Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend’s Job: Meet Fitness Instructor Daris Jackson!

Many people believe that Keke Palmer’s boyfriend, Daris Jackson, is shouting at her without having any fixed job. Her boyfriend works as a fitness instructor. When Daris pointed out Keke’s dress during an usher concert, he faced much criticism for his behavior. Later, after facing the accusations of the fans, he said that, as the father of Keke’s child, his son’s mother should know all about his standards and morals. Well, these things might have affected their relationship too, as both of them have deleted each other’s pictures from their Instagram feed.

Lauren Keyana Keke Palmer, aka Keke Palmer, is an American actress, singer, and television personality. She gained fame after starring in television series such as the Fox satirical horror series Scream Queens and the Epix drama series Berlin Station. Recently, she has been in the news after she admitted to loving her additional responsibilities.

Keke posted an Instagram video with her baby, which got more than 1.8 million likes. In the post, she captioned it and thanked her son for changing her. She said that her baby empowered her, and her perspective has changed because when her baby is good, she is excellent. She has not only expressed her happiness through the post but also inspired many of her fans.

After the video of Keke went viral, people started asking questions about her boyfriend. Where is her boyfriend? In this article, we will be talking about her dating life, her love life, and her boyfriend’s job. To know more, read this article.

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Keke Palmer’s Boyfriend, Daris Jackson, Works as a Fitness Instructor as Part of His Job!

Keke Palmer‘s (@keke) boyfriend Daris Jackson‘s current jobs is fitness instructor. It looks like the couple is on bad terms as of now after Jackson shouted at Keke during a Usher concert. Jackson, the daddy of Keke’s child, seemed to have some standards and morals after seeing Palmer dress.

Daris Jackson aka Darius Daulton is a boyfriend of Keke and the father of her baby. Talking about Keke’s boyfriend’s job, he has worked as a fitness instructor at Inspire Fitness Studio. He is also said to be a famous athlete, storyteller, writer, media face, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from Pennsylvania, United States. He was born on July 21, 1994, and is well known in the country as the boyfriend of Keke Palmer.

Jackson is also said to be pursuing a career in the entertainment business as a writer and actor, but his current job is still unknown. He is said to be a struggling writer as of now and is also best known for being the brother of Sarunas Jackson. Sarunas played Alejandro Dro Pea on Issa Rae’s hit HBO show Insecure from 2017 to 2021.

Keke Palmer and Her Boyfriend, Darius Daulton’s Ongoing Drama Details!

It looks like Keke Palmer is dealing with many things in her life. It’s not only her new responsibilities, but her relationship seems to have had a lot of drama lately. Well, it’s not our job to get involved or talk about other lives, but Palmer’s boyfriend, Darius Jackson, has involved the public in the drama after he deleted all the pictures with Keke.

While Plamer went to an Usher concert in Las Vegas recently, her boyfriend and the father of her baby, Jackson, decided that he wanted to ruin the show and shame her for her clothing choice. Many people commented on Jackson’s decision to mind his job and pointed out his upbringing.

Keke Palmer and Daris Jackson are believed to have been dating since 2021. Keke Palmer and Daris Jackson are believed to have been dating since 2021.
Source: Instagram

Jackson faced many criticisms for his comment, and it looks like the incident affected his relationship with Keke. After facing the criticism, Darius took to Twitter and posted about the incident, talking about the standards and morals that he believed in.

Relationship Details on Keke Plamer and Her Boyfriend Daris Jackson; Do They Have a Child?

Keke Palmer and Jackson are believed to have been dating since 2021. They first met in May 2021 at a Memorial Day party hosted by Issa Rae and Diddy, and shortly after they first met, they claimed to be dating each other. However, they made their relationship public in August, when Jackson posted about Palmer on her birthday. Although the post is deleted now after the incident at the Usher concert, it was expressed with love and happiness. He captioned the picture;

Never would have expected summer 2021 to turn out the way it did, but here we are, I’m glad we were able to help each other throughout our lowest of times & show one another that what we are bringing to the table is everything that we got.

Keke Palmer and Daris Jackson welcomed their son on February 25, 2023. celebsindepth.comKeke Palmer and Daris Jackson welcomed their son on February 25, 2023.
Source: Instagram

After dating for more than two years, the couple welcomed their son on February 25, 2023. Jackson celebrated the news by sharing a sweet photo of their son on Instagram Stories. Keke announced her pregnancy in December 2022 While hosting Saturday Night Live. She pointed out all the reasons for being fat and said;

There’s some rumors going around, people have been in my comments saying, ‘Keke’s having a baby, Keke’s pregnant,’ and I wanna set the record straight — I am!