Keemstar’s Girlfriend in 2023: Ex-wife, Daughter’s Age!

As of 2023, Keemstar has a girlfriend named Brantley, who has also been his assistant for years. The couple went official in 2021, and Keemstar seems to be all over her. He also has a 13-year-old daughter, but the mother of his daughter is unknown. People think that the daughter’s biological might be his ex-wife.

Daniel M. Keem, known online as Keemstar, is an American YouTuber, podcaster, and streamer. He started his YouTube career at the age of 27, where he was recorded trash-talking through the online multiplayer voice chat. Where is he now? What is he doing? He has built his fan base, and he has more than 25k followers on Instagram and 5.47 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Recently, he has been a topic of gossip after he posted about his weekend with his girlfriend. He posted a picture with his current girlfriend on October 16, 2023. There are many rumors and comments about their relationship. Is he married?

After the post, many people started getting curious to know about Keemstar’s love life. In this article, we will be talking about his rumors about girlfriends, his ex-wife, his daughter, his dating history, and his current girlfriend. To learn more about his personal life, read this article.

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Meet Keemstar’s Girlfriend, Brantley, as of 2023!

Keemstar (@keemstar) girlfriend, as of 2023, is Brantley. There is no more news about Brantley, and it is hard to know anything about her as she has no social media account. Previously, he was linked to a woman named Christine Youngman, who is also guessed to be his secret wife and another of his 13-year-old daughter.

Keemstar is currently dating his assistant who is 20 years old. celebsindepth.comKeemstar is currently dating his assistant who is 20 years old.
Source: Instagram

Keemstar’s girlfriend has been gaining so much hype on the internet after the YouTuber has been posting about her regularly. The couple claimed to be dating since early 2021, but they went on Insta-official on March 27, 2022. He posted a picture with her current partner, who also happens to be twenty years old. What is her name?

Well, reading his caption, it looks like the couple had no intention of dating but ended up being in a relationship. His girlfriend’s name is Brantley and the netizens have accused him of making a dozen embarrassing comments about his dating life. People on the internet claim that Keemstar enjoys dating women half his age. As of 2023, Kemstar hasn’t shared a complete detail of his girlfriend’s lifestyle.

Brantley is said to have been his assistant for many years and still, as of 2023, she is working as her assistant.  Talking about her social media account, she used to have her Instagram account under the name brantely_insta, but it seems like after being in a relationship, she has deleted her account. Did she delete her Instagram under the pressure of Keemstart?

Who Is Keemstar’s Ex-wife? Is He Married?

Keemstar has been very private about his relationship. Many people think he was married previously but he hasn’t introduced anyone as his wife. In 2018 she was claimed to be dating a young woman named Christine Youngman but he didn’t disclose the identity of the person he was dating nor did he introduce her publicly.

However, he’s posted some pictures of them on his social media site. Though he didn’t make the details of his ex-girlfriend public, people seem to be smart as they find out some details about Christine. She used to live in Buffalo, New York, but she is originally from Austin, Texas. According to Keemstar, on their first meet, he met Christine at a fan meet-up where she visited with one of her friends.

Keemstar with his daughter Christine. celebsindepth.comKeemstar with his daughter Christine.
Source: Instagram
The information about Christine’s work profile for a living was unknown and their break-up reason has been a question mark for a long time. The relationship never came to any conclusion but people still believe that Keemstar gave a lot of money for a divorce settlement meant to his ex-wife. After ending things with Christine, he took some time off from the dating world.

Keemstar’s Daughter’s Age, Her Mother!

People were unaware of the Keemstar family until he posted about having a four-year-old daughter on Twitter in 2014. His daughter’s name is said to be Mia, and he said that his daughter has more money than a random guy. Well, he has not introduced anyone as his wife or his daughter’s mom to anything, so it feels a little confusing about his life.


Many people have commented that he is not the right man to have a daughter, while others have given her good luck for her 18th. In our guess, the mother of Mia might be his first girlfriend, Christine, or Mia might be Adopted. The news about his daughter’s biological mother is not confirmed yet.