Symfuhny Girlfriend 2021 – Mason Lanier is Dating His GF Ashley “BrookeAB” Bond!

Mason Lanier aka Symfuhny is a Twitch streamer who rose to fame with the rise in Fortnite. With great editing skills and talent in front of the screen, by 2019 he had one of the fastest growing channels on Twitch. The same year he was set up on a date with another gamer and she has been his girlfriend even now in 2021.

Symfuhny was born on 21 December 1999 in United States. After getting his first gaming console his love for gaming grew even further and H1Z1 was his first foray into streaming. But with the rise of Twitch and Fortnite on the platform, Symfuhny rode the wave and became a hit on YouTube. He was soon followed heavily on Twitch, YouTube and Instagram.

In 2019 he was at the height of his fame and a recognizable face across the gaming world. The same year the player was set up on a date by his gaming team and they have been together ever since. So, for those who are here to get more information on how Symfuhny and his girlfriend met, their dating timeline and other details, here we go.

Symfuhny Girlfriend 2021 – Mason and BrookeAB aka Ashley Bond’s Relationship

symfuhny-girlfriend-2021-brookeabSymfuhny is dating his girlfriend Brooke AB. Mason Lanier and his gf Ashley Bond have been together for more than a year.
Image Source: Symfuhny Instagram

Gaming is an isolating task, you are in front of the screen for hours and talking with people on different corners of the world through the char. While some streamers are outgoing and the extroverts, that was not the case for Mason Lanier aka Symfuhny. Those who were watching his streams used to joke that Mason never left the room.

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While he did go out of his room, he famous gamer however was lacking in one department, he did not have a girlfriend at the time. Symfuhny did not have any relationships outside of his friend circle and this resulted in his friends deciding to take matters into their own hands. In a setup job, the player was roped in and that is when he found his gf Ashley Bond aka BrookeAB.

Symfuhny Girlfriend – How did Ashley and Mason Meet?

Symfuhny is dating his girlfriend Ashley Bond (BrookeAB) in 2021 but the start of the relationship was particularly eventful for the duo. Symfuhny was on the rise and BrookeAB was also trying to make a name for herself a streamer. They had never crossed path socially but she made a blip on the radar of his friends.

Ashley Bond was working and supporting herself through college while also trying to break into the world of gaming. In 2019 BrookeAB bought some Corrina Kopf Merch and posting about it online. Corrina noticed and asked her to play with her, but the motive behind the approach by Corrina was to try and set her up with her friend Symfuhny.

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Corrina and Tfue‘s scheme worked like magic and during a meet and greet with fans, Symfuhny and BrookeAB met for the first time. By 26 July 2019 they had started dating and made the relationship Instagram official. BrookeAB soon blew up on Twitch as the couple started doing some streams together, now she also has a massive following across different social and gaming platforms.

Are Symfuhny and His Girlfriend Ashley Bond aka BrookAB Still Together in 2021?

The first meeting between Mason and Ashley happened almost 2 years ago. While some fans are not approving of the relationship, it is not really their call who Symfuhny decides to date in his life. The comment section has people calling her a gold digger and clout chaser but no matter the negativity the duo seem to be infatuated with one another.

They posted pictures of holiday spent together, trips to Disneyland, Christmas snaps, and exercise videos. In July of 2020 Ashley posted a sweet caption on a photo of the couple together, celebrating one year together. “One year with you ❤️ thank you for the best year of my life, for loving me unconditionally, and for always being the best part of my days. I love you so so much, happy anniversary and here’s to many more,” she wrote.

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Recently, both of them shared snaps of Valentine’s Day expressing how much they love one another. “We had different expectations for date night… Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️” Symfuhny posted on Instagram showing the contrast in the looks of the two lovebirds. While some fans see the lack of pictures in the recent days as a sign that the two have split up, but that is not the case.

While there are no recent pics since the Valentine’s Day celebration, the couple is still together in 2021. Symfuhny still appears to be totally in love with his girlfriend BrookeAB aka Ashley Bond. So, let’s put all those rumors and speculations to rest.

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