Is Mel Pregnant on Virgin River Season 2?

Virgin River was a surprise hit in 2019. Not many people knew about the show and its existence on Netflix but over the holiday season and start of 2020, the show gathered a lot of momentum. The second season was quickly greenlit and by the end of season 2 episode 10, people were asking “Is Mel Pregnant on Virgin River season 2?”

Virgin River is a Netflix series based on a book series written by Robyn Carr. The show is a mixture of Hallmark romance and ABC family heartstring puller dramas and the first season did the trick on fans. Netflix struck while the iron was hot and recently the second season was released to a lot of fanfare.

But with any and all Netflix shows, as soon as people are done streaming they are bursting with questions. While there are some who like to binge-watch slowly, we fall on the other end of the spectrum. Spoilers are bound to happen here, and you have been warned. So, let’s discuss, is Mel pregnant on Virgin River season 2 or not.

Is Mel Pregnant on Virgin River Season 2? Some Fans are Convinced

is-mel-pregnant-on-virgin-river-season-2-2020Mel and Jack were finally together, resulting in fans asking the question “is Mel pregnant in Virgin River season 2?”
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Virgin River season 2 and the romance of the two main characters was the culmination of an almost year-long wait for fans who wanted the handsome bar owner and the beautiful nurse to fall for one another. While they did have feelings for one another circumstances and an unwanted pregnancy drives a wedge between the two.

Virgin River season 2 story picks up with Mel, played by Alexandra Breckenridge living in the city, away from Virgin River. While Jack, played by Martin Henderson tries to accommodate his lover in the town so they can have the baby there together.

Mel is still contracted to work at the clinic which is why she returns and the repressed feelings between the two flares back up again. Mel and Jack know they are meant for one another but the circumstances are extremely tricky with Charmaine expecting twins.

But the heart wants what it wants which is why Mel and Jack give in to their feelings. This results in the couple spending the night together but the next morning Mel still wants to be friends and nothing more at that moment in time.

Well, she can only hold off the feeling for so long which is why she confesses her love and this moment is leading fans to think Mel is pregnant. Nothing had changed from the events of the earlier episodes but Mel still professed her love for Jack.

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So, to the question “Is Mel pregnant on Virgin River season 2?” our answer is maybe. While it does make sense that the writers would probably head in that direction considering Mel‘s struggle in the series has been her loss of her daughter and husband.

Virgin River was her fresh start and the place became her home. But as Mel opened the second season by saying that home is nothing without loved ones, Jack and a new baby from Mel would finally fulfill her arc of redemption and her battle with grief.

We are not talking about replacing her husband or child, but a fresh start with someone who loves her as much as her husband did. Mel deserves to be happy, and you can see the look in her eyes when she is delivering a baby or taking care of Charmaine, the longing for that feeling of being a mother again.

And our theory is Mel got pregnant with Jack‘s child and it was one of the reasons why she reciprocated his love for her. If we had to bet money on the answer to the question “Is Mel pregnant on Virgin River season 2?” we would bet on yes.

If she is not pregnant in season 2 then she sure will be in Virgin River season 3 or that is where we feel the story is headed towards in the prospective third season.

Is Virgin River Season 3 Happening? Renewal Status of the Show

One of the biggest fears fans have about watching Netflix shows is the fact that most of them will not come back for another season. Netflix is a subscription-based platform that operates on the number of users generated instead of ad revenue or box office numbers.

This means most shows which bring in a large swathe of fans with its first season have the risk of being canceled after a slow second season. Virgin River season 2 was highly anticipated and there is a growing fanbase around the show on social media platforms.

That is why we do not see Netflix canceling it after the second season. The Google Trends for the show has been like a steady heartbeat and people are interested in various topics like “is Mel pregnant on Virgin River season 2?” Those types of queries help the series continue a relevant conversation on the social media space.

Virgin River was renewed for a second season in 14 days after the show premiered on 6 December 2019. So, we should probably hear something by the middle of December if there is going to be Virgin River season 3.

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