Laurits Actor Jonas Strand Gravli – 5 Quick Facts About Ragnarok Star in 2021!

While many fans of Jonas Strand Gravli may know the actor from his appearance in the beloved Netflix series Ragnarok as Laurits Seier. But for those not aware, the actor already made his mark in Norwegian and international cinema with appearance in 22 July for Netflix. A career dedicated to acting, the actor he finally getting the recognition he deserves so before Raganarok season 2, here we take a look at 5 quick facts about the actor.

Before he was a famous actor, Jonas was a kid from a middle class family with a lot of energy and desire to express himself. All that energy was directed towards his parents who allowed him the perfect outlet of performing to exhaust himself. The idea of dancing, acting, performing was like a drug to young Jonas who put time and money into perfecting his skills.

After multiple schools and theatre training later, Jonas started his career with short movies, moving slowly to TV shows and movies. An exciting career, definitely, it feels like Jonas is only getting started and there is more to come from the actor. So, before he fulfills on his promising talent, here are 5 facts you need to know about the Laurits Seier actor.

Jonas Strand Gravli Age – When was the Actor Born?

jonas-strand-gravli-age-facts-2021Jonas Strand Gravli is a 29-year-old actor from Norway. He plays Laurits Seier in Netflix series Ragnarok.
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In RagnarokJonas Strand Gravli‘s character Laurits Seier is a teenager, going to a new high school in a new town. While the youthful looks help pass most of the actors as teenagers, the age discrepancy is immense for some actor. That included Jonas Strand Gravli who is 29-years-old.

Jonas was born on 11 November 1991 to his parents, father Rune Gravli and his mother. He was raised in Nord Odal municipality, a few miles away from Oslo where he currently resides with his fiancé. Jonas Strand Gravli is 29-years-old and it may be hard to believe for some people, but it is a fact non-the-less.

Jonas Attended The Norwegian National Academy of Theatre

As a teenager Jonas Strand Gravli attended Stange High School and after graduating, he knew acting was the path for him as a career moving forward. So, Jonas attended a private college Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio where he studied theatre and studio acting. He graduated from NISS in 2012 but learning was not done for the young actor.

He proceeded to enroll in The Norwegian National Academy of Theatre, learning to be a better stage performer from 2012 to 2015. The school is part of The Oslo National Academy of the Arts, from there the actor proceeded to graduate in 2015. Soon after he was out of the school, he started a career in Norwegian TV and movie scene, while also holding a job at Oslo Nye Theatre.

For Netflix’s 22 July Film Jonas Strand Gravli Met the Real Victim of the Terror Attack He was Portraying

Paul Greengrass is a respected director in Hollywood. He has made action movies, and movies based on real life events. One of the most recognizable terror event got the Greengrass treatment in United 93 to massive critical acclaim and plaudits. That was the same thing the director was hoping when he took on the biggest terror event in Norway since the second World War.

22 July 2011 is a date that is registered in history books because a right wing nut killed 77 people in Norway. The event was portrayed in a movie by Greengrass with Jonas Strand Gravli playing one of the victims. Regarding the making of the movie, the actor said, “I felt a lot of responsibility to tell the story in a correct way.”

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He formed a friendship with Viljar Hanssen, who was shot five times but lived to testify during the trial of the terrorist. Jonas said the responsibility of doing justice to a person who was struggling to live a normal life since the event was a big motivator for him and other stars of the movies.

Jonas Strand Gravli is Engaged to His Girlfriend Trude Bratlie

jonas-strand-gravli-girlfriend-2021Jonas Strand Gravli got engaged to his girlfriend Trude Bratlie on 24 December 2020.
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When Jonas was part of Ragnarok there was a massive need among fans to know about his personal life in 2020. Well, then the actor was single and enjoying a lot of attention from all over the world. Since then however he has found the love of his life ad someone who he shares his home and heart with.

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Jonas Strand Gravli is currently dating his girlfriend Trude Bratlie and on 24 December 2020 they got engaged to one another after less than a year together. You can find multiple pictures of the duo having fun living together and hanging out. It appears to be a loving relationship that will soon proceed to a marriage.

Jonas Strand Gravli Plays Laurits Seier in the Netflix Series Ragnarok

The Norwegian actor shot to international fame after the series stealing performance in the finale of Netflix series Ragnarok. He played a mocking version of one of the main antagonists of the series and that clip is beloved among the fans. Since then people have been waiting with bated breath for Ragnarok season 2.

In Ragnarok season 2 Jonas Strand Gravli continues his role as Laurits Seier. The character of Laurits has been associated with Loki among the fans but that has not been made clear in the Netflix show. But it appears all will be clear on 27 May 2021 when Ragnarok season 2 will be made available for streaming on Netflix, all 8 episodes this time around.

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