Izzy Morales Actress Otmara Marrero - Get to Know the StartUp Actress with 5 Quick Facts!

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Otmara Marrero is a Cuban-American actress who rose to fame with the role of Izzy Morales in the hit Crackle and Netflix series StartUp. For someone who started her career little over 5 years ago, the actress now has over 10 credits to her name and adjusting to life as a leading lady in Hollywood. So, from boyfriend details to her family life, here we will discuss some things you need to know about the actress.

Hailing from Miami, Florida Otmara Marrero spent most of her life in the state. She went to school there and later moved to California to started her career. Having a Cuban heritage, the actress grew up in the Cuban dominated community learning how to box and also taking up dancing while enjoying life in the tightly knit life in Miami.

Otmara first role in Hollywood was playing "Sexy Mourner" in the hit HBO series Ballers, starring and produced by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. But her biggest role came in 2016 when she was hired to appear in the Crackle show. And here are 5 quick facts you need to know about the Izzy Morales actress in 2021.

Otmara Marrero is 32-Years-Old - She is a Pisces

otmara-marrero-izzy-morales-netflix-startup-factsOtmara Marrero is a 32-year-old actress who plays Izzy Morales in the Netflix series StartUp. She does not have a boyfriend in 2021.
Image Source: Otmara Marrero Instagram

Otmara Marrero was born on 28 February 1989, to her parents in Miami, Florida. She grew up in Miami and got her early education there. The actress also learned how to fight, she detailed boxing was type of a religion in the community and she learned to fight as well as dance growing up in the Cuban-American neighborhood.

Growing up in a community when strength of character and physical strength was prioritized, that instilled a level of never say die attitude in her. Something the actress says, she has used in the various roles she has managed to get over the years.

Her Biological Father Left When Otmara was About 9-Years-Old

Otmara Marrero was raised by her mother and her step father as her biological father left the family when she was around 9-years-old. The actress said she always resented him for leaving but also grateful that a good man came into their lives and she was raised by a good father, her step father.

In a father's days post, the actress expressed her feelings, writing, "I usually make a joke about dead beats today and ignore the feelings I’ve had for 21 years burying them in resentment.. I don’t feel that anymore, I feel grateful that my trauma made me stronger and today I am more curious than ever to understand the depth of one man stepping up and the other stepping down."

The Izzy Morales Actress Worked as a Cheerleader for Florida Marlins

Soon after finishing high school the Otmara Marrero's first job was to work as a cheerleader for the Florida Marlins, now Miami Marlins. She stayed at the job for two years, entertaining the crowd and cheering the franchise on to victory. The job also meant the actress was approached by few players of the team in flirtatious manner.

While the cheerleaders are not allowed to date players, the actress did mention they used to hear pickup lines and find notes in their locker room from the players. Otmara did not date any players that we know of and she also did not have a boyfriend at that moment in time.

Otmara Marrero's Boyfriend - Is the Actress in a Relationship?

Otmara Marrero obviously had boys falling over themselves for her attention. From her cheerleading days to now, she is a smart and attractive lady who was taught to seek what they want from life. So, it is a given that a boyfriend will have to jump over a high bar to come anywhere near dating the actress.

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She also has a massive following on Instagram, but beyond her new project posts and some beautiful looking posts, the pictures are all of her. There does not appear to be a boyfriend in sight and it does seem like the actress is living a single life in California while trying to further her career.

In the movie Clementine, the actress was seen romancing girls and she is also a huge advocate for LGBTQ+ rights but we do think she likes dating men. However, there are no rumors or previous reporting linking her to a boyfriend or a partner in the past. The 32-year-old actress is content with where her personal life is at the moment.

Otmara Marrero Plays Izzy Morales in the Crackle/Netflix Series StartUp

The first acting role of Otmara Marrero came in 2015 when she appeared in Ballers alongside Dwayne Johnson. A year later she was hired in a starring role in the newly launched channel called Crackle's prestige series StartUp. While hated by the critics, fans were kind towards the show that went on to have three seasons.

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StartUp is a crime/thriller series about a group of people who come together as a result of circumstance. A investment banker, a computer genius, a gangster, and a corrupt FBI agent decide to throw in together to make money and make it big before the authorities come looking for them. After three years since the final episode aired the show will be available on Netflix.

Otmara Marrero plays Izzy Morales in StartUp. Izzy is a computer expert who creates a crypto currency called Gen Coin that no one wants to invest in which brings in, that opens the door for her shady partners. Through out the first season Izzy and her band of misfits are trying to get Gen Coin off the ground while not succumbing to mob and government pressure.

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Described as a cross between Mr. Robot and The Wire by Otmara, StartUp is a Crackle original and it will be available on Netflix from 4 May 2021. The cast is led by Adam Brody as Nick TalmanEdi Gathegi as Ronald Dacey, Otmara Marrero as Izzy MoralesMartin Freeman as Phil Rask (seasons 1–2), and Ron Perlman as Wes Chandler.

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