Highdee Kuan’s Parents: What’s Her Ethnicity?

celebsindepth.com – Highdee Kuan has not posted about her parents till now, but during a conversation, she mentioned having a younger brother. Kuan is very private about her life, but her ethnicity is Chinese, and some people say that she can speak Chinese and other languages fluently. She is currently in a relationship with an Asian guy named André.

Highdee Kuan is an American film and television actress who is best known for her work in shows like The Young and the Restless, You, and This Is Us. Recently, she has been in the news after she appeared in the Netflix 2024 American action comedy-drama television series, The Brothers Sun. What is her role in the series?

The Brothers Sun, which premiered on January 4, 2024, Along with Highdee, Justin Chien, Sam Li, Michelle Yeoh, and Alice Hewkin, Madison has appeared as the main lead. Highdee plays the role of Alexis Kong in the movie, and she also shared her audition experience for her role. She said that her process was pretty similar to Justin’s, where it was through her agent and reps.

After listening to her statement and watching the movie, people are curious to know more about her childhood life, her personal life, and her parents’ details. In this article, we will be talking about her ethnicity and who her parents are. Is Highdee Kuan from Asia? To learn more about her mother, read this article.

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Highdee Kuan Has Not Talked About Her Parents Yet

There are many rumors about the lives of Highdee Kuan‘s (@highdeekuan) parents. They are of Chinese descent and were living in Europe before moving to the USA. Talking about her love life, she is in a relationship with a boy named Andre. The couple even got engaged in 2021, and André sometimes gave his presence at Highdee movie parties.

Highdee Kuan has not talked about her parents yet. celebsindepth.comHighdee Kuan has not talked about her parents yet.
Source: Instagram

Kuan was born on June 3, 1998, in San Francisco, California, USA. She is of Chinese descent and was raised in a family of four; Mother, father, and a younger brother. Her Chinese name is said to be Thalia Tran, but she has not given any specific confirmation about it. Her mother’s and father’s names are not publicly known yet, but they both are said to be engineers.

It’s very hard to track Highdee Kuan’s parents details as she has not posted about them on her social media. However, they were said to have lived in the Netherlands before moving to the USA. According to her Instagram, her parents seem to be supportive of her passion from an early age, as she posted a picture from her childhood where she attended ballet classes. She is a multilingual actress who can speak English, Mandarin, Dutch, and German fluently.

What Is Highdee Kuan’s Ethnicity? What Is She Currently Doing?

Talking about Highdee Kuan‘s ethnicity, she is of Chinese descent, and her parents were both Asian. Some of the rumors say that her parents moved to the USA after she was born, while others think that her parents were living in the USA when she was born. There is a lot of confusion regarding her parents, and we hope she will update us soon about them.

Highdee Kuan is in love with a guy named Andre. celebsindepth.comHighdee Kuan is in love with a guy named Andre.
Source: Instagram

Moving towards Highdee Kuan’s love life, she is in a relationship with Andre. In 2021, she posted a picture with him, announcing being engaged to him, but now the picture is deleted. After the picture got deleted, people thought that she was hiding something from her fans, but she has not talked about her love life and is living a low-profile life.

Well, the news of Highdee being separated from her boyfriend Andre is a fake rumor. People are making up stories just by her Instagram feed, but the couple appears together in the premiere of Highdee’s recent movie, The Brothers Sun. Andre has even posted a picture of the event and said that he is very proud of Kuan. According to Andre’s Instagram, the couple seems to love traveling together, and he has posted very romantic videos with her.

What Is Highdee Kuun Currently Doing?

Highdee Kuan is very busy with her recent movie, The Brothers Sun. The series is going viral on Netflix, and people love Kuan’s act. She played the role of Charles‘ childhood friend from Taipei, who works as an assistant district attorney. She also talked about her experience and stated,

My process was pretty similar to Justin’s where it was through my agent and reps. I read the line about Alexis being super driven and addicted to spicy hot Cheetos, and I thought, ‘Okay, this girl, I know!’, I remember reading the pilot and it was one of those experiences where you read something so good, you don’t know what you have to do, but you need to be a part of it.

I remember taping within two hours of getting the sides. Normally, I give it a few days to sink in, but I felt a connection. After sending in my audition, I did the traditional callback. Then they canceled my producer session, and I thought it was over, that I didn’t get the job, that they didn’t want to see me.