Lea DeLaria

Lea DeLaria is a comedian, jazz singer, and actress who was born on 23rd May 1958 in Belleville, Illinois, to parents Jerry Jean (née Cox) and Robert George DeLaria. Her mother was a homemaker while her father was a jazz pianist and social worker. Meanwhile, her grandparents were Italian.

Talking about her education, she went to St. Mary’s Elementary School from Kindergarten to the eighth standard in Belleville. The comic star was raised as a Catholic, which can be observed in her performances as she often makes references to it.

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DeLaria made an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1993, becoming the first openly gay comedian to feature on a late-night talk show. The actress is best known for playing the role of Carrie Big BooBlack on Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black.

Does Lea DeLaria have a wife?

Lea DeLario does not have a wife as she is yet to get married.

Lea DeLario does not have a wife as she is yet to get married.
Source: Indi Wire

Although Lea previously had a woman in her life, she, unfortunately, does not have a wife. It looks unlikely she will get married anytime soon, either.

Engagement to Chelsea Fairless


Back in January 2015, the comedian was engaged to her girlfriend turned fiancée Chelsea Fairless who’s a fashion editor. The couple was dating for nearly two years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level.

DeLaria who popped the question following SAG awards 2015 took to Facebook where she wrote,

Despite their concerns about the patriarchal confines of marriage, actor / singer Lea DeLaria & editrix Chelsea Fairless of Brooklyn, New York are pleased to announce their engagement.

The comedian added, they were yet to set a date for the upcoming wedding, but “it’s safe to say that it will be the event of the season, or a total s— show.”

The tragic split


The duo initially met through Fairless’s friend, Emmy Myles, Lea’s co-star who plays Leanne in Orange Is the New Black. However, the couple wasn’t meant for the long haul as they confirmed their separation in January 2017.

DeLaria took to Instagram to share the news of the split with her partner uploading the same picture she previously used to announce their engagement. She captioned the post,

Apparently this was an eerily prophetic choice of engagement photo as our relationship has since gone the way of David and Liza, with one small exception: our split is amicable.

The comedian asked the fans not to include them in the ‘tragic celebrity break up narrative.’ She revealed they were happy during their four years of togetherness, and they will continue to remain in each other’s lives.

Lea DeLaria and Chelsea Fairless were in a relationship for over four years.

Lea DeLaria and Chelsea Fairless were in a relationship for four years.
Source: Popsugar

Lea concluded, “In fact, we look forward to finding new ways to torture each other. We would like to thank our incredible friends and families for their love and support xoxo Lea & @female_trouble.”

Lea DeLaria faced major backlash after inciting violence against Trump supporters

Lea DeLaria faced heavy criticisms after she attacked Trump supporters on Instagram.

Lea DeLaria faced heavy criticisms after she attacked Trump supporters on Instagram.
Source: ET Canada

Lea DeLaria was in massive hot water on November 2016 when she took to Instagram and stated she wanted to “take out” supporters of President-Elect Donald Trump with a baseball bat.

The ‘Friends’ star shared a quote from the late Leonard Cohen, who previously talked up music as a response to violence. “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”

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DeLaria’s caption was going well with Cohen’s quote, but it soon escalated when she wrote:

Or pick up a baseball bat and take out every f***ing republican and independent I see. #f***trump #f***theGOP #f***straightwhiteamerica #f***yourprivilege.

Lea later deleted the post, but the damage was already done.

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