Zaria Simone Boyfriend 2021 – Two Distant Strangers Actress is Dating a Director!

Zaria Simone is a relatively unknown actress who has a handful of credits to her name. But with her short and effective performance in the Oscar nominated short movie Two Distant Strangers, currently streaming on Netflix, Zaria is sure to turn some heads. Also, she is dating comedian and director boyfriend of the aforementioned short movie in 2021.

The actress was born on 25 April 1996 to her parents, who named her Zaria Simone Suggs. Carrying a passion for acting for acting from a young age, Zaria was soon living her dream with support from her family, especially her father. She got vocal lessons in Atlanta and later moved to California to pursue a career in acting, training at Speiser/Sturges.

She got her start with stage plays, later moving to streaming work and soon she was appearing in the children’s show The Super Pops and guest starring in Black-ish. Zaria also at the same time found her boyfriend and they started collaborating. First they wrote a book of poetry and later she was cast in Two Distant Strangers directed by her boyfriend. So, here is everything you need to know about Zaria’s relationship.

Zaria Simone Boyfriend 2021 – Nearly 2 Years of Relationship with Her BF

zaria-simone-boyfriend-2021Zaria Simone is dating her boyfriend Travon Free in 2021. They have been together for over a year.
Image Source: Zaria Simone Instagram

Zaria Simone is now in the radar of many casting directors because of her performance as Perri in the Netflix short movie Two Distant Strangers. She was on screen for some time and it was enough to show the talent of the actress. But she had some time to prepare for the role considering her boyfriend is the writer and director of the movie.

Two months before filming began Zaria Simone’s boyfriend Travon Free started writing the short movie after feeling like all the police shootings were like Groundhog Day. The concept of living the same day was stuck in his head and he turned the trope into a social justice call. Zaria had front row seat to the genius of her man and she helped bring the words on the pages to life with her performance.

Zaria Simone Boyfriend – How Long Have They been Dating?

Zaria Simone was one of 22 actors selected from a list of 300 to work on a play in the Chinese Theatre. She was still a relatively unknown actress at the time but the talent she showed got her to where she was. Fast forward a few months and Zaria met her boyfriend for the first time and at that time both of them were not in a place to date someone new.

Zaria felt either too much or too less in past relationship while her boyfriend Travon was not looking to fall in love at all. But thats the things about love, it comes at unexpected times and takes a hold when someone least expects it. And unexpected love is the best kind of live which is why despited their reservations the two lovebirds listened to their feelings and soon started dating.

The couple made their relationship official on 20 July 2019. The first mention of the relationship came in October of 2019 when Zaria teased she looked like someone in love. But the first picture of the couple appeared in November of 2019 when they were attending a Halloween costume party. Since then the frequency of Zaria’s boyfriend’s appearance on her Instagram has increased exponentially.

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On their one year anniversary, Zaria posted, “Whenever people used to ask us how long we’ve been dating, every number of months felt like a lie. Since I met you, I’ve always felt like I’ve known you my entire life. You know that feeling where you know your spirit has met this person before? I’ve loved you for many lifetimes. Today marks a rotation around the sun that I surrendered to love.”

The same sentiment was present in Travon’s Instagram post where he expressed how happy he was to be in a relationship with Zaria. In 2021, the couple are together for nearly two years. They have protested together, worked on a movie together and it seems this relationship between Zaria and her boyfriend is meant to got the distance.

Zaria Simone Plays Perri in the Netflix Short Movie Two Distant Strangers

The time loop story is a fun one, a character living the same day again and again makes for a treasure trove of comedic material. But what happens when the trope is flipped and made into a serious film, a film about police brutality and murder of innocent black people in the street of the US. That is what Travon Free has done with his movie, showing the repetitive murder of black civilians at the hands of the police.

Two Distant Strangers tells the story of Carter, a cartoonist, trying to get home to his dog after a one night stand. On the way to home he encounters a police office and that encounter turns into a violent incident where the officer kills Carter. But he wakes up again and realizes he is in a time loop getting killed by the cop again and again, reliving the same horrifying day.

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Zaria Simone plays Perri in Two Distant Strangers. Perri is the girl Carter is having a one night stand with but he kind of likes her after he tries to sneak off. While Perri does not do much at the start, she learns of loop after Carter dies and comes back multiple time. She advises Carter to be diplomatic and later forms a support system for the distraught, yet still determined black man.

Two Distant Strangers is currently streaming on The movie is directed by Travon Free with the cast including Joey Bada$$ as Carter, Zaria Spencer as Perri, and Andrew Howard as Officer Merk.

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