Is Kenneth Gorham From Love Is Blind Into Men?

Feb 23, 2024 @ 0:42 GMT-0500
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Is Kenneth Gorham From Love Is Blind Into Men? - Kenneth Gorham's femininity, sensitivity, and behavior in Love Is Blind have led many fans to believe he is into men. However, the actual truth regarding his sexual preference has yet to be confirmed.

'Love Is Blind' on Netflix consistently puts viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as a group of singles try to find love without ever really meeting the other person. Like the previous pod squads before them, 30 new men and women will join the dating experiment to disturb the swipe-happy world of modern dating and try to form true relationships. This time from Charlotte, North Carolina, the Season 6 group will lead with their hearts first and become engaged without ever seeing each other. The bonds they form will pave the way for an unforgettable voyage full of twists, turns, and love triangles that will put each of the couples to the test.

One of the contestants who is here to find out his partner is Kenneth Gorham. The 26-year-old middle school principal is looking for a lover who shares his values of prioritizing God and family. However, looking at his behavior and his attributes in the show, there are several claims that he might not be straight.

Here’s Why Many People Believe Kenneth Is Not Straight

'Love Is Blind' viewers claim that Kenneth might come across as gay, looking at his feminine mannerisms. Although there is no official statement or proof to confirm his preference, there are some hints that question his sexuality.

He was on the show saying he wanted the woman of his life, but fans believe he is more towards men. Before entering the show, he said that he was looking for someone to look at and said, I love you for who you are, and you love me for who I am. Although he has already stated that he wants an ideal woman, why are there questions regarding his preference?

Kenneth Gorham has yet to discuss his sexuality. celebsindepth.comThere is no evidence suggesting Kenneth is not straight.
Source: Instagram

Especially viewers are gossiping and calling him non-straight on social media platforms including TikTok, Facebook, and Reddit. He has feminine mannerisms, leading fans to believe he is attracted to the same sex. Anything is labeled as homosexual. Because he is a school principal, I believe he is a devout man of God who maintains a respectable public image.

It's possible that his interactions and on-screen persona—specifically, his sensitivity, and the intricacies of his relationship with Brittany—have raised concerns among viewers over his orientation. It's crucial to remember that these assumptions are founded on prejudices and views, not on factual assessments of an individual's sexual orientation.

Also, if he was into men he would not be in the show Love Is Blind, stating he wants a woman. This show respects people's sexual preference and if he were attracted to a man, the show would definitely inform. Also, if he was into men, we would have already noticed it, looking at his interest in men and women.

Online Forum Discusses Kenneth’s Sexuality

Of course, many online users are bashing Kenneth for lying about his sexuality.

Kenneth Gorham is on the show Love is Blind for a Woman. celebsindepth.comKenneth has yet to speak about his sensuality.
Source: Instagram

Although other social media sites like TikTok and Facebook have only asked questions and thought about his sensuality, Reddit users have directly jumped to the conclusion that he is into men. In the discussion, one user seemed pissed at the discussion on the topic, uploading a picture of Amber and Clay, which said,

Kenneth is really out here, more turned on by these two than his own fiancé. 

Where one user showed her anger writing;

Tired of gay/bi men claiming to be straight on these reality shows. If you admit you like D too then we’re gonna have a better story.

While another commented saying:

i think kenneth is gay. but because of his uber religious upbringing can’t live in his truth

However, we should understand that these are just speculations calling him non-straight and that the actual truth regarding his preference has yet to be confirmed.

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