Anilee List Boyfriend - American Idol Star and Her BF Share a 2 Year Relationship!

Mar 6, 2021 @ 20:04 GMT-0500

Anilee List got a standing ovation from the American Idol judges after an amazing performance that got her the golden ticket to Hollywood. She sang Blue in her audition with her boyfriend backing Anilee during the performance. Taking everything into account, it is not a surprise she impressed the judges and got through to the next round.

Born on 18 May 2000, Anilee was only four when she started performing. There was no stage fright or performance anxiety for the singer who found what she loved at a young age and stuck with it. Singing also came in handy for Anilee when she was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 10 and that impacted her self-confidence.

In singing, she found a superpower that allowed her to get rid of her symptoms for a small period of time. Seeing a person with Tourette making it in American Idol strengthened her resolve and she continued her journey. It led List to Berkley in Boston where she also found her boyfriend of over two years. So, let's dive into her relationship and American Idol journey so far.

Anilee List Boyfriend - Dating for Over 2 Years

anilee-list-boyfriend-2021Anilee List is dating her boyfriend Matt Carson. They have been together for over two years.
Image Source: Anilee List Instagram

Despite the visibly evident symptoms of Anilee's Tourette syndrome, she was a different person when singing on stage. All the signs were gone and she could be comfortable in her performance. Multiple accolades, advocacy for Tourette, and becoming a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts, later Anilee enrolled in Berklee College of Music where she met her boyfriend.

Anilee List has been dating her boyfriend Matt Carson for over two years now. Matt is also a musician, plays guitar, and is a student at Berklee College of Music. They met while studying in Boston and soon romance ensued that has last nearly a couple of years.

The couple started dating on 29 October 2018 and the first post by Anilee on her Instagram about the relationship came on 29 January 2019 when the duo celebrated 3 months together. Next few pictures later, her boyfriend was back and Anilee was expressing how happy she was to have Matt in her life.

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On their six-month anniversary, Anilee posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend smushed together and looking all smiles for the camera. She wrote the caption, "6 months with you has felt like forever and no time at all, thank you for loving me 🙂 I love you."

Matt also has an Instagram page but he has not updated his page since 29 October 2019. The last picture he shared was of the couple on their one-year anniversary. Matt expressed how quickly one year together had gone by and Anilee replied in the comment section with, "my love ? so grateful for you baby."

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Recently Anilee was accompanied by her boyfriend during her American Idol performance. Matt stood off-camera as he played the guitar and she started singing for her audition. They were also seen holding hands outside of the audition site, in the promotional video released by American Idol.

Similar passion brought the lovebirds together but the boyfriend and girlfriend couple have stayed together due to their love for one another. Comments on Matt's Instagram page are littered with embarrassing posts by Anilee, which goes to show how much she loves her man and does not care about anything else.

Anilee List's American Idol Star is on the Rise

Over a decade ago James Durbin appeared in the 10th season of American Idol. After making it through the audition the singer mentioned he suffers from Tourette syndrome. 10-year-old Anilee, who was recently diagnosed with Tourette, was listening and she did not let the disorder deter her from the chosen path.

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Anilee List made her appearance in the 19th season of American Idol. She sang Blue which was originally sang by Aaron Taylor. The cover rendition was beloved by fans resulting in a surge for the original artist and his song. Aaron even gave his blessing for the performance and thanked Anilee for choosing his song for the audition.

The performance had the singer improvising and hitting amazing notes. Before the song was even over, the judges were convinced they have found a star. She received a standing ovation from all the judges with Katy going as far as to say the audition was "one of the most technically-perfect" that they had in American Idol.

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American Idol is still in the Audition stage but you can watch Anilee List again on 21 March 2021. On Sunday the Hollywood Week will start with a Genre Challenge and a grueling three-day period where the list of contestants will be whittled down.

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