Lewis Howes Girlfriend 2021 – Podcaster and Motivational Author is Dating His GF for Over 2 Years!

Lewis Howes is a big deal now with a coaching company, multiple #1 bestselling books and a podcasting career that has shot all the way up. But rewind more than two decades, he had a reading level of a second grader while joining the eight grade. Through motivation and self-help the entrepreneur now boasts a multi-millionaire life, dates a beautiful and loving girlfriend, and is winning all aspect of life in 2021.

Born on 16 March 1983, to his parents in Ohio, United States, he one of four children of his mother and father. His parents got married at the age of 19 and instead of making a career as opera singer, the two settled down into a middle class life, that was not particularly happy. His brother was sent to jail and Lewis grew up a depressed child, hardly connecting with people, with sports being his only saving grace.

Learning to work on himself was a journey that Lewis learned the hard way and through the rise in internet helped himself become one of he the most sought after performance coaches in the world. From living in his sister’s apartment at the age of 25 to forming his million dollar company. It was a journey he took alone but also with other virtual people. But you are here to know more about his relationship with his girlfriend, so, here we go.

Lewis Howes Girlfriend 2021 – 2 Year Relationship with Yanet Garcia in 2021

lewis-howes-girlfriend-2021-detailLewis Howes is dating his girlfriend Yanet Garcia in 2021. They have been together for more than 2 years.
Image Source: Lewis Howes Instagram

Being single is a choice for most people. There may be various reasons for a person to stay single, not finding the right partner, fearing loss of freedom and many other reasons. But human beings are social animals and no matter the amount of time we spend in our friend circle, that intimacy and love of a partner is something everyone eventually seeks out.

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Lewis Howes himself was a single man and he was perfectly happy being single. He had a massive business to run, hordes of adoring fans supporting his every move and he had a fulfilled work life. But that one moment came for him when he first approached his girlfriend Yanet Garcia. From the moment he entered her apartment, seeing stacks of books was when he realized this was the woman for him.

How did Lewis Howes and His Girlfriend Yanet Garcia Meet?

Yanet Garcia is a supermodel from Mexico who was later hired to report the weather by a Mexican channel. She garnered attention from the whole world when Playboy magazine and TMZ wrote that Yanet could make people watch and and be entertained by the weather. Soon she as being followed by people from all over the world, shooting her Instagram following to over 13 million followers in 2021.

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She became a big deal is a small amount of time and Lewis Howes was one of the many people who followed her on social media. And like most modern romances, he approached her on social media, they got to talking and that is how the romance began. Then one day a trip to her apartment where he saw smart books all over the place, marked and highlighted, that is when Lewis knew they were meant to be.

Lewis Howes Dating Timeline – How Long Have They been Together


After the date and the trip to her apartment, Lewis was certain he was in love with his girlfriend Yanet Garcia. The couple made it official on 18 January 2019 and ever since then, every year they celebrate their anniversary on the day. Recently in 2021, the couple celebrated their 2 years in relationship and over the past couple of years their personal Instagram pages have been filled with pictures of one another.

Celebrating their one year anniversary last year, the model wrote, “OUR FIRST ANIVERSARY!!!!!! Thank you for a trip full of magical and unforgettable moments !!!! When you least imagine it, life surprises you. This is how you came into my life 1 year ago @lewishowes. Without expecting anything, without having expectations ….. You have become MY EVERYTHING ❤️” (translated from Spanish).

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The New York Times Bestseller was also expressive with his love for his girlfriend. On the same day he wrote, “You are an angel. You came into my life when many people left it and you’ve inspired me to be a better man every day. It’s not perfect, and we have a lot to learn and grow, but I’m so grateful for it all!”

They are still together in 2021 with the most recent post of the duo coming in 17 March as the lovebirds celebrated Lewis’ birthday. The podcaster and his girlfriend appear to be closer than ever and popping the question may not be a far off idea for Lewis. So, keep your eyes on the couple as more good news may be on the way soon.

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