‘The Baker and the Beauty’ Season 2 – What Can We Expect?

Based on the Israeli show of the same name, ABC’s The Baker and the Beauty is a romantic musical dramedy showcasing a modern-day fairytale love story involving an ordinary baker and an international fashion icon.

The show stars Victor Rasuk (Daniel Garcia), Nathalie Kelley (Noa Hamilton), Carlos Gomez (Rafael Garcia), Dan Bucatinsky (Lewis), Lisa Vidal (Mari Garcia), David Del Rio (Mateo Garcia), Belissa Escobedo (Natalie Garcia) and Michelle Veintimilla (Vanessa). In addition, the recurring cast includes Georgina Reilly as PiperMadelyn Sher as Amy, and Noah Mills as Colin Davis.

In the series, Daniel is a regular guy who works at his family’s bakery in Miami and does everything expected of him from his Cuban parents and siblings. One crazy night, however, he bumps into a global fashion sensation, Noa Hamilton, and his life changes in an instant.

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The duo quickly discovers they carry a romantic attraction for each other following fresh breakups of their own. Meanwhile, Daniel’s life as he knew it goes poof, and he needs to adjust to the world of the constant spotlight.

Following the beautiful twist in the season one finale, fans are curious to learn if there’s going to be The Baker and the Beauty season 2. Without further ado, let’s find out!

The Baker and the Beauty Season 2 – What are the Odds?


The Baker and the Beauty season 2 is yet to be officially confirmed, but every sign points towards the inevitable renewal, considering the fact that the show’s been a major hit with both fans and critics.

The season one premiered on 13th April 2020 on ABC to 2.6 million viewers while the two-hour finale aired on 1st June to 2.7 million viewers. There’s not been too much of a fluctuation in between. Therefore, the stable ratings as per TV Series Finale suggest the season 2 renewal is on the cards pretty soon.

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Meanwhile, Deadline reported the two-part season finale delivered a 0.6 rating and 3.01 million viewers in the first hour, followed by 0.5 rating and 2.62 million viewers in the second half. This was a noticeable increase from the previous week’s episode and consistent with the ratings throughout the season.

The network recently renewed a couple of top-shelf shows, so we might need to wait a while before The Baker and the Beauty receives the green light for season 2.

Dean Geogaris Talks About the Possibilities of The Baker and the Beauty Season 2


Showrunner and executive producer of The Baker and the Beauty, Dean Georgaris, recently talked about what the future holds for the ABC comedy-drama series.

The season one finale aired on 1st June, and upon its conclusion with an amazing revelation, fans couldn’t help wonder when they might be fortunate enough to witness the second season.

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Georgaris spoke to TV Line and revealed he’s already planned for The Baker and the Beauty season 2.

We have Season 2 all mapped out, and we know the network is excited about it, which is good. It just makes it all the more edge-of-your-seat, if you’re us, for the next month or whatever it is before they make their decision.

As for the renewal announcement, the EP remains optimistic as he notes “it’s business,” but the network’s been “incredibly supportive.”

They believe in the show, and they understand what we’re trying to do, and my hope is that there’ll still be room for us. I’m optimistic, but you do never know.

Georgaris added it’s difficult right now with everything that’s happening to the world, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic. He continued:

I think ABC had shows that made sense across the board that they knew they had to bring back. They had shows that they love, but they knew they couldn’t [renew] for whatever reason. And then they’ve got us and For Life, which I think are two shows they really want to bring back, and the hope is that there’s a road map to do it.

Needless to say, fans cannot wait for the official confirmation of The Baker and the Beauty season 2.

A Quick Recap of the Season One Finale


When the seventh episode concluded on 25th May 2020, fans spent a week rooting for the show’s favorite couple to somehow end up in each other’s arms. If you happened to be one of those people, you got your wish (and some) during the finale!

Driven by his family and Lewis’ approval of the fact that Noa (Nathalie Kelley) loves him, Daniel (Victor Rasuk) rushed to the airport to stop his ex-girlfriend from flying to Morocco. But when he reached there, it was too late as the doors had already been locked.

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Then the heartbroken Daniel received a glimmer of hope: an unexpected call from Noa. Yep, she got off the plane just in time. Who are we kidding? This was never in doubt; nevertheless, the moment still felt incredibly special since we couldn’t be more attached to both these wonderful characters.

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After the pair exchanged, “I love you” and acknowledged their split was an error, Noa asked what was next for them. We put our hands up in this one, though, because even we didn’t see this coming. An engagement?! As the season ended, Daniel reveals to his family that he is set to tie the knot with Noa Hamilton, leaving them shocked, confused, and probably happy at the same time!

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Elsewhere on the romance front, Daniel’s brother Mateo (David Del Rio) hooks up with Daniel’s ex-girlfriend of four years, Vanessa (Michelle Veintimilla). Mateo later admits his true feelings for Vanessa to his bro, and upon receiving the blessing of his older brother, he heads to Vanessa’s apartment and plays the song he wrote for her. She couldn’t be more touched and impressed, but she wasn’t alone. The music producer Marlow was in company hanging at Vanessa’s place. Talk about awkward!

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Upon the conclusion of the successful first season, showrunner Dean Georgaris spoke to TV Line and shed light on the sudden engagement of Noa and Daniel, and the challenges that lie ahead of them. In addition, he teased the four love stories in store for The Baker and the Beauty season 2.

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