Lauren Tsai Boyfriend - Is Claudia from Moxie Dating Someone?

Feb 26, 2021 @ 2:51 GMT-0500

After finishing high school Lauren Tsai had the opportunity to go to a good art school. Instead, she chose to move to Japan and continue her career as a model while also freely doing her illustrations. A few years later the multi-talented actress is starring in a Netflix movie with thousands of fans speculating if the actress is dating a boyfriend.

Laure Tsai was born on 11 February 1998 to her parents, father Stephen Ming-Hsi Tsai and mother Linda Marie, in Massachusetts, United States. At the age of seven, she moved to Hawaii and finished high school there. Before finishing high school Lauren had started taking Japanese classes and soon she moved to the country and started a career as a model.

Japan is where the actress made her name. Lauren was cast in the Fuji TV and Netflix reality series Terrace House: Aloha State. Soon she amassed over half a million followers on Instagram and she is pretty open with her fans. The actress recently opened up about her struggle with eating disorder and relationships. Here we are taking a look if Lauren Tsai is dating a boyfriend.

Lauren Tsai Boyfriend - Fans Speculate She may be Gay or Bisexual

lauren-tsai-boyfriend-moxie-netflix-2021Lauren Tsai does not appear to be dating a boyfriend. Yusuke had a crush on her but the duo never date and she has not confirmed being gay or bisexual.
Image Source: Lauren Tsai Instagram

Lauren Tsai has been in the public eye for a long time and starring in a reality show brings some personal probes from fans all over the world. That is the same thing Lauren has experienced since she appeared in Terrace House: Aloha State. She has cried on the show, made stupid decisions, and someone had a crush on her, all amounted to a focus on the relationship status of the actress.

Fans have been speculating for years over who Lauren's boyfriend is but to no avail. One of the housemates in Terrace House had a crush on Lauren. Yusuke was open about his affection towards the actress but some fans still consider her cold due to the way she reacted to the whole situation.

Lauren and Yusuke never came close to dating and after she left the house, the speculation died then and there. Searching for a relationship clue about the actress seems pointless as she is extremely protective about her personal life and what she shares with the world.

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While searching for Lauren's boyfriend by fans is understandable, there is a small section of the fanbase who want her to be either gay or bisexual. There are videos on Lauren's Instagram page where she is seen kissing ladies so there is smoke for the speculation but the actress hasn't claimed to be LGBTQ+. That is why the gay or bisexual rumors are pure speculations.

More concrete information about Lauren's boyfriend came from the actress herself who posted a funny story on Valentine's Day. The Instagram story had written text, "Happy Valentines Day Singles," with a video of her pretending to spit into her own mouth.

All things considered, the actress appears to be single at the moment. There is no sign of a boyfriend that we could find, not even a past relationship. Her own posts paint a picture of a single and happy person who has decided her budding career and happiness are more important than finding a partner right now.

Lauren Tsai Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder

Lauren does not reveal much about her personal life on social media. There are some tidbits here and there but she is a protective person about her present and past. But on 6 February 2021, the actress decided to open up a vulnerable part about herself to her 800,000+ followers on Instagram.

Writing a lengthy caption, Lauren started by saying how she had body image issues starting at the age of 14. The feeling of her appearance not being enough consumed her and she wanted to "change everything," that she could. That emotion led the actress to food where she found the only comfort from all the changes.

"I couldn’t see how sick I was, physically and mentally," she wrote. Lauren explained how she was having breakdowns reading old posts in her diary or notes by her younger self. She developed an eating disorder, "My health was in the trash. I wanted someone to know I wasn't doing ok, but never wanted to let go of the disorder because it was my shield."

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Her image issues were pouring into her relationships and ruining them. "If all you give yourself is hate, it'll inevitably pour out of you too," maybe that was the reason why she does not have a boyfriend or a partner. But she wanted to let others going through the same issue know they are all not alone in all this.

"I’m so sorry the world sucks. I truly am. All the wrongness is society. Not you. You have been perfect since you were born. They make a lot of money from this shit. Since seeking help, I’ve been better than I could have EVERrrr imagined back then. I will keep fighting with you," she ended the post.

Lauren Tsai Stars in Her First Movie 'Moxie' as Claudia, Coming to Netflix

The first acting role of Lauren Tsai's career was in the third season of the FOX series Legion. Terrace House: Aloha State was a reality show so we are not counting that. Moxie on Netflix is going to be her debut movie role and from what we can tell from the trailers, she is killing it.

Lauren Tsai plays Claudia in Netflix's Moxie. Claudia is an under-the-radar high schooler who wants to be away from anyone's attention so as to not get bullied or labeled. She forms a friendship with Vivian and both come to the conclusion that not being seen is the right option until Vivian starts a revolution and all her friends join in.

While modeling is her choice of profession, Claudia mentioned how much she loves acting. Doing both seems possible right now as the role in Moxie is bound to open more doors for the actress. Better be ready cause Lauren is here to stay for the long haul.

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Moxie will be available for streaming on 3 March 2021, only on Netflix. The cast is led by Hadley Robinson as Vivian Carter, Sabrina Haskett as Kaitlynn Price, Josephine Langford as Emma Cunningham, Lauren Tsai as Claudia, Patrick Schwarzenegger as Mitchell Wilson, Amy Poehler as Ms. Carter, Nico Hiraga as Seth Acosta, Alycia Pascual-Peña as Lucy Hernandez, and Anjelika Washington.

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