‘The Baker and the Beauty’ Star Nathalie Kelley Offers Advice on Type of Man It Takes to Date Successful Woman

For the fans of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), Nathalie Kelley is a pretty familiar face. This was, in fact, her first significant breakthrough that paved the path to her entire career. Later, she received immense recognition upon featuring as Bruno Mars‘ love interest in the singer’s debut single Just the Way You Are (2010).

Most recently, this gorgeous actress made rounds through the portrayal of one of the leading characters, Cristal Carrington, in the prime time series Dynasty (2017-18). However, she failed to make a return to season 2 for unconfirmed reasons, much to the dismay of fans.

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Now, Kelley is striving to resurrect her career through the brand new ABC romantic dramedy, The Baker and the Beauty, where she plays a famous Australian celebrity, Noa Hamilton, who gets romantically involved with a regular baker named Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk). With three episodes released so far, the show is arguably performing better than expected with an ever-rising fanbase of this wonderful series.

‘The Baker and the Beauty’ Star Nathalie Kelley Reveals What It Takes to Date Strong & Independent Women


ABC’s latest series The Baker and the Beauty works against the flow of the traditional definition of romantic comedy. The show portrays an intimacy between industrious baker, Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk), and global sensation Noa Hamilton (Nathalie Kelley), along with a Latin twist.

Speaking of her character, Kelley said:

Instead of a Prince Charming, I’ve been calling Noa a Princess Charming. She’s making all the dreams and wishes come true for this guy that she meets.

Aside from the fairytale story, The Baker and the Beauty sheds a light on what it’s really like living in the media spotlight. The actress reckons we belong in an era in which we’re still fascinated with the idea of a celebrity. We believe we know a lot about them, but we’re merely looking at the impression we’ve got on these individuals.


Kelley disclosed she was attracted to the series since it investigates the myth presented by the media concerning “the reality of the human underneath.” As the season unfolds, we begin to discover what lies beneath the success and stardom of Noa.

Although Hamilton is resolute and confident, Kelley loved embracing her weak sides. The 34-year-old believes, Noa, like most of us, lays in bed wondering if she’s ever going to find true love and genuine happiness, and more significantly, if she’s ever going to find a man that can deal with her success.

Kelley shares the fears of other accomplished women, well-known or otherwise. She believes it takes quite a brave guy to be standing next to someone like them, a person who is very assured in himself. To be able to step into their universe without feeling insecure, or being pressured.


Nathalie’s co-star and on-screen love interest Victor Rasuk (Daniel Garcia) previously dropped his two cents on their love story during a Red Carpet event. As per the actor, the plot explores the duo as they strive to work out if it’s always worth compromising their lives for love.

‘The Baker and the Beauty’ Starring Nathalie Kelley and Victor Rasuk is Receiving Rave Reviews


A casual encounter between a foreign star and an ethnic minority member of the working class proves the strength of romance in both the popular Israeli television comedy Beauty and the Baker by Assi Azar and its recent American iteration, the ABC romantic dramedy The Baker and the Beauty, by Dean Georgaris.

Whereas the Israeli show revolves on an Ashkenazi starlet and a Yemeni Jewish baker, the American edition centers around an Australian businesswoman and model, along with a Cuban-American chef.


Dean Georgaris, who produced the US show and is one of its executive producers, is pleased with the reaction of the viewers as the fourth episode gets ready to air on 4th May on ABC. Speaking in a phone interview, Georgaris said:

It’s a tough marketplace out there, but they fell in love with the show as much as I fell in love with the original Israeli filming.

Following one of the ‘Bachelor’ series, ABC offered the show one of the strongest time slots on Monday night and Georgaris is grateful they trusted in the program and decided to broadcast the premiere again, following the ‘One Planet’ event. Prior to that, the episode had aired on 13th April.


Besides Nathalie Kelley and Victor Rasuk, the series boasts a talented group of cast, most notably Dan Bucatinsky (Lewis), David Del Rio (Mateo Garcia), Michelle Veintimilla (Vanessa), Belissa Escobedo (Natalie), Lisa Vidal (Mari Garcia), Carlos Gomez (Rafael Garcia), Noah Mills (Colin Davis), Madelyn Sher (Amy), and Georgina Reilly (Piper).

The Baker and the Beauty episode 4 airs on ABC on 4th May 2020.

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