Netflix’s Zero Chill Cast Age – Real Age of the Young-Adult Drama Actors!

Zero Chill is the new ice rink teenage drama from Netflix that follows fraternal twins and their struggle to make it in their respective fields. Featuring a wide range of characters, the show will launch some new faces to the masses. But are they all really teenagers? Here we will reveal the true Zero Chill cast age.

Following fraternal twins, Zero Chill tells the story of brother and sister Mac and Kayla who live on the ice when they are not in their home. One day Mac gets the opportunity to join a reputed British academy and the family decides to upend their lives in Canada to move to the UK. In doing so they also dash the budding career of Kayla as a figure skater.

The teen drama has all the ingredients to be a success on screen and features some young blood to entice the teen demographic. But the thing is, most of the cast members of the teenage drama are not in their teens, some were when they are hired but not anymore. So, here is everything you need to know about Zero Chill cast age.

Kayla Actress Grace Beedie is 22-Years-Old

grace-beedie-age-netflix-zero-chill-cast-ageGrace Beedie is 22-years-old. She plays Kayla in the Netflix series Zero Chill. Get the Zero Chill cast age.
Image Source: Grace Beedie Instagram

Grace Beedie is a Canadian actress who has made her career appearing in Hallmark movies and other low-budget TV shows. She has been in the show business for a little while now and her major breakthrough is the role of Kayla in the Netflix series Zero Chill.

According to our research, Grace Beedie’s age is 22-year-old. Her birthday is on 27 February 1999. The actress also recently shared a video of herself celebrating on the set of Zero Chill. At the time of the casting process, Grace was 2o-years-old.

Netflix Zero Chill Cast Age – Jade Ma Plays Sky

Jade Ma is 23-years-old in real life. She was raised in Hong Kong, and lived in Canada and the UK, while currently based in England. She lost her father a couple of years ago. Currently, the family consists of her mother and two younger siblings.

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In Zero Chill, the actress plays Sky Tyler. She is also a figure skater who becomes friends with Kayla. There also appears to be a relationship angle between Mac and Sky. A dancer from a young age, Jade came to acting at the age of 15 and eight years later she is playing a supporting character in a Netflix series.

Jeremias Amoore is the Oldest of the “Teenagers”

Born and raised in Essex, Jeremias Amoore is the eldest of four kids of his parents. The actor is of mixed race. He started acting pretty late but training in acting academies and stage, Jeremias has all the requisite talent to make it in show business.

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Jeremias Amoore was born on 11 October 1995. He turned 25-years-old in last October. According to our research, for Zero Chill cast age, Jeremias is the oldest of the teenage group. With youthful looks, it does appear the actor managed to pull off a teen look for the Netflix series.

Dakota Taylor is also Recently Out of His Teen Years

Dakota Taylor is cashing in on his exposure to the new Netflix show and his past work as the actor who recently opened his own workshop for young actors. Dakota and his girlfriend Jaime Lauren started the Screenworx coaching company where they both training younger aspiring actors from Durham.

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When it comes to his age, the actor has not revealed his birthday and according to his representative agency, he is in his 20s. We could not find the exact age of the actor but he is probably not a teenager. He may not even be the youngest when Zero Chill cast age is considered.

Anastasia Chocholata is the Youngest of the Group – Netflix Zero Chill Cast Age

A native of the Czech Republic, Anastasia Chocholata recently celebrated her 20th birthday. She was born on 19 June 2000. When it comes to the Zero Chill cast age of the “teenagers” the actress is the youngest of the group and also a newcomer to the Western cinematic world.

The European actress plays Ava Hammarstrom in Zero Chill. Anastasia is also currently dating her boyfriend Matous Trmal. He is a goalkeeper for Vitoria Sport Clube and the couple appears to be dating for a couple of years now.

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Zero Chill release date is on 15 March 2021, streaming on Netflix. The cast is led by Grace Beedie and Dakota Taylor as Kayla and Mac respectively. Sarah Jane Potts as Jane, Doug Rao as Luke, Jade Ma as Sky, Jeremias Amoore as Bear Stelzer, Anastasia Chocholata as Ava, Oscar Skagerberg as Anton, Stanislaus Steinbichler as Nico, and Christina Tam as Holly also star.

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