James Acaster Girlfriend 2021 – Dating History and GF Details of the Comedian!

James Acaster‘s brand of humor is not for everyone and you can find the two groups who love and hate him, screaming at each other in the comment section of his videos. But one thing is for certain, the comedian knows how to construct and deliver a show, whether funny or not. One of the big story threads of his show is James’ girlfriends and subsequent breakups all the way to 2021 and we are taking a look at it all here.

The English comedian was born on 9 January 1985 in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. He lived in Kettering most of his life, finishing his high school there and later attending college and working in the place he grew up in. While he did not grow up wanting to do comedy, James later fell in love with the art form and forged a career in comedy.

In 2009 he formally started his career in comedy and was later nominated five times for Best Show. He also recently started a podcast with fellow comedians and released a comedy live show miniseries, a first of its kind on Netflix. And one of the main themes in his comedy has been relationship so here we take a look through all his past girlfriends and flings and the aftermath of what happened after breakups.

James Acaster Girlfriend 2021 – Timeline of His Relationships

james-acaster-girlfriend-2021-rose-matafeo-comedian-netflixJames Acaster dated his girlfriend Rose Matafeo. They are not together in 2021. He is currently single.
Image Source: Rose Matafeo Instagram

Relationships make for the best comedy and there are hundreds of comedians who make their past and present relationships with their boyfriends or girlfriend as main segments of their set. While most comedians simply resort to name calling or self deprecating humor, James Acaster on the other uses his girlfriends as learning or laughing experiences.

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One of his recent shows on Vimeo has a 20 minute segment of the comedian breaking up with people or others breaking up with him. From managers, therapist to romantic partners, it makes for hilarious set but he also has one of the funniest stories of girlfriend leaving him that we have ever heard.

James Acaster’s Girlfriend Louise Ford Left Him for Rowan Atkinson

It has happened to all of us, seeing our girlfriend, either online or in-person, walking around with another guy. The situation is not particularly pleasant but imagine dating someone and a year later you see a full-page article and picture of her with another guy, famous guy, that is going to sting. Also, that is exactly what happened to James Acaster.

James was dating his girlfriend Louise Ford from late 2010 and they were happy for a while but in 2012 she got a part in a play with Rowan Atkinson. In a comedy special James said ever since the experience on the play the two were a bit distant and she soon the relationship ended. In 2014 he was single and working when a full page picture came across his face with his former girlfriend now dating Rowan Atkinson.

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“I got left for Mr Bean, I found out a year after we split up. I opened the newspaper and there was a full-page story. No one else in the history of time has ever been left for Mr Bean.” The comedian said he held onto that information for a few years and only recently used in a comedy set. It is kind of a hilarious situation knowing the young James Acaster was left for Mr. Bean. But things have worked out for Louise as Rowan and she welcomed their daughter in 2015.

Moving on With Fellow Comedian Rose Matafeo

After the breakup  with Louise Ford, the comedian took about a year to get back on the horse again. He soon started dating New Zealander Rose Matafeo who is also a comedian and actress. They were together from 2015 to the end of 2016 and you can see find pictures of the two together on Rose’s Instagram page.

James’ then-girlfriend shared pictures of their text where she explains how weird and funny her county is. There are also pictures of the former couple doing stage work together and chilling wearing matching T-shirts. The relationship lasted about two years and then circumstances resulted in the two to separate.

After the split, James said he went on a downward spiral as he had stopped focusing on his mental health. Soon he was going through relationships fast and realizing he needed to take care of himself first before jumping back in the game. James Acaster wrote in his book that he had suicidal thoughts and needed professional help. He also detailed how he had to get rid of his therapist and manager who seemed not too concerned with his health.

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The bad time from late 2016 to 2017 is what he considers to be his down period. Now the comedian is in a good place and when asked about his relationship in 2021, his answer is simple, he is giving himself time. The past experiences made him understand that without time to heal, it was no good for him or his future girlfriend to be in a relationship.

So, in 2021 Jame Acaster is single and living a happy life away from relationship drama and taking care of his mental health. James’ star is still on the rise as his latest special received high praise and he is also an American meme, so things are pretty good right now for the British comedian.

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