Beane Boyfriend 2021 – American Idol Singer Brennan Hepler’s Beautiful Romance Details!

Beane, whose real name is Brennan Hepler, is in the Top 16 and now hoping to crack the Top 12 in this season of American Idol. With an emotional voice and “sunshine” smile on stage, the singer has managed to win hearts and minds of fans all over the world. With Beane’s relationship with his boyfriend  also helping endear the singer among his fanbase.

The American Idol contestant was born and raised in the central Pennsylvania. From a young age he had a dream of making it big as a singer. From taking part in school events to performing for himself in his room, the years of effort he put in resulted in the Beane getting into the Berklee in Boston and while working as a wedding singer, Brennan released his first EP that got over 25,000 streams.

Brennan Hepler who goes by his nickname Beane due to convenience worked as a server, wedding singer and played at small venues for handful of people. But those days seem to be over for the talented and good looking singer as he has the potential to go all the way to the finals. So, before he becomes even more famous, here is everything you need to know about his boyfriend and their relationship.

Beane Boyfriend 2021 – 1 Year Relationship of Brennan Hepler with His BF

beane-boyfriend-2021-brennan-heplerBeane aka Brennan Hepler is dating his boyfriend Anthony Rodriguez in 2021. They have been together for over a year.
Image Source: Anthony Rodriguez Instagram

Beane attended Berklee College of Music from 2015 to 2019 and while studying there he was also working at various places. And like fellow American Idol contestant Grace Kinstler, his boyfriend also attended Northeastern University. A few distance away from each other, they may have intersected in social circles but started dating only recently.

A focus on career and what one loves is great, but having an intimate connection with someone is also extremely important. So, after years of going at it alone, Beane found a partner to share happiness and sorrow with. Since he had taken control of his sexuality and mental health from a young age, it was easier to open his heart to the love of his boyfriend.

Brennan Hepler Boyfriend 2021 – Who is Beane’s BF and How Long Have They been Dating?

After meeting for the first time in 2020, Beane and his boyfriend Anthony Rodriguez started dating. They made their relationship official on 17 March 2020, right when the COVID lockdown began. Throughout the year it appears the duo were together as they posted cute pictures together. Whether it was waking up together in their bed or kissing on the beach, the lovebirds made a nice couple who appeared to be infatuated with one another.

Brennan’s boyfriend Anthony Rodriguez is also a singer who finished his college from Northeastern University. From his LinkedIn page it is clear that the singer worked at CorePower Yoga for over a year. He himself appears to be a learned man when it comes to yoga. He is also half Italian and half Puerto Rican and currently lives with his boyfriend Beane in Boston, Massachusetts.

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As mentioned above, the couple started dating from 17 March 2020 and in March 2o21 they celebrated one year together. Posting few picture of the two together, Beane wrote on Instagram, “celebrating my love today, we’ve been dating for a year, kinda cool to be in love with your best pal ? swipe for shenanigans.”

Anthony also shared his thoughts on making it through a year together, “1 Year of crazy cooky love!!!” He finished the caption with 7 hearts of rainbow colors. Recently on 1 April Beane shared a snap with his boyfriend with the caption, “boys will be (with) boys, love to show off my handsome HONEY ?”

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The love seems to be immense between the two and through a pandemic ridden world, the romance seems to have deepened and expanded further. And despite the fame, the singer still seems to be in love with his boyfriend. With millions clamoring for his attention, there is one man in this world who is certain to get all of it.

Beane Got Through to the Top 16 in American Idol 2021

Ever since the first audition, Beane has made an impression among the judges who considered him a good contender. With a nickname that is easy to tease and a smile that just won’t quit, the singer made his way to Hollywood. Since then he has only managed to build on the earlier hype.

To the point where Katy Perry is saying she would love to sign the singer to a deal. And with another amazing perofmrnace, the singer got through to the Top 16. Now he is hoping the fans who have supported him this far will continue to do so even more as he plans to make a place for himself in Top 12.

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With fellow Berklee graduates Anilee List and Grace Kinstler still rocking the stage. The conpetition is tough but Beane is tougher. And only time will tell if Brennan Hepler is meant to go all the way in this season of American Idol 2021.

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