Joey Essex’s Girlfriend in 2023: Is He Still With Lorena Medina or Dating Vanessa Bauer?

Joey Essex is rumored to be dating his girlfriend Vanessa Bauer as of 2023. The pair indirectly accepted their love for one another. Before Vanessa, Joey was dating his ex-girlfriend Lorena Medina, but they are no longer together. He was also seen with Rita Ora. However, currently, we can see Joy and his girlfriend Vanessa’s ongoing chemistry in the show Dancing on Ice. Their followers, on the other hand, are equally excited to see them accepting their love for one another publicly.

The celebrity skating competition on ITV, Dancing on Ice pays homage to the achievements of former Olympic ice skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean by allowing them to share their knowledge with a group of well-known figures. They assist in choreographing the routines that the celebrity skaters will execute in front of the Ice Panel for several weeks before the commencement of the series and in the days preceding each show.

Celebrities are frequently expected to undertake wire acrobatics by the conclusion of the series as they advance in skill. The two couples with the lowest scores from Dancing on Ice, which takes place the same night as the main program, are chosen by a combination of the judges’ scores and votes from at-home viewers. The judges then decide which celebrity has performed for the final time.

The 15th season of Dancing on Ice, with a fresh cast of 11 celebrities, has premiered on our televisions. All the celebrities competing on Dancing on Ice 2023 will be attempting to wow judges Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, Ashley Banjo, and Oti Mabuse with their skating abilities, and reality TV favorite Joey Essex will be one of them. Joey has appeared on a variety of shows since making his television debut on TOWIE more than ten years ago, but the actor claims that Dancing on Ice poses a more serious challenge.

In the show, he is teamed with his current professional partner, Vanessa Bauer. While TOWIE actor Joey Essex is a member of the Dancing on Ice ensemble, his on-screen chemistry with partner Vanessa Bauer is undeniable. Is there a relationship between them? Who is Joey Essex’s girlfriend in 2023? Let’s find out!

Joey Essex Is Rumored to Be Dating His Girlfriend Vanessa Bauer as of 2023!

Joey Essex (@joeyessex) is dating his girlfriend Vanessa Bauer (@vanessabauer_skates) as of 2023. With rumors of a blossoming romance, Joey and his Dancing on Ice skating partner Vanessa Bauer have been making news. They’ve gotten close extremely quickly, but maybe it’s not surprising since Vanessa is stunning and Joey has always been a charmer.

Joey Essex was dating the model Lorena Medina (@itslorenamedina) up until 2020. In 2019, Joey and Lorena met on MTV’s Ex on the Beach. He showed the model around his Essex hometown of Chigwell, giving the impression that they had a close relationship. In September 2019, Lorena moved in with Joey; however, the couple split up in February 2020. After Joey was photographed entering Rita Ora (@ritaora)’s home in the wee hours of the morning, the couple broke up.

After Joey Essex’s ex-girlfriend, Lorena claimed Rita and Joey had spent a crazy night out, the two became associated. They stayed together in Rita’s Primrose Hill mansion for more than 13 hours and made an effort not to be seen together. During their rendezvous, Joey and Rita had driven separately between locations while denying any love chemistry between them.

And now in 2023 following a romantic skate with Vanessa Bauer on Dancing on Ice, Joey talked about falling in love. During a post-skate conversation with broadcasters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield last weekend, the couple appeared to confirm their relationship. The two performed their dance as Danny and Sandy from the Grease movie last weekend. The host Holly then introduced them as real-life Sandy and Danny and inquired if they had anything to share with the viewers at home.

And it appears that things have just gotten better for the couple, as they impressed the judges with their fervent paso doble. As per The Sun he has moved on with Vanessa. Even Joey Essex acknowledged that he was falling in love, but he emphasized that it was with skating and the dance, not Vanessa. After noticing their chemistry on social media fans soon started commenting, one wrote:

Oh my god, could Joey and Vanessa make it any more obvious?

And another added:

My god, Joey, and Vanessa got me hooked on #DancingOnIce.

Joey has largely kept quiet about their relationship, but she has teased fans by saying that even though they are both single, they get along great and something could probably develop between the two of them. Joey had previously acknowledged Vanessa as his secret weapon and praised her rigorous training schedule. He said:

Vanessa is my go-to tactic. I’m just going with it and listening to Vanessa; I’ll follow her lead!

Only a few days before, in a trailer for the show, the actor could be seen requesting Vanessa for her phone number. Following news of the show’s curse, rumors regarding a possible relationship between Joey and Vanessa have been circulating throughout the media. However, given their closeness, they must go a significant distance. Their followers, on the other hand, are equally excited to see them accepting their love for one another publicly.

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