Leah Williamson’s Boyfriend: Is She in a Relationship With Jordan Nobbs? Split Update!

Many people have recently been curious to know about Leah Williamson’s boyfriend. While there’s a rumor that she is in a relationship with her fellow player Jordan Nobbs, some reports suggest they have already split up.

Leah Cathrine Williamson, aka Leah Williamson, is an English professional footballer who plays for the Women’s Super League club Arsenal and captains the England women’s national team. She started playing football at the age of six. She made her senior team debut for Rachel Yankey at Arsenal. Recently, she has been in the news after people heard that she won’t be playing in any Women’s World Cup games.

Lehan has not been seen in any game of the Women’s World Cup, and this has made many people curious about her. Well, she won’t be playing any upcoming games either, as she suffered a major injury while playing a game against Manchester United in April, rupturing her anterior cruciate ligament. It looks like there is bad news for Lehan’s fans, but in her place, Millie Bright will be seen as a team captain.

On the other hand, many people are curious to know who Leah’s current support system is. In this article, we will be talking about if she has a boyfriend. Well, let’s get started.

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While Leah Williamson Does Not Appear to Have a Boyfriend, There’s a Twist to Her Dating Life!

People have been curious about Leah Williamson‘s (@leahwilliamsonn) boyfriend. While she has not talked about her life, her fans claim that she is a lesbian. Some of her followers even believe that she is in a relationship with Jordan Nobbs, but there has been no confirmation till now.

On the other hand, when people saw her picture with Ben Baker, some thought that they were a couple. Ben and Leah were on a vacation with another friend in June, and both used to post each other’s pictures, which sparked the rumors of Ben being Leah’s boyfriend.

Leah Williamson does not have a boyfriend. celebsindepth.comLeah Williamson does not have a boyfriend.
Image Source: Instagram

There has been no confirmation of the rumors until now, but Ben seems to be a very common person. According to his profile, he is a social Content Manager for Sportpack, Puma, and LDN. Ben might not just be a rumored boyfriend of Leah, and the rumors might be true, or the other reason they were together on the vacation might be that Ben is the content manager of the caption.

While Leah’s personal life and boyfriend have been a question mark topic, some people claim that she might be lesbian. Her picture with many of her teammates has made people believe that she might be into girls. Being a secretive person, she has not mentioned anything about herself, but there are rumors that she is dating a female player.

Did Leah Williamson and Jordan Nobbs Split?

As mentioned earlier, Leah Williamson‘s followers believe that she is in a relationship with fellow Arsenal teammate Jordan Nobbs. The couple is guessed to be dating in a low-key way for many years. The rumors started flooding all over the internet after people saw Jordan posting photos with Leah in relaxed settings, sometimes holding hands, but nothing official has been confirmed or discussed till now.

Jordan Nobbs is an English professional footballer who plays for Women’s Super League club Aston Villa as a midfielder. She gained fame after her team, Sunderland, won the FA Women’s Premier League Northern Division and reached the 2009 FA Women’s Cup final.

On the other hand, some people say that Leah and Noobs have already split up, but others believe that the couple is still in the process of announcing their relationship.

Is Leah Williamson Dating Mason Child?

Besides Jordan Nobbs, Leah Williamson is rumored to have many other female partners, including her childhood friend Mason Childs. They are also rumored to have been dating after they were seen together and close in different pictures. Neither Mason nor Leah have confirmed their relationship, and similar to other rumors, this also appears to be a mystery.

Leah Williamson was previously linked to Mason Childs. celebsindepth.comLeah Williamson was previously linked to Mason Childs.
Image Source: Instagram

Although Leah has not mentioned anything about her love life or about having a boyfriend or girlfriend, she has once mentioned being a very shy person. She mentions in the interview that she follows a woman football player and is incredibly shy. She said;

I still struggle to ring the hairdresser to book in because, I don’t like having conversations on the phone. If I could get my mum to book my doctor’s appointment, I would!… Funnily enough I don’t have any issue talking on the pitch.