Katya Actress Alexandra Pfeifer – Get to Know Into the Beat Actress with These 5 Facts!

Alexandra Pfeifer is an actress from Germany who just appeared in her first movie. She is the star of romantic dance film called Into the Beat which is available for streaming on Netflix. After a career in modeling and dancing, she got the role of Katya in the Netflix movie and now she can be a streaming star with a good following on social media.

Born in Stuttgart, Alexandra Pfeifer was drawn to performing from a young age. She loved to dance and sing and music formed a way to cut out all the outside noise. Alexandra found peace in performing and carried that along for a career in modeling and soon found herself in front of the camera shooting her first movie.

So, for a rising star from Germany there are so many things that the public does not know about the actress. And to get to up to speed about the actress, here are few facts you need to know about Alexandra Pfeifer.

Katya Actress Alexandra Pfeifer is 21-Years-Old

alexandra-pfeifer-boyfriend-age-facts-family-2021Alexandra Pfeifer is a 21 year old actress from Germany. She stars in Into the Beat as Katya and does not have a boyfriend in 2021.
Image Source: Alexandra Pfeifer Instagram

Alexandra Pfeifer is a young actress from Germany. She was born in 1999 and currently she is 21-years-old. Alexandra is one of two children born to her parents and from a young age, the brother sister duo have been dancing together.

Her younger brother, Gerry Pfeifer, was born on 9 May 2001 and he appears from time to time in his sister’s Instagram page. The actress loves her brother and the same is true for Gerry who wished her well after Alexandra was hired to appear in her first movie.

Mamma Mia Inspired Alexandra at the Age of 6

The young actress was only six years old when she was taken to see Mamma Mia musical on stage. The musical had a massive influence on young Alexandra who started singing and dancing herself. The idea of performing had a calming influence on the young actress and it became a driving force for her career moving forward.

Later dancing, music and singing became a way to relieve pressure and get rid of stress. “It opens up a world of creativity, I can find nowhere else. I would never be able to choose between singing, dancing or playing music. Combining these three aspects of entertainment, is an expression of pure happiness,” the actress explained on her website.

Alexandra Pfeifer Boyfriend – Relationship Detail

Coming up a young actor and actress cause a lot of intrigue among fans about their relationship details. People want to know if they have a boyfriend or girlfriend and that is also true for Alexandra Pfeifer. Her social media profile has some thread we can pull on but finding out a concrete relationship status is going to be a little hard.

We scoured her Instagram, Facebook and other social media channel for a sign of a boyfriend but she seems to be keeping that information close to her chest. She is most likely single at the moment and focusing on her still budding career. We are pretty certain she does not have a boyfriend in 2021.

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While Alexandra appears to be close to her co-star from Into the Beat Netflix movie. They seem to be close friends only. There is a possibility that Alexandra and her co-star are dating right now, but unless they come out and confirm the relationship, there is no way to verify the rumor. So, as of 2021 she is not dating anyone and is currently single.

Trained in Ballet, Hip Hop and Knows Piano, Ukulele, and Violin

Since she was inspired by Mamma Mia at the age of six, the love for music pushed her to learn the piano, violin and ukulele. She plays all the instruments to a great effect and posts pictures and videos of playing music on her social media pages.

She has also trained in ballet and knows hip hop. Alexandra and her brother both got hip hop dancing lessons and they even perform together from time to time. That skill she has honed from a young age has resulted in her getting the role of Katya in Into the Beat.

Alexandra Pfeifer Plays Katya in the Netflix Movie Into the Beat

Into the Beat is a German movie directed by Stefan Westerwelle. The film was released during the pandemic in Germany with relative success. After the lockdown was lifted slightly the movie found somewhat success at the box office but now a whole world of audience is opening for the movie with its debut on Netflix.

Alexandra Pfeifer plays Katya in Into the Beat. Katya is a Ballet dancer and someone who has trained to perform ballet on the stage from a young age. But when she meets Marlon and hip hop dance is introducer to her life, she “is faced with an impossible choice: Does she follow her parents’ footsteps… or her newfound passion?”

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The new Netflix movie is streaming from 16 April 2021. The cast is led by Alexandra Pfeifer as Katya and Yalany Marschner as Marlon with other actors playing supporting roles in the nearly 100 minutes long film.

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