Cloakzy Girlfriend 2021 – Twitch Streamer is Dating His GF for 3 Years!

Cloakzy is a Twitch streamer who was known for streaming Fortnite videos but recently he moved away from the game and currently plays Call of Duty: Warzone. With over 2.5 million followers on the game streaming site, Cloakzy is beloved in the gaming community. The streamer is also currently dating his girlfriend Alexia Raye in 2021, which we will get into further detail, later.

Born on 26 December 1994, Dennis ‘Cloakzy’ Lapore was raised by his parents. He had an affinity to play games from a young age and it became his passion. Later the player turned his passion into a career with massive followings on Twitch, YouTube and Instagram. A streaming video of Dennis is watched by over 30,000 people, live.

In 2021 Cloakzy has moved away from Fortnite streaming, the game which was responsible for most of his. And like most first person shooter streamers, Dennis started his career with H1Z1 and now he plays Call of Duty: Warzone, entertaining his millions of followers and fans. But if you are here, most of these things are already known to you. So, here is what we know about the streamer’s girlfriend.

Cloakzy Girlfriend – Twitch Streamer’s 3 Year Long Relationship with Alexia Raye in 2021

cloakzy-girlfriend-2021-dating-streamerCloakzy is dating his girlfriend Alexia Raye in 2021. They have been together for the over 3 years.
Image Source: Alexia Raye Instagram

Cloakzy is 26-years-old and he has been in the streaming game for a long time. He has made alliances with new friends and all of those friends and feuds are well documented, also documented are his relationship ups and downs over the years. One thing about letting people see your life is they get invested in every single aspect of it.

That is where the girlfriend interest comes from, people wanting to know if the former FaZe clan member is dating someone or not. Every single frame of his streams involving a female has been analyzed by fans and that type of interest is a little unnerving. Probably that was the reason why Cloakzy hid his relationship with his girlfriend Alexia Raye.

Cloakzy Girlfriend 2021 – When did He Start Dating Alexia Raye?

Cloakzy is dating his girlfriend Alexia Raye for over three years now. They started appearing in streams together in 2018 and for some time Alexia claimed they were cousins. As you can probably tell by now they are not cousins, but it was a fun way for Cloakzy and Alexia to have fun at the expense of their fans. Soon after the cousin thing the couple made it public they were dating.

The first time we saw Cloakzy mention Alexia as his girlfriend was on 2 August 2018. Fans of the duo were shocked at girlfriend day announcement from the streamer as messages of disbelief followed the comment section. While they were dating for a while in 2018, August was the first time we got confirmation from either one of them.

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While Twitter announcement was one thing, we were yet to see a picture of the two pop up in each other’s Instagram pages. That changed on 25 November 2018 when Alexia posted a picture of the lovebirds on her grid. Cloakzy and his girlfriend were together attending Patriots vs Jets NFL game and that is when the relationship became Instagram official.

Cloakzy’s girlfriend Alexia is also a streamer on Twitch, but her real passion is in food. She also used to vlog on YouTube but that has slowly faded away in recent days. From vlogging Alexia is now blogging on her website where she posts recipes of plant based foods. She is not a vegan but a plant based eater and shares her passion with her hundreds of thousands of followers.

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The most recent picture of the couple together on Cloakzy’s Instagram page is from January 2019. The same pictures can be seen in both of their grids with the duo getting all dressed up to attend a New Year’s party. While the former FaZe clan member’s Insta is filled with pictures of Fortnite and COD, Alexia has provided a steady stream of content regarding their relationship, with the most recent picture coming in November 2019.

While there are rumors regarding the relationship status of Cloakzy and his girlfriend, there is nothing concrete suggesting that the two have broken up. They may no longer post on social media regarding their romance, but the boyfriend girlfriend duo is still going strong in 2021. Maybe Cloakzy will even act on Ninja’s suggesting to pop the question some time in the near future.

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