Libby and Josh From Down for Love!

Even though Libby and Josh had a very successful first date on Down for Love, they decided to part ways after Libby claimed that she didn’t feel the connection.

Down for Love on Netflix is a dating reality show from New Zealand with a unique premise. The program focuses on a variety of people with Down syndrome who are looking for love and companionship. The program seeks to change reality television by inspiring compassion via compelling storytelling.

Josh Bradley did not have the easiest time in this task—certainly, some were lucky—but his time with Sophie offered viewers hope that this young man might have actually discovered what he had been looking for all along.

Prior to Josh’s relationship with Sophie, he went on a date with another contestant, Libby Hunsdale. Even though their relationship didn’t work out, many people have been curious to know actually happened between them. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Know What Really Happened Between Libby and Josh on Down for Love!

Libby and Josh had a great first date on Down for Love. Josh went to Libby’s house to pick her up. Since both of them agree to like alcohol, Libby suggests they go to a local bar, popular for their wine.

They both get a glass of wine and start having personal information. Josh tells that he has seen Libby in movies. Meanwhile, Libby asks him if he likes nightclubs. Josh immediately responds that he loves nightclubs. Even though she had never gone to nightclubs, Libby tells him that it is one of her dreams.

Libby and Josh had a fantastic first date. celebsindepth.comLibby and Josh had a fantastic first date.
Image Source: Netflix

Similarly, Libby (@libby.hunsdale)  also mentions that her mother died after being diagnosed with brain cancer. The couple then does to a local park and gets cozy. Josh compliments Libby saying she is pretty, has a nice smile, and is a girlfriend.  On the other hand, Libby also says that Josh is boyfriend material.

Libby and Josh seemed as if they were made for each other on their first date. However, things didn’t go as planned as Libby revealed that she didn’t feel the connection as Josh did. And they moved to other dates after deciding to remain friends. While Josh went on a date with Sophie, Libby decided to date another woman named Meimi.

Is Down for Love Real or Scripted?

We don’t think Down for Love is scripted. The Netflix show which was produced in collaboration with the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association (NZDSA), appears to be committed to depicting actual occurrences in the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.

We don't think Down for Love is scripted. celebsindepth.comWe don’t think Down for Love is scripted.
Image Source: Netflix

Many members of the public have greeted the series with open arms and praised the actions it has taken to pave the way for similar initiatives because this community is underrepresented in the television industry. Producer Robyn Paterson previously told,

We were wanting to do something in the area of love and relationships because there are significant barriers for people living with disabilities…And I really wanted to bring more of a documentary lens to it so that it could go beyond just entertainment.

The NZDSA was delighted to collaborate with Attitude Pictures. NZDSA not only participated from the very beginning of the production process, but it also provided the essential feedback to make the show as really true to life as possible.

Additionally, the showrunners have focused on creating real matches for the cast members. Additionally, Paterson has made a commitment to not avoid any subjects or discussions that might be found on another dating program (or something comparable). She added,

Society tends to treat people with intellectual disabilities like they don’t have the same needs and desires as everyone else. We didn’t want to shy away from big conversations around sex and relationships because that wouldn’t be fair, and it wouldn’t be real.