Jimmy Savile Daughter: Netflix’s Jimmy: A British Horror Story Brings Further Attention to Georgina Martin in 2022!

Jimmy Savile was known for helping needy people, later he was accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of children. Similarly, in 2015, a woman named Georgina Martin claimed that she gave birth to Jimmy Savile’s daughter. Jimmy’s rumored daughter has not revealed her name yet but the mother and daughter demand a DNA test with Jimmy’s family. Go through the article to know everything about Jimmy’s daughter in detail and details of a new Netflix show.

Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile was an English DJ, radio and television personality, and fundraiser who also went by the name Jimmy Savile. Jimmy was a British pop artist who began his career by playing records, then managing dance halls, and finally becoming a radio and television DJ. He became famous after hosting the BBC show Jim’ll Fix It, which lasted for over 15 years. On the show, Jimmy arranged for ordinary individuals, generally youngsters, to have their desires granted. That was a clear demonstration of his compassion for humanity.

Jimmy was involved with various fundraisers and charity concerts as a philanthropist, for which he was later awarded the OBE award in 1971. In 1990, he was awarded for his efforts to improve people’s lives. He was praised for his fund-raising efforts at the time of his death, but hundreds of complaints of sexual assault were brought against him after his death. The charges were investigated by the authorities, who labeled him a predatory sex offender who reportedly molested over 500 people between 1955 and 2009, the majority of them were children and young girls.

Recently, Netflix released a trailer of a documentary based on Jimmy Savile titled Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Storyand fans have been wondering to know more about him, including his rumored daughter. So, let’s know everything about Jimmy Savile’s daughter.

Jimmy Savile Daughter: Georgina Martin Details Birthing Jimmy’s Daughter

jimmy-savile-daughter-netflix-2022Accused sex offender Jimmy Savile is rumored to have a daughter as Georgina Martin said she was assaulted by the presenter and later gave birth to a girl.
Image Source: Dewsbury Reporter

In a 2015 interview, a 29-year-old woman stated her concerns about the possibility that she is the child sex monster Jimmy Savile‘s daughter. After her mother was sexually assaulted by the pedophile DJ, an unnamed woman, now a 36-year-old, believes she may be Jimmy Savile’s hidden daughter.

According to the BBC, the woman claims that her mother, Georgina Martin, was sexually assaulted by the former Radio 1 DJ when she was only 13 years old. Ms. Martin, who lives in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, claims that she had sexual intercourse with disgraced Savile more than 20 times over the course of three years, but that ended the relationship when she discovered she was pregnant with a child.

Savile is suspected of being the father of the child since she gave birth to her daughter when she was 16 years old, despite having had sexual relations with another partner around the same time. According to the Daily Mirror, she said, “I have carried the terrible secret that my child is likely to belong to Jimmy Savile for three decades. Now I have found the strength to speak out because we need to have a test to draw a line under this for her sake.”

Georgina’s daughter was raised with brilliant blonde hair, dark eyes, and distinctive cheekbones, resembling Savile in appearance. Her mother informed her that she could be Savile’s daughter, and she has demanded a DNA test to confirm her father’s genuine identity. The mother and daughter have asked Operation Yewtree investigators for assistance in getting DNA from Savile’s family in order to aid their paternity test.

After being approached by Savile outside Leeds train station in February 1982, Georgina believes she was groomed. She claimed she immediately recognized him from Jim’ll Fix It and Top of the Pops, and that he asked if she wanted a cup of tea. He later asked for her phone number, which she gave him, and called her three weeks later to inquire about a meeting. She was picked up by a man she alleges was named Vince, Savile’s older brother’s name, and transported to a penthouse flat on the outskirts of Leeds after agreeing.

Georgina Martin said the two talked about his charitable work at the three-bedroom flat, which she described as ‘disorganized’ and full of framed photos of him with other high-profile figures including Prince Charles. They didn’t have sex at the time, though. She claims that a few weeks later, just before her 14th birthday, she received a call from Savile, who invited her to meet up with him to celebrate her forthcoming birthday.

Georgina claimed she was picked up once more and transported to Savile’s flat, where she was allegedly plied with wine before having intercourse with him in the bathroom. She informed Savile that she was pregnant in March 1985, after the liaisons had lasted more than three years.

It is still not proven if the lady who claims to be the daughter of Jimmy Savile is true. However, it would be interesting to find the truth with all the DNA drama. We’ll let you as soon as we get any information on Jimmy Savile’s daughter.

Everything You Need To Know About Netflix’s Jimmy: A British Horror Story

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story, Netflix’s latest horrifying true crime documentary, has published its debut trailer, which uses archive footage to examine how the disgraced presenter managed to fool an entire nation for four decades. The documentary focuses on the sex offender, whose death in 2011 inspired hundreds of victims of Jimmy Savile‘s abuse to bravely come forward and share their stories of abuse.

The trailer, which was released on March 22, gives a sneak peek into the documentary, which aims to investigate the darkness within Jimmy that led authorities to believe he was a predatory sex offender, probably one of Britain’s most prolific. The 2 minutes 14-second trailer features many clips from the archive, including former UK Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher saying she would like “thank him for everything you do, for every good cause”.

The docuseries will be released on Netflix on April 6, with the series able to be streamed from 8:01 am on the morning of release. Despite the fact that it is described as a limited series, it is unclear how many episodes will be included.

According to some sources, the docuseries will have a sequel, with A British Horror Story listed as part one. However, it has yet to be confirmed whether Netflix’s documentary will be split into multiple parts.

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