Grace Kinstler Boyfriend 2021 – American Idol Star’s 1 Year-Plus Relationship with BF!

From the moment Grace Kinstler stepped on the American Idol stage and made Luke Bryan cry, people knew she was special. Starting singing from a young age, Grace had sang in stadiums and auditoriums but the Idol stage is where she is making an impact. The success is also leading people to inquire about her boyfriend, and you will find everything about her relationship right here.

Grace Kinstler was born on 3 August 2000, to her parents, father Mitch Kinstler and mother Sherry Kinstler, in Illinois. She was raised in Lakewood, Illinois and later attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Grace was a talented singer from a young age and later she only honed her skills further to perform for thousands of people. She performed at the Chicago Bulls’ home court and other sporting events, finally making her way to American Idol in 2021.

On the American Idol stage Grace was asked to sing a second song after the judges needed something more from the talented singer. She was more than willing and belted out Aretha Franklin to the excitement of everyone, include Luke who was brought to tears. And she has not failed to impress, still, most of these things you know by now, so let’s get to know her supportive boyfriend.

Grace Kinstler Boyfriend 2021 – American Idol Star’s Relationship Detail

grace-kinstler-boyfriend-2021Grace Kinstler is dating her boyfriend Joseph Wheatley in 2021. Her parents and family know about the relationship of over 1 year.
Image Source: Joseph Kinstler Instagram

Grace Kinstler is making national headlines with her show stopping performances on American Idol. Into the top 24 and it came as a surprise to no one and while she is making a name for herself on stage, her boyfriend is doing everything he can to help her get to the finals. He has been driving people to vote through social media and supporting Grace while she is away.

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Grace Kinstler is dating her boyfriend Joseph Wheatley in 2021. While she has been shredding the Idol stage, he has been getting people to vote 30 times so Grace can progress further into the next round. The couple has been together for a little while now and their social media pages are filled with pictures of one another.

Who is Grace Kinstler’s Boyfriend? Where Did They Meet?

Grace Kinstler’s boyfriend is Joseph Wheatley. Born in England but living in Massachusetts He himself is a singer and beatboxer and current member of Pitch Slapped A Capella group. Joseph has multiple videos of him beatboxing and singing with the group. Current American Idol contestant Anilee List was also part of the group for a little while.

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Joseph is attending Northeastern University located in Boston, Massachusetts. He is part of the class of 2022 and it is in Boston where Grace and her boyfriend Joseph met for the first time. Both of them being singers and having mutual friends resulted in their first meeting and romance ensued soon after.

When Did They Start Dating? How Long Have They Been Together?

While they did become friends in 2o19, they made their feelings clear about one another on 11 November 2019. Both Grace and her boyfriend updated their Facebook pages, letting their friends and family know they have started dating.

Their Facebook says they started dating in November of 2019 but Joseph had already started calling them a couple from October 2019 when he uploaded several pictures of the two together. He captioned the picture with multiple hashtags including couple goals. So, November is the month they made everything official while their relationship had started over a month earlier.

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Recently on 12 November 2020 both Grace and her boyfriend shared pictures on Instagram celebrating their one year anniversary. In 2021, Grace and Joseph have been together for more than one year. They will celebrate their second anniversary in November of 2021.

Grace Kinstler Brought the House Down With Joss Stone

After making her way through the Showstopper round Grace Kinstler entered the Top 24 which meant she had to prepare one solo song and another duet with singing partner Joss Stone. For her solo performance Grace selected Jessie J‘s Queen and brought out another banger with Joss Stone, this time taking on the amazing work of Gladys Knight, Midnight Train to Georgia.

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The solo performance was amazing but the duet pushed the whole performance over the top as Joss Stone and Grace played off one another to bring a classic song to the American Idol stage. Grace previously showed she was not shy about showing off her vocal talents and pulling from female greats of the 70s and 80s and she continued that gutsy move in Top 24.

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