Tyler Farrell From Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover: Meet Killowen Construction Owner and Learn About His Age, Net Worth, & Wife!

Tyler Farrell from Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover serves as the general contractor. He has been collaborating with Shea and Syd McGee since Series 1. He was born on April 1, 1980, and is 42 years old by 2022. Tyler is the owner of Killowen Construction and has a net worth of $650,000. Since 2011, he has been married to his wife, Daile Farrell. His wife works as the art director at Killowen Construction.

Since the streamer first announced Dream Home Makeover in 2020, it has been marketed as a reality show, which means that nothing is ever pre-written or even explicitly controlled. Shea and Syd McGee are the stars of the well-liked home remodeling program Dream Home Makeover on Netflix. To completely please their clients with their work, the creative duo has renovated numerous homes over the years. They must elevate the fundamental ideas to a level that is sufficient to leave one speechless while also keeping in mind the vision and needs of their clientele.

The Netflix original series Dream Home Makeover lives up to its name in every way possible. It centers around the hosts as they give clients the renovation of a lifetime. This is because it illuminates not only their talents and successful businesses Studio McGee and McGee & Co. but also their personal and family lives to examine how aspirations might materialize.

The Dream Home Makeover cast members worked very hard to become recognized as some of the best interior designers and renovators in the business. In addition to Syd and Shea, the show also has another cast member who has worked with them since season 1. Tyler Farrell, their general contractor, is the one and only. The audience is suddenly riveted by Tyler. Let’s find out more about him, then!

Tyler Farrell From Dream Home Makeover Serves as the General Contractor! Learn More About His Age, Net Worth, and Wife!

The contractor for Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover is Tyler Farrell (@twfarrell). Since the first series, Shea and Syd McGee have collaborated with him. Before the debut of the first series, he had been working with them for roughly two years. He’d already worked with them in Park City and on a television series.

Thomas Farrell Together with the rest of the team, Tyler aids the couple in remodeling and transforming the house of their client. Tyler is the owner of Killowen Construction (@killowenconstruction) and has a net worth of $650,000. His building business and his involvement in the well-known Netflix program Dream Home Makeover both contribute to his income.

To establish an environment that is conducive to success, he thinks it is important to engage closely with clients, designers, and architects. Tyler’s business strategy for his construction company attracts some of the best local subcontractors. Their primary goal is to make the clients’ dream concepts a reality. In Summit and Wasatch counties and beyond, it focuses on building unique homes as well as refurbishing and making additions.

Tyler Farrell was born on April 1, 1980, and is 42 years old by 2022. He is the son of Sherilynn Farrell and Leeroy Farrell. He specializes in additions and remodels in Summit and Wasatch Counties as well as elsewhere. Before the start of the episode, Tyler had been collaborating with Shea and Syd; they came together at the start of the series.

Tyler claimed to have been riding Shea’s coattail for some time in a podcast interview. When she shared one of his creations on Instagram, it blew up, launching their relationship and opening a new chapter in his life. He emailed her to express his gratitude and his desire to collaborate with her. Later, Shea and Syd engaged him as their designer and asked him to construct their home.

He also became emotional when speaking about his coworkers, saying that they go above and beyond and labor over what they are paid because they share the company’s mission. When discussing his methods for being productive, Tyler emphasized the need for communication.

Since 2011, he has been married to his wife, 2011 Daile Farrell. His wife works as the art director at Killowen Construction. Daile is a Brigham Young University alumnus who is Danish. She began her employment in that capacity in 2015. She had been a graphic designer before that. At a BBQ in California in 2010, Tyler met his wife. The union took place on November 5, 2011. They’ve been married for eleven years as of 2022.

Additionally, Tyler has a personal Instagram account above 2,000 followers. Tyler frequently publishes images of himself with his family and friends on his personal Instagram profile. Moreover, he makes posts regarding his job. Highlights have also been annotated with memories of his children, family, and fitness.

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