Lisa Vidal Talks 'The Baker and the Beauty' and Reveals How She Always Wanted to Play Mom

May 6, 2020 @ 22:43 GMT-0500
Lisa Vidal Talks 'The Baker and the Beauty' and Reveals How She Always Wanted to Play Mom

The romantic dramedy, The Baker and the Beauty, based on the popular Israeli show Beauty and the Baker, conveys the beautiful love story from Tel Aviv to Miami, and the affectionate home of Daniel's family and their Cuban bakery.

Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk) has been pursuing Vanessa (Michelle Veintimilla) for years, and he's not in a rush to get married. His emotions are brought into question even further after a coincidental encounter with international celebrity Noa Hamilton (Nathalie Kelley) in a men's bathroom sends him through the wildest journey of his life.

Lisa Vidal, a leading actress in the new show The Baker and the Beauty, talked to PIX11 Morning News about introducing love and family to primetime television and how she really wanted to portray the part of a mother.  The Mari Garcia star claimed she was performing one of her favorite parts in the new drama.

Meanwhile, the Latina actress discussed the most talked-about moment from the latest episode when her on-screen daughter Natalie Garcia (Belissa Escobedo) came out in the most unexpected manner.

Vidal also brings us up-to-date about what she's been doing to keep her occupied during the quarantine.

Lisa Vidal Provides Insight to Mari Garcia's Feelings After Her Daughter Natalie Comes Out

In the fourth episode of The Baker and the Beauty, Natalie Garcia, played by Belissa Escobedo, comes out as gay, much to the shock of Mari Garcia (Lisa Vidal). The actress sheds light on what exactly went on in this scene. Vidal says,

Well, basically in this scene, Mari is trying to work through her emotions and her fear and her surprise of finding out her daughter has come out. And feeling like she had no idea and how could she not know, you know, what was going on in her daughter's life.

Vidal continues, "So, there's been a little bit of silent treatment going on, as we all know, what goes with teenagers, so she's really trying to figure out how to speak to her daughter about this. And not choose the wrong words. And so, she takes it up with her husband to talk about it."

Meanwhile, Vidal, who has starred in several high-profile shows in the past, revealed one significant aspect that drew her into The Baker and the Beauty.

I was excited about playing Mari because I had wanted to play a mom of an amazing family and I had been hoping of all the pilots that I had been reading.

The breast cancer survivor had been hoping for something like "this is us" or something where she can have "multilayers in a character" and just be part of a great family drama. As it turned out, the latest ABC show was a dramedy, so her dream came true. In fact, this has become one of her favorite roles ever.

How Did Lisa Vidal Prepare for the Role of a Baker?

Portraying the character of a baker could be pretty daunting for any actor who is not familiar with the profession. Luckily for Vidal, Mari Garcia is more into the business side of things rather than the operations.

Well, this post is very multilayered which I love but I'm not a baker. I'm a good cook though. And I love to cook. Actually, Carlos Gomez, Victor Rasuk and David Del Rio play my husband and two sons - they had to learn how to bake.

Apparently, Carlos Gomez, along with Victor Rasuk and David Del Rio, spent like 6 hours a day learning how to bake. Vidal added, "Belissa Escobedo, who plays my daughter and myself run the bakery, and we run the business. So we get to be in the front. No baking for me."

Meanwhile, on a personal level, this gorgeous actress has learned to color her own hair during this self-quarantine amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Commentating on a clip of her coloring endeavors, the actress admitted:

Oh, yeah. Quarantine has called me to a higher standard. Yep, that's my husband. Yep, I'm coloring my hair. I was desperate and I was like I'm doing this. And I'm gonna tape it to prove it.

Vidal, who is married to her husband Jay Cohen for three decades, added, "I have not had to cut anyone's hair, although my husband always gives me his shaver, so I could do the back of his head. Although my daughter has cut my husband's hair."

The Baker and the Beauty airs every Monday night on ABC.

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