Zero Actor Giuseppe Dave Seke – Get to Know Netflix’s Zero Star With 5 Quick Facts

Giuseppe Dave Seke is a new actor and someone whose star will soon be on the rise with the release of his Netflix series Zero. The actor plays Omar/Zero in the Netflix show and it is something of a superhero/cultural show with a cast that is primarily black Italian. So, before Giuseppe becomes a superstar, here are some facts, girlfriend details, age, and other information you need to know.

The young actor is starring in his first TV show but looking at the trailer and the show itself, you would not think that for a second. As the writers of the show poured real struggles of being an immigrant, a black immigrant, in Italy, the actors were portraying their realities. When truth of the community is laid out on the screen, the people of the community do not have to act, and that is why Giuseppe Dave Seke looks so seasoned in the show.

The Netflix show is also a big statement for racial diversity in movies and TV shows when it comes to Italian productions. Giuseppe Dave Seke, an unknown, is getting a chance to lead his own TV show and with the release of the Netflix series, he is sure to make some impact in people’s psyche. So, here are few facts you need to know about the Omar actor.

Giuseppe Dave Seke is 25-Years-Old – Born and Raised in Italy

giuseppe-dave-seke-age-nationality-facts-omar-zero-2021Giuseppe Dave Seke is a 25-year-old Italian actor of Congolese descent. He does not have a girlfriend and is starring in his first Netflix series Zero, as Omar in 2021.
Image Source: Giuseppe Dave Seke Instagram

Giuseppe Dave Seke was born on 12 October 1995, to his parents in Padua, Veneto, Italy. He was born to an immigrant family from the Republic of Congo. The actor both Italian and Congo flags on his profile in Instagram and identifies as both Congolese and Italian.

The actor has spoken before about how the story of the show is akin to something the afro-Italian kids have lived in the country. The power of invisibility is something that is not a super power in real life as black kids are invisible to others anyway, according a conversation Giuseppe Dave Seke shared with the writer of the show.

The Omar Actor Worked in a Warehouse Before Starring in the Netflix Series Zero

The cast of Zero has various newcomers, including kids from the filming location of the show. And not only the supporting cast, the lead actors himself is a newcomer. Before the new Netflix show he had never worked in a movie or TV show, probably did not even dream of becoming an actor but after the casting was done he left his day job to become an actor.

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Giuseppe Dave Seke, before joining the cast of Zero, was a warehouse worker and did not even dream of leading his own Netflix TV show. He said, “For me it was absurd at first, I had never been an actor, before I was a warehouse worker (translated from Italian).” From a warehouse worker to article written about his show on The New York Times, it has been an eventful couple of years for Giuseppe Dave Seke.

Giuseppe has Over 3,000 Followers on Instagram

The first post by Giuseppe Dave Seke on his Instagram page is from January 2020, around the time he was cast in the Italian superhero show. Since then the actor has managed to amass over 3,000 followers on the image sharing platform.

While not overtly active on the site or Facebook, with Zero coming out soon the actor is sharing promotional material about the show. From press coverage to the days countdown, Guiseppe is slowly being active on Instagram and that follower count will definitely rise once the show is released.

Giuseppe Dave Seke Girlfriend – Is The Omar Actor in a Relationship?

The thing about leading a Netflix show is there is going to heightened attention on the personal life of the said actor. From parents, to girlfriend and relationship status, everything is required by some fans. So, before the question even arises, we do not thing Giuseppe Dave Seke is dating a girlfriend right now in 2021.

Guiseppe’s character Omar is in a relationship with Anna in the Netflix show Zero. But he is not dating the actress Beatrice Granno, they have become friends as most of the cast has been with one another. As of this writing there is no much in terms of girlfriend or a romantic partner in Giuseppe’s life. He is single but is not going to remain the same in the near future.

Giuseppe Dave Seke Plays Oscar/Zero in the Netflix Series Zero

Omar loves to draw, he has a talent for creating comic stories and drawings. He is also shy and most of the people in his neighborhood call him by his nickname Zero. One day he finds out he has the power to go invisible and with his home and neighborhood getting gentrified, Omar needs to get his powers under control to help his friends and family.

The story is being adapted from the sixth novel of writer Antonio Dikele Distefano who was also involved in the making of the show. The casting process was done in 2020 and few days into filming the COVID pandemic shut down the production. Later they all returned to film the show with Giuseppe Dave Seke getting the chance to perfect his role of Oscar/Zero.

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Netflix is releasing the teen superhero series on 21 April 2020. The cast of Zero is led by Giuseppe Dave Seke as Omar/Zero, Haroun Fall as Sharif, Beatrice Granno as Anna, Richard Dylan Magon as Momo, Daniela Scattolin as Sara, Madior Fall as Inno, Virginia Diop as Awa, Alex Van Damme as Thierno, Frank Crudele as Sandokan, Giordano de Plano as Ricci, Ashai Lombardo Arop as Marieme, Miguel Gobbo Diaz as Rico, and Livio Kone as Honey.

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