Madelyn Sher | Amy, The Baker and the Beauty Cast, Instagram, Wiki, Bio

Madelyn Sher

Madelyn Sher is a newcomer on the small screen with just one acting credit to her name so far. She is making her name as

Georgina Reilly | The Baker and the Beauty Cast, Wedding, Murdoch Mysteries, Baby, Heartland, Republic of Doyle, Net Worth, Husband, Mark O'Brien, Married

Georgina Reilly

Georgina Reilly was born on 12th February 1986 in Surrey, England. When she was sixteen, she moved to Toronto, Canada, with her family. Growing up,

Carlos Gomez | Actor, The Baker and the Beauty Cast, Wife, Net Worth, Married, Charmed, Friends, NCIS, Kids

Carlos Gomez

Actor Carlos Gomez was born on 1st January 1962 in New York City, to Latin American parents. His mother is an actress, known for Stray

Lisa Vidal | The Baker and the Beauty Cast, Husband Jay Cohen, Family, Children, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Cancer, Son, Daughter

Lisa Vidal

Lisa Vidal is an American actress currently making her name through the new ABC series The Baker and the Beauty. She was born on 13th

Dan Bucatinsky | The Beauty and the Baker Cast, Scandal, Net Worth, Husband, Don Roos, Gay, Married, Kids, Son, Daughter, Family, Parents, Father, Mother

Dan Bucatinsky

Dan Bucatinsky was born on 22nd September 1965 in New York City, to Argentine Jewish parents, Julio Bucatinsky (father) and Myriam Bucatinsky (mother). Their families

David Del Rio | The Baker and the Beauty Cast, Wife, Net Worth, Pitch Perfect, Geek Charming, Actor, Spouse, Spare Parts

David Del Rio

David Del Rio was born on 29th September 1987, in Miami, Florida. He went to the New World School of Arts in his hometown, graduating

Michelle Veintimilla | The Baker and the Beauty Cast, Husband, Latina, Ethnicity, Gotham, Net Worth, Parents, The I-Land, The Gifted, Boyfriend, Dating, Relationship

Michelle Veintimilla

Michelle Veintimilla was born on 7th November 1992 in New York. She’s got a younger brother named Jose Veintimilla and often features her father on

Belissa Escobedo | The Baker and the Beauty Cast, Queer, Age, Instagram, Rhiannon McGavin, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Dating, Relationship

Belissa Escobedo

Born in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, Belissa Escobedo is an American actress best known for Meet ME @ the Clinic (2016), Bloody Maria (2020),

Nathalie Kelley | The Baker and the Beauty Cast, Husband, Dynasty, Tokyo Drift, TVD, Parents, Vampire Diaries, Net Worth, Bruno Mars, Married, Kids, Siblings, Family

Nathalie Kelley

Born in Lima, Peru, to a Peruvian mother and an Argentine father, Nathalie Kelley is an actress, best known for The Fast and The Furious:

Victor Rasuk | The Baker and the Beauty Cast, Jack Ryan, Ethnicity, Height, Girlfriend, Parents, Brother, Actor, Net Worth, Lords of Dogtown, Wiki, Bio, Dating, Relationship

Victor Rasuk

Victor Rasuk was born on 15th January 1984 in New York City, to Dominican parents. His father worked at an auto shop while his mother

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