Kira Kosarin Boyfriend – Love Daily and The Thundermans Star is Dating Her BF

Maybe it ballerina she wanted to be, or a singer, or an actor, like all kids Kira Kosarin, tried different things. While she still dances today, it seems acting and singing took main priority as she appeared in Love Daily and The Thundermans. Now, she is happily dating her boyfriend while making music together.

Kira Kosarin burst into the scene in 2013 when she was cast as Phoebe Thunderman in the Nickelodeon series The Thundermans. Born on 7 October 1997, Kira was only 16 when she was hired to appear in the hit show, and it launched her career with a massive fan following.

Being the kid of Broadway performers, it was only natural that their work rubbed off on young Kira. She was only 11 when the family moved to California so she could pursue a career in acting and a decade later it all seems to have worked out. And more recently she also showed off her boyfriend to the world, and they have been together for more than six months.

Kira Kosarin Boyfriend – Dating Max Chester for Over Six Months

kira-kosarin-boyfriend-2021Kira Kosarin is currently dating her boyfriend Max Chester. They have been together for more than 6 months.
Image Source: Kira Kosarin Instagram

Kira Kosarin is currently dating her boyfriend Max Chester. The couple has been together since July of 2020 and recently celebrated six months together. The romance between the beautiful duo seems to have escalated pretty fast as Kira cannot stop writing about the amazing time she shared with Max.

Max Chester is a composer, singer, and score producer according to his website. According to the same website, Max has four projects out to date with only two appearing on Spotify. The biggest hit in his album is a song with slightly above 10,000 hits and he has 14 daily listeners per month. That number is low because Max has not updated his Spotify page with new projects in a short while.

Kira Kosarin first shared pictures of her boyfriend, Max, on 5 July 2020. The picture showed Max, Kira, and their two other friends while hiking near Los Angeles. The day poses significant meaning to the actress as she posted a heart in her caption. Seems like this is where the romance began.

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According to the anniversary milestones, we can be certain that Kira and her boyfriend Max started dating on 19 July 2020. Almost every month Kira posts something special on that day, featuring the two lovebirds. Recently she commemorated the day in January as their six-month anniversary.

While Kira shared pictures with her boyfriend frequently, she called Max her boyfriend on Instagram for the first time on 3 October 2020. Then you will be hardpressed to find a picture where the actress does not express her ever-expanding love for the musician.

On Max’s birthday, Kira wrote a beautiful post on her Instagram page, “To the man who showed me a kind of partnership I wasn’t sure existed. happy birthday my love, here’s to the beginning of a new year, and all the rest we get to take on together. I love you the most.”

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She is also pretty defensive about her choice of man. When a troll commented in one of her posts about her boyfriend being a dork, the actress wrote got pretty cooly-angry. She wrote a reply explaining why she is in love with Max.

She said, “Cuz he’s a 6’2 multi-instrumentalist musician with a genius-level IQ and a British accent who speaks 5 languages, cooks like a gourmet chef, was an Olympic level athlete, has my exact sense of humor and a job he’s amazing at, and treats people better than anyone I’ve ever met. Need more?”

Kira Kosarin Plays Sophie Taylor in Love Daily Coming to Netflix

While Love Daily has already premiered all of its episodes on AwesomeTV, the show is getting a new lease of life on Netflix in February. In the month of love, Netflix is bringing the cute romance anthology show to keep people warm, and it has exactly 14 episodes, so that is one episode every day leading all the way to Valentine’s Day if you want.

While the show is not as interconnected as Amazon’s Modern Love, the show however tackles young love. From newly minted partners to broken up scorned lovers, the show is filled with what-ifs that exist in every romantic relationship.

Kira Kosarin plays Sophie Taylor in the 11th episode of 14 episode series. She appears alongside Cameron Moulène who plays Jack Cardoza. The story follows Sophie as she is stuck with her former flame Jack during Thanksgiving as her parents are unable to join her.

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The show is a pretty smooth ride and also features one of Kira’s former castmates, Jack Griffo, from The Thundermans in an earlier episode. So get cozy cause things are going to get pretty romantic in Love Daily and it is all coming to Netflix on 1 February 2021.

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