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In 2019 one of the most talked-about TV movies of the year was A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish, which was released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. For those who have not seen the movie, go get the DVD and watch it right now because you do not want to miss out on the brilliant performance by the actress Johannah Newmarch as the evil stepmother in this modern retelling of the Cinderella story.

Johannah Newmarch was born and raised in Vancouver by her father and mother during the 70s and 80s. From an early age, the actress showed an aptitude for performing, and after seeing a dance movie on TV, she also wanted to move the way the people on TV did and asked her parents to help her dance.

Johannah Newmarch is an actress who appear in the movie A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish.Johannah Newmarch is an actress who appears in the movie A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish.
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The actress wanted to be a dancer and her parents thinking this as a phase enrolled her into ballet lessons, and soon she was excelling at the dance form, and she was soon enrolled in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. But by the time she was getting ready to take dancing as her primary career focus, she started to grow “disillusioned” with the art form and let the school. The acting was the next stop for the actress, and after an initial dry spell, she started on the path to an illustrious career, primarily focused on TV.

Johannah Newmarch took a Ten Year Hiatus from Acting; She Returned After the Turn of the Century

Johannah Newmarch started her career in the early 90s but took a long hiatus.Johannah Newmarch started her career in the early 90s but took a long hiatus.
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After Johannah quit acting, she tried her hand in acting and started training at Gastown Actors Studio, where she graduated from by the time she reached 20 years old. She soon got an agent, and work started to roll in; after multiple TV roles and bit-part movie appearances, the actress did not like where she was at with her career.

In an interview, the actress talked about feeling disillusioned by acting; she wanted to get a job and not pretend to someone else for the camera. The roles she was getting also did not help, and in a bid for self-discovery, the actress opted to take a long hiatus from acting.

Johannah Newmarch took about a ten year long hiatus from acting.Johannah Newmarch took about a ten-year-long hiatus from acting.
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Then after the turn of the century, she decided it was the right time to get her career back on track. This time with double the determination, she started to get more roles in big productions. Stargate SG-1 was one of the TV shows in a long line of good to great shows and movies Johannah was part of.

Johannah Newmarch 'When Calls the Heart' Cast and Playing 'Deirdre Decker' in the TV Movie 'A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish'

For the past five years, Johannah Newmarch is a part of the cast of When Calls the Heart, and over the years, she’s appeared in 25 episodes of the show, which is on Hallmark Channel. Her appearance in the show is a testament to the long-standing relationship between the two parties. In her acting career, Johannah appeared in a lot of Hallmark Channel movies.

But the reason the actress is getting all the praise as of late is because of her evil performance in the fan-favorite TV movie A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish. The story is a modern retelling of the Cinderella story where Johannah Newmarch plays the role of the evil stepmother who stops Kat Emerson, played by Laura Marano, from going to the ball and meeting Dominic Wintergarden, played by Gregg Sulkin.

Watch: The trailer for 'A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish'

Isabella Gomez plays Isla and Lilian Douchet-Roche, and Chenelle Peloso plays Joy and Grace Decker, the two stepsisters of Kat. The movie was made available on Netflix, and it was an instant hit among the fans who were taken by the new way the story of Cinderella was presented and also because of the amazing performance of the cast, which is rare to see in a Christmas TV movie.

Johannah Newmarch is the Proud Mother of a 21-Year-Old Daughter

Johannah Newmarch is the mother of her daughter Sophie who was born in 1998.Johannah Newmarch is the mother of her daughter Sophie who was born in 1998.
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 The actress was not only coming out of her hiatus in the 2000s she also recently became a mother of a beautiful baby daughter. After her daughter was about three years old, Johannah formally returned to the show business with a renewed vigor and passion for her work as well as her family.

Johannah’s daughter Sophia whom she also calls “munchkin,” was born on 4 May 1998, and on her 21st birthday, the actress posted a throwback picture of the mother and daughter together when Sophia was only about four years old. The caption also showed her disbelief of how fast her little “munchkin” grew up to be a 21-year-old beautiful and self-sufficient young lady.

Johannah Newmarch and Sophie share an amazing bond.Johannah Newmarch and Sophie share an amazing bond.
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A Cinderella Story: Christmas Story actress is also a proud mother of her talent and educated daughter. Johannah posted about how happy she was after hearing her daughter completed a History of Arts degree at the University of Edinburgh.

Johannah Newmarch is Currently in a Relationship with Lucas Wolf

Johannah Newmarch is in a relationship with Lucas Wolf.Johannah Newmarch is in a relationship with Lucas Wolf.
Source: Instagram

The name of Sophia’s father is still a mystery, and for all, we know Johannah was a single mother who raised her daughter on her own. But recently we’ve seen Johannah with a man who seems to be her boyfriend.

His name is Lucas Wolf, and he is an artist whose Instagram page is filled with art and a little image of himself or anyone else. Lucas and Sophia also seem to share a great bond, as evidenced by the fact Johannah’s daughter talked about missing both Lucas and her mother.

For how long Johannah and Lucas are dating is still a mystery, but it seems the daughter is okay with her mother's choice in partner.

What is Johannah Newmarch’s Net Worth?

Johannah Newmarch is a rich woman with a healthy net worth.Johannah Newmarch is a rich woman with a healthy net worth.
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Johannah is not one of those celebrities who like to flaunt their wealth or pretend to show a lavish lifestyle just for the sake of feeling important. The actress seems to be content with the life she is living and the money she is earning; she’s got a good partner, a talented and beautiful daughter who is doing well in school, but she is also a particularly wealthy person, even though she is frugal about showing it.

Over the three-decades-long career, the actress appeared in numerous huge productions where the salary for the actors was huge. The actress benefited from being in demand and also working with people she knew, which meant they would take care of her. Johannah’s daughter is also studying in Scotland, which probably cost her a fortune during enrollment.

All in all, the actress is holding a net worth of about $1 million, which is not much for an actor of her stature, but she is happy with the life she is living, which is all that matters.

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