The Mighty Ducks Game Changers Cast Age – How Old are The Don’t Bother’s Kids?

For those who don’t know, Disney used to make sports movies back in the day, and most of them were good. The Mighty Ducks was one of such great kids movie which is being revived for a new age in a continuation story. With the first episode out, we wanted to see The Mighty Ducks Game Changers cast age and figure out if they are all really 12.

Based on and continuation of the movie trilogy of the same name, The Mighty Ducks Game Changers is a Disney+ series. The show sees a down-and-out former coach of the Ducks who doesn’t care about hockey anymore and a bunch of kids who have been pushed aside because they are not “good enough.”

In the six-episode series, we will see the kids learning to enjoy being kids again while trying to learn how to play hockey as a team. Also a redemption for Gordon Bombay and validation for Alex Marrow‘s parenting, the show is sure to please fans of the original and also the new generation of kids.

So, an interesting fact, all the kids in The Don’t Bother squad is not 12-years-old as the show’s logline reads. Most were 12 while filming the show and here is everything you need to know about The Mighty Ducks Game Changers cast age.

Brady Noon Plays Evan Marrow – He is 15-Years-Old

the-mighty-ducks-game-changers-cast-age-2021The Mighty Ducks Game Changers cast age averages around 14-years-old. The young cast leads the Disney+ show.
Image Source: Brady Noon Instagram

The cast of The Mighty Ducks Game Changers is led by young Brady Noon who has been in the movie and TV business for some time now. From being a child actor in Boardwalk Empire at the age of 5 to 8 to starring in the raunchy comedy movie Good Boys, Brady can be called a veteran among child actors.

He is the lead of The Mighty Ducks Game Changers. Brady plays 12-year-old Evan Marrow in the Disney+ series. But the real age of the actor is 15. He was born on 30 December 2005 in New Jersey and lives with his parents and one sister.

The Mighty Ducks Game Changers Cast Age – Actor/Rapper Maxwell Simkins is 14-Years-Old

Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Maxwell Simkins made a name for himself with a recurring role in the series Bizaarvar. He has also appeared in multiple movies and TV shows, starting on the journey to becoming an actor from a young age. Maxwell is also an aspiring rapper, going by the name MAB or I am Max A Billion.

In The Mighty Ducks Game Changers, he hosts the 2nd popular junior hockey podcast but soon joins The Don’t Bother’s. When it comes to his real age, Maxwell Simkins turned 14-year-old last year. He was born on 17 October 2006 and often cites his mother and father as his inspiration.

AGT Star Luke Islam is also 14-Years-Old

One of the surprise cast members of The Mighty Ducks Game Changers was the inclusion of Luke Islam. For those who watch America’s Got Talent, Luke is a familiar face, he got the Golden Buzzer for his singing performance on stage and since then has drawn a massive following for his vocal talents.

Now he is showing off his acting chops with the new Disney+ series. And when it comes to The Mighty Ducks Game Changers cast age, he is right in the middle with 14. Luke was born on 22 November 2006 and lives in Garden City, New York with his parents.

Bella Higginbotham is 15-Years-Old – The Mighty Ducks Game Changers Cast Age

While she may look younger in the new Disney+ series Bella Higginbotham is slightly older than most of her castmates. The actress was born on 30 September 2005 and she is 15-years-old in 2021. An early bloomer, Bella has multiple theatre and on-screen credits to her name.

She plays Lauren in the Disney+ series and was one of the first kids to sign up for The Don’t Bother’s. Lauren may not know much about skating but she has heart and a lot of pent-up anger that needs an outlet.

Young Janet Jackson Actress Taegen Burns is 13-Years-Old

The new Disney+ series is only the sixth acting credit of Taegen Burns. Hailing from Florida the actress made her career first as a child model, only transitioning to movies and TV shows after turning 10. According to our research, Taegen Burns is 13-years-old in 2021, and she will turn 14 later this year.

The Mighty Ducks Game Changers Cast Age – Actor DJ Watts is 14-Years-Old

DJ Watts or De’Jon Watts is a 14-year-old actor who has a small role in the Dinsey/Marvel movie Black Panther. He was born on 10 July 2006 and only started acting in TV shows and movies in 2017. Since then he has appeared in multiple $100+ million grossing box office hit movies.

Swayam Bhatia is 13-Years-Old

Hailing from India, raised in Dubai, and currently living in New York city Swayam Bhatia is a dancer, actor, musician, and runway model. From a young age, she has trained in figure skating and playing the drums. You can find multiple videos of the actress playing drums or doing solo sketches on her Instagram page.

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For those who thought Swayam looked a little familiar, well, she appeared in Succession and also the Netflix series Master of None. In The Mighty Duck Game Changers, she plays Sofia Hudson-Batra. She is 13-years-old in real life.

Logan Actor Keifer O’Reilly is 13-Years-Old

From Hallmark movies to medical dramas Canadian actor Keifer O’Reilly has had a wide array of roles in his career. He has mentioned that his parents are supportive of his career but they have also made it clear that he needs to go to the university. Keifer said he wants to do acting for as long as he can and right now he is thriving starring in Apple TV+ drama Home Before Dark and now Dinsey+.

Keifer O’Reilly plays Logan in the Disney+ series. Logan appears to be a great player but does not even know how to skate. And when it comes to The Mighty Ducks Game Changers cast age, the actor is 13-years-old, born in June 2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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