James Arthur’s Weight Gain: Putting on 17 Pounds Made Him Troll!

May 31, 2023 @ 23:27 GMT-0500
James Arthur’s Weight Gain: Putting on 17 Pounds Made Him Troll! celebsindepth.com

Many people have trolled over James Arthur's weight gain after seeing his changes in quarantine. He has admitted to gaining more than 17 stone after bingeing on the cake and vegan sausage sandwiches. He has been affected by comments many times and has also asked his fans to stop trolling him and give him a break for commenting on his look.

Have you watched the Brit Billion Award live on the BBC? Who won the award? Was the singer, James Arthur just nominated, or was he awarded? In what title did he get awarded? Who is James Arthur? What was he wearing during the award show?

On Friday, May 26, James received his BRIT Billion award live on the BBC’. He received the award from hosts Alex Scott and Roman Kemp, recognizing his success in exceeding the target of one billion career UK streams, as assessed by the Official Charts Company. After receiving the award, he stated that he wasn't prepared for this and that this was wild. He also thanks his fans, family, and supporters for motivating him.

Many people thought that James was a little changed after they noticed him on the award show. Did he gain weight? In this article, we will be talking about his physical appearance changes and his personal life rumors. To learn more, read this article.

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James Arthur Had Undergone a Weight Gain of More Than 17 Stone!

James Arthur (@jamesarthur23) has admitted to his weight gain of more than 17 stone after he binged on the cake and vegan sausage sandwiches. After he revealed his weight, many trolled him for his changes and asked him to join the gym. Well, he has joined the gym and is focused on working out, but it looks like something is still not working.

James Arthur is an English singer and songwriter. He was interested in music from his teen days, as he started writing and recording songs when he was 15. Initially, he worked as an unsigned artist solo and in many bands, including Moonlight Drive, Cue the Drama, and Emerald Skye. His breakthrough came after winning the ninth series of The X Factor in 2012, which made him the most successful winner in the show's history.

James Arthur gained weight of more than 17 pounds. celebsindepth.comJames Arthur gained weight of more than 17 pounds.
Source: Instagram

People change as time passes, not only mentally but also physically. It's natural to be changed. We are all aware of how the lockdown has affected our physical looks. Many celebrities gained weight and looked like lockdown made everyone cheif. Do you know James also gained weight during Lockdown?

After quarantine was over, many people were shocked to see James Arthur's weight gain. His weight was the topic of discussion among fans all over social media. Later, he also admitted to gaining 17 stone after he binged on the cake and vegan sausage sandwiches.

Many of James's fans want him to be changed, while others want him to be loved for how he looks. He also once talked about his workout with The Sun and mentioned his goal to shed some pounds. He also added to the statements and addressed going to the gym and practicing cardio by stating;

I’ve done a couple of ten-mile bike rides and that’s really effective. I’ve got a gym set up at the house, I’ve got a bunch of cardio machines like a treadmill and a Peloton bike. I want to come out of this thing in the best shape that I’ve ever been in, that’s something I’m genuinely striving for.

James Arthur Was Trolled After His Weight Gain!

James Arthur also posted about the rumors and people being rude to him for his look after weight gain on his Instagram account. In September 2021, he begged his trolls to give him a break and explained why he was carrying extra timber. Although in 2020 he started going to the gym and being involved in working out, his fans were not satisfied with his change, and many claimed he looked the same. Some said that he has been carrying a little lockdown weight for a center forward.

James Arthur's weight gain made him the troll. celebsindepth.com James Arthur's weight gain made him the troll of the internet.
Source: Instagram

Arthur has always been an open book, and he always feels free to be open. When the Mix's Jesy Nelson spoke about her own experiences of online trolling, James also spoke of being affected by online comments. He admitted being related to Jesy's documentary and stated;

We both had a lot of abuse just because of the way we looked on the show. I guess we didn’t look like conventional pop stars and some people online just really took it to the extreme. I also suffered at the hands of online bullies, just as Jesy did, and I think the documentary she did was fantastic. She deserved all the plaudits for that

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