love is love, whether it is hetero or homosexual. That is the spirit Daniel and Tyrone embodied and hope to inspire others with their appearance in the Netflix show. So, for those wondering, get the details about the gay couple in The Big Day.

Husbands Daniel Bauer and Tyrone Braganza and Their Relationship

daniel-bauer-husband-tyrone-braganza-netflix-2021Daniel Bauer is married to his husband Tyrone Braganza. They got married in Germany in July 2019 and in India on 4 January 2020.
Image Source: Tyrone Braganza Instagram

Daniel Bauer is a makeup artist who has worked on the faces of Hollywood’s who’s who celebrities. His Instagram page is filled with pictures of Bollywood celebrities and Daniel himself has nearly 200,000 followers on his page. He also runs a makeup academy in Mumbai and Delhi.

Tyrone Braganza was an officer on The Royal Caribean sea. He can be seen on his Instagram page, looking sharp and handsome in his dress blues. Tyrone is also an advocate for love equality in India and someone who in recent times has spoken about his love for his husband.

Daniel Bauer and Tyrone Braganaza are getting some attention because they are appearing in the Netflix series The Big Day. The husbands have been married for over a year now. And according to our research, they got married twice, once in the middle of 2019 and then again in January of 2020.

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Daniel and Tyrone met multiple times in social settings. The meetings were always accidental and every time they were around each other, they stole glances. But stealing glances never resulted in them approaching and talking to one another.

Having never talked to one another, it was only fate that they ended up on the same flight to Goa. Soon they got to talking and all those stolen glances resulted in a whirlwind of romance which took the couple on a ride. Daniel and Tyrone knew they were made for one another, which resulted in Daniel popping the question on a cruise.

The proposal was answered in the affirmative and a few months later the couple got married in Germany. In a Church in Germany, the husbands got married to one another in the presence of their friends and family. Both of them wore a three-piece suit and after their wedding, the couple got on a horse carriage as they were carried off to their honeymoon.

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Their first wedding happened over the summer in July 2019 but that was not the end of it. The Indian bridegrooms headed to Indian where their relatives and families reside and the husbands got married again in a traditional Indian wedding.

Wearing pink turbans and silver-colored sherwani, the husbands arrived at their wedding riding an elephant on 4 January 2020. The week-long wedding process held in India saw the couple sharing everything with their fans on Instagram. And both of their weddings will be shown on the new Netflix shows The Big Day.

Daniel Bauer and Tyrone Braganza are Appearing in Netflix Series The Big Day

Netflix recently released their reality series Indian Matchmaking, which courted some controversy. But that is not stopping the streaming platform from going back to the well. With a massive population, India is a big playground for Netflix and they are attacking the country with another show centered around relationships.

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The Big Day is a story focusing on the billion-dollar market around the marriage ceremony industry. Wedding in India has its own singular identity and that is dictated by wedding organizers and the bride and grooms getting married. The series will look into the lucrative industry and the lustrous setting where Indian couples are getting married.

Husbands Daniel Bauer and Tyrone Braganza will appear in the show. They are the only gay couple in the Netflix series and according to the trailer both of their German and Indian wedding will be covered in the Netflix show. We think their romance will be the most interesting of the couple covered in the first chapter of The Big Day.

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The wedding and romance reality TV show from Netflix will be released on Valentine’s Day 2021. The Big Day will show different couples from all over India as they invite the cameras to their happiest day.

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