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David Del Rio was born on 29th September 1987, in Miami, Florida. He went to the New World School of Arts in his hometown, graduating in 2006. Later, he enrolled in and completed graduation from the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, School of Film and Television.

The Hispanic-American actor is best known for The Troop (2009-11), Pitch Perfect (2012), Resident Advisors (2015), Grease: Live (2016), and The Baker and the Beauty (2020).

Stars as Mateo Garcia on 'The Baker and the Beauty' (2020)


Based on the Israeli romantic-comedy series Beauty and the Baker by Assi Azar, The Baker and the Beauty is an American romantic musical-comedy on ABC developed by Dean Georgaris. The Israeli version is regarded as one of the greatest scripted shows in the nation's television history.

Showrunner Dean Georgaris shed light on the major differences between the two versions.

The Israeli show stayed focused primarily on the baker and the beauty, and it was a half-hour show. We were able to expand it for the hour and really make it about the entire family, which sets us apart and lets us do family stories which we can all relate to.

As per IMDb, the premise for The Baker and the Beauty reads:

A blue-collar baker strikes up a relationship with an international superstar. US version of the Israeli romantic comedy series 'The Baker and the Beauty.'

David Del Rio is playing the role of Mateo Garcia on ABC's The Baker and the Beauty. The younger brother of Daniel (Victor Rasuk), Mateo is an aspiring DJ known as MC Cubano.

David Del Rio portrays the character of Mateo Garcia in the ABC dramedy The Baker and the Beauty.

David Del Rio portrays the character of Mateo Garcia in the ABC dramedy The Baker and the Beauty.
Source: David Del Rio Instagram

The Baker and the Beauty series is set in Miami and predominantly features Latino stars. The rest of the main cast includes Nathalie Kelley as Noa Hamilton, Dan Bucatinsky as Lewis, Michelle Veintimilla as Vanessa, Belissa Escobedo as Natalie, Lisa Vidal as Mari Garcia, and Carlos Gomez as Rafael Garcia. In addition, Georgina Reilly makes guest appearances as Piper.


The Baker and the Beauty premiered on ABC on 13th April 2020.

The Broadway Actor is Married to His Super Fan Turned Wife Katherine Del Rio

David Del Rio is married to his wife Katherine Del Rio since 2018.

David Del Rio is married to his wife Katherine Del Rio since 2018.
Source: Katie Wallace Instagram (@katie.delrio)

David Del Rio married his girlfriend turned fiancee turned wife Katherine Del Rio (formerly Katie Wallace) on 3rd February 2018 at a private villa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The Beginning of their Love Story

David Del Rio and his wife Katie Wallace first met at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

David Del Rio and Katie Wallace first met at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.
Source: The Washington Post

Back in March 2010, Katie Wallace couldn't get more delighted after securing the tickets to one of the hottest Broadway shows at the time called In the Heights.

The sophomore at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts scored the front-row seats for her siblings and parents at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, and for her, it felt like she had won a lottery. Little did she know, she would end up falling in love with one of the show's stars David Del Rio.

Katie, who kept talking about his performance throughout intermission and even drew a heart next to his name, said:

I kept tapping my mother’s shoulder, throughout the entire show, whispering, ‘Watch that guy! He has great moments!

Despite being initially shy to take a picture with David at the stage door, the moment she saw him walk out, she was star-struck and ended up capturing a photo and a hug. Katie recalled, "I tried to keep it cool and casual, in case I ever ran into him again in New York, but I never did."

Co-Incidence or Destiny?

David Del Rio and Katie Wallace stumbled across each other at a birthday party.

David Del Rio and Katie Wallace stumbled across each other at a birthday party.
Source: Wallace Instagram

Three years later, and call it fate, both David and Katie moved to Los Angeles at the same time, the former carrying hopes of landing a breakthrough acting role. They bumped into each other once again, this time at the birthday party of the Spy Kids star Daryl Sabara.

David approached Katie hoping to set her up with one of his friends, but it quickly fizzled away. The actor said,

We had a really strong connection and really enjoyed each other’s conversation. Just like in acting, there’s a right time, a right place — and a right person.

Meanwhile, Katie pretended she was not familiar with Del Rio and kept her former fandom under wraps to not scare him off. Katie said, "I walked right up to him — a little liquid courage goes a long way — and asked what show he was in."

David Asks Katie to be His Girlfriend

David Del Rio asked Katie Wallace to be his girlfriend in 2013.

David Del Rio asked Katie Wallace to be his girlfriend in 2013.
Source: Katie Instagram

The following day, David texted Katie, hinting on his romantic interest; however, Katie was returning home to look after her cancer-stricken father at the time. Nevertheless, the pair continued to communicate over texts, and their affection grew further as they shared each other's passions and interests.

Sometime later, David asked her out on a date the same day she landed back in LA. Later in the evening, they went to his friend's house, where she got introduced to his cousin, brother, and best friends. David knew that very moment she's the one for him.


Three weeks later, David and Katie officially got into a relationship. The new couple began dating and couldn't get enough of each other.

Six months into their relationship, David received the most pleasant surprise from his girlfriend on his 26th birthday. She showed him the photo taken at the backstage door four years earlier at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. David, as expected, was blown away.

It was the best birthday surprise gift ever. I had no idea.

The actor continued, "The truth is, I've always known that we were going to be together, from the very beginning. I approached her first, I fell in love with her first and I asked her to be mine first. I'm an even bigger fan of hers."

The Amazing Proposal

David Del Rio proposed to his girlfriend Katie Wallace in 2017.

David Del Rio proposed to his girlfriend Katie Wallace in 2017.
Source: Katie Instagram

The couple moved in together in 2016 and got closer than ever. The following year in March 2017, David surprised Katie with tickets to New York to watch friend actor Jordan Fisher in Hamilton.

The next day, David convinced Katie they were set to meet his mother for lunch. However, he had something else in store. The actor brought Katie to the stage door of the Richard Rodgers Theatre and proposed.

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David got down on his knee and asked,

Would you make me the happiest man on Earth by being with me forever as my wife?

The speechless Katie nodded yes with excitement!

The Beautiful Wedding in Mexico

David Del Rio married his wife Katherine Del Rio at a beautiful wedding ceremony in Mexico.

David Del Rio married his wife Katherine Del Rio at a beautiful wedding ceremony in Mexico.
Source: Katherine Instagram

On 3rd February 2018, the couple exchanged vows at a private villa in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in front of 120 guests. Several castmates, most notably Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect) and Graham Rodgers (Quantico), traveled from New York and Los Angeles to attend the four-day ceremony.

David recalled the moment and joked:

You know we’re both actors when our [agents] gave us a hard time about our wedding because it fell right before the pilot season.

Meanwhile, Katie walked down the aisle accompanied by her father, while David couldn't help himself get misty-eyed. By the time Katie's paternal uncle, who served as an officiant, announced their kiss, David was unable to hold it anymore and tears began rolling down his face.


Later, the newlyweds shared their first dance to James Arthur's Say You Won't Let Go, which culminated in a beachside fireworks display. The groomsmen then surprised guests with a choreographed dance to Bruno Mars' Perm.

David did not want to feel left out, so he hopped in and joined the dancing party, showcasing his boy-band moves to Backstreet Boys' Everybody.


Katie couldn't contain her laughter watching her man flaunt all those moves. "I watched him with pride, and not as a fan, but as my husband," said Katie. Meanwhile, David's feeling was mutual. "I had never felt so determined and sure of something until the day I met Katie."

Featured on 'Pitch Perfect,' 'Geek Charming,' and 'Spare Parts' - What's His Net Worth?

The Baker and the Beauty Mateo Garcia actor David Del Rio's net worth is estimated to be $200,000.

David Del Rio's net worth is estimated to be $200,000.
Source: Del Rio Instagram

David Del Rio made his acting debut with the role of Freddie Ramirez in an American crime-drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The following year, he enjoyed his first breakthrough after landing the role of Felix on Nickelodeon's comedy series The Troop (2009-11).

In 2011, the actor starred as Ari on Disney Channel's original movie Geek Charming, followed by the portrayal of Kolio in a musical comedy film Pitch Perfect (2012), alongside Anna Kendrick, Skylar Astin, and Rebel Wilson. Three years later, Del Rio had a recurring role as Ian in a comedy series Resident Advisors (2015) while he starred in a TV movie The Half of It (2015) as Geoffrey. In addition, he featured as Cristian Arcega in a drama film Spare Parts (2015).

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In the subsequent years, David featured on The Belko Experiment (2016) as Roberto Jerez, Undrafted (2016) as Tree, and Wicked (2016) as Alphie. The same year, he played the role of Putzie on Fox's television special Grease: Live (2016), the remake of the 1978 film Grease.

The Baker and the Beauty star most recently made a single-episode appearance as Diamond on Movie Trivia Showdown (2019), followed by the role of Dustin on Search and Destroy (2019).

David Del Rio's net worth is estimated at $200,000.

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