Libby Down Syndrome: Know About the Poppy Actress!

Aug 15, 2023 @ 0:12 GMT-0500
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Libby Down Syndrome: Know About the Poppy Actress!

Libby Hunsdale, one of the cast members of Netflix's Down for Love, has Down Syndrome. However, her condition hasn't stopped her from achieving what she wants as she is an actress known for playing a lead role in Poppy (2021). Additionally, she is also an advocate.

Down for Love is a fresh reality show to check out on Netflix. It is a touching, upbeat series that follows the romantic travels of different Down syndrome individuals who are all yearning for love.

The show is essentially New Zealand's version of Love on the Spectrum, with an assortment of colorful characters with Down Syndrome looking for love. There are no tricks, dramatic revelations, or anything particularly spectacular; men and women simply go on dates and see what happens.

There is no doubt that Libby Hunsdale is the most popular contestant. And of course, many people want to know more about her and her journey to finding success despite being diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Well, we've got you covered.

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Libby Hunsdale, Who Has Down Syndrome, Is an Actress: Down for Love Update!

Even though Libby Hunsdale from Down for Love was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, it never stopped her from doing what she wanted. And in case you're unaware, appearing on the Netflix show isn't the first time she came in front of the camera since she is an actress.

The 22-year-old was cast to play the lead role in a 2021 movie titled Poppy, written and directed by Linda Niccol. The movie is about a young girl with Down syndrome who takes charge of her own life and refuses to let her condition define her. Her goal was to work as a mechanic.

Libby Hunsdale is an actress and an advocate for people with Down Syndrome. celebsindepth.comLibby Hunsdale is an actress and an advocate for people with Down Syndrome.
Image Source: NZ Herald

Libby is also an advocate for people with intellectual disability in addition to advancing her own career. She continues to pursue all possible paths to success as the first Down syndrome-afflicted actress in New Zealand to achieve both national and worldwide recognition.

She is currently alone and not dating anyone on the personal front. The reality star eventually failed to find love despite appearing in the Netflix documentary series. Although she enjoyed her first few dates with Josh Bradley, she did not share his sense of closeness.

After their first date, the two proceeded on another date to a cha-cha-cha dance workshop. Things started to unravel at this point when Libby decided it would be best if she and Josh remained friends.

Libby finally came out to her grandmother on the show, and she also wanted to connect with a lady. So she ran upon Meimi, a Maori and Italian woman with Williams syndrome. Sadly, she was unable to make the connection she was hoping to locate.

She is nevertheless unwavering in her determination to find the right person for her. Naturally, we are still interested in seeing what Libby Hunsdale accomplishes in the future in terms of her career and personal life!

Find Libby Hunsdale on Instagram!

Libby Hunsdale is very much active on Instagram. She can be found at (@libby.hunsdale). She freely declares her pansexuality in her description and has more than 1350 followers.

Libby Hunsdale can be found on both Instagram and TikTok. celebsindepth.comLibby Hunsdale can be found on both Instagram and TikTok.
Image Source: Instagram

Similarly, she has a TikTok account. Her username is (@libby_hunsdale). She has more than 1000 followers. However, it appears she is not much active on the platform as only there's only one video.

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