Herman Tømmeraas Girlfriend 2021 - Ragnarok Star's Relationship Timeline!

May 23, 2021 @ 22:13 GMT-0500

Herman Tømmeraas is a Norwegian actor who found fame with the hit series Skam and later announced his presence to the international audience after appearing in the Netflix series Ragnarok as Fjor. Herman has parlayed his acting success into fame on social media with millions of fans. Those fans follow his every move including the actor's girlfriend and relationship details, so here we discuss some of those interesting facts.

The Nordic actor was born on 2 April 1997, to his parents in Solbergelva, Norway. He has one sibling and the two kids were raised by their parents in Norway. Growing up Herman loved dancing and singing with acting making an entrance later. Soon he realized acting was the career for him moving forward and while in high school the actor started appearing in TV shows and short movies.

His first credited role came in 2011, appearing in the show Stikk for six episodes. Soon he started appearing in movies and music videos establishing himself as one of the hottest actors in Norwegian cinema. He then carried the fame to international stage with appearance in Ragnarok. The Netflix show introduced the actor to whole new group of fans and most of them wanted to know the girlfriend he was dating.

Herman Tømmeraas Dated His Girlfriend Amalie Snøløs for One Year

herman-tømmeraas-girlfriend-2021Herman Tømmeraas dated his girlfriend Amalie Snøløs for a year. In 2021, the Ragnarok actor is single.
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The Instagram page of Herman Tømmeraas has close to 2.5 million followers. The actor is beloved, not only in Norway, but he also gets mobbed whenever he is out walking in most European cities. But Herman loves it, he stops and poses with fans on the street, talks to them and that is an endearing quality about the young actor.

He may be famous now bu that does not mean he is going to act aloof. Herman knows the fans waiting outside his hotel at night to get a simple glimpse of him are the reason he is famous. So, he treats his fans with respect and when it was announced the actor was dating his girlfriend Amalie Snøløs, there were a lot of broken hearts around the world.

Herman Tømmeraas Girlfriend 2021 - How Long Did He date Amalie Snøløs

Amalie Snøløs is a football player who rose from the youth ranks to play for Birkenes IL. At the Under-16 level she was selected to represent Norway in a match against England. Since then Amalie has played for different clubs, later pivoting to a career online as a Esport player and an influencer. She was appearing in Norwegian shows by the time she met Herman for the first time.

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Herman Tømmeraas and his girlfriend Amalie Snøløs met for the first time in 2018. They were announced as a couple soon after and by late March we had beach photos of the duo on their respective Instagram pages to confirm the relationship. Both of them are good looking and fans were "complaining" how two people so cute can exist on this earth.

While a large number of Herman's fans are girls, there was overwhelming support for the new couple. Fans, it appears, are not so vitriolic in Europe compared to America. Herman shared multiple pictures with his girlfriend on social media but after a year together the couple announced they are no longer together. Amalie was dating someone else by 2020 and there was no pictures of the couple together in their social pages.

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There were a few remaining pictures from their time together but the duo cut all ties after breaking up. They are good looking people, finding a girlfriend would not be a big deal but still, break ups hurt. Since then there has been no updates regarding Herman's relationship history. In 2021, there are no pictures of the actor with a new girlfriend or romantic interest, even the rumors are non-existent. This led us to deduce the Ragnarok actor is currently single and getting ready to endear himself further into the hearts of his fans.

Herman Tømmeraas Plays Fjor in the Netflix Series Ragnarok


Ragnarok is a fantasy environmental show about a small and dying town called Edda where a family is slowly dumping waste into the water while also destroying the snowcaps. It is revealed that the family, one of the richest in Norway, are age old giants from the Norse mythology and they are brining about the end of the world with their company.

The first season of the Netflix show revealed strong forces causing the downfall of the town but also old heroes coming to the rescue. In season 2 we are set to get answers to what will happen with the Jutul family as Magne revealed the secrets of the company and what they are doing to the town. Giants and Thor's battle will intensify in the highly anticipated Ragnarok season 2.

Herman Tømmeraas plays Fjor in Ranarok. Fjor is the "teenage son" of the Jutul's. He is an old entity like his "family" but currently in a teenagers body. Fjor presents a tough and indifferent exterior early but slowly starts falling for Gry, a human, which causes him to reevaluate his loyalties. There appears to be a change in character coming for Fjor in Ragnarok season 2.

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The second season of the hit Netflix show is coming on 27 May 2021. The cast of the show is led by David Stakston as Magne SeierJonas Strand Gravli as Laurits Seier, Herman Tømmeraas as Fjor, Theresa Frostad Eggesbø as SaxaEmma Bones as GryTani Dibasey as Oscar BjørnholtHenriette Steenstrup as Turid SeierGísli Örn Garðarsson as Vidar, and Synnøve Macody Lund as Ran.

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