Lily Brooks O’Briant

Lily Brooks O’Briant was born on 10th July 2006 in Memphis, Tennessee, to parents Allen O’Briant (father) and Hope O’Briant (mother). She’s got an older brother named Colin O’Briant and a younger sister, Hannah O’Briant. Lily’s been involved in local theatre since she was 4.

The young actress was persistent in her effort to convince her parents to aid her in fulfilling her dreams of becoming an actress. After eight months, her family finally gave in upon realizing her interest had only grown over time.

Lily Brooks O’Briant is best known for Shark Lake (2015), The Tick (2019), and The Big Show Show (2020).

Stars as Mandy Wight in the Netflix sitcom ‘The Big Show Show’ (2020)

Created by Josh Bycel and Jason Berger, The Big Show Show is an American sitcom on Netflix starring WWE’s ‘World’s Largest Athlete’ Big Show (real name Paul Wight). The live-action family comedy is produced by WWE Studios.

As per IMDb, the premise reads:

When Big Show’s teenage daughter comes to live with him and his wife and two other daughters, he quickly becomes outnumbered and outsmarted. Despite being 7 feet tall and weighing 400 pounds, he is no longer the center of attention.

Lily Brooks O’Briant is playing the role of Big Show’s middle daughter named Mandy Wight on Netflix’s The Big Show Show. Mandy is an overachiever who runs for class president.

Lily Brooks O'Briant portrays the character of Mandy Wight on Netflix's The Big Show Show.

Lily Brooks O’Briant portrays the character of Mandy Wight on Netflix’s The Big Show Show.
Source: Lily Brooks O’Briant Instagram (@lilybrooksobriant)

The rest of the main cast includes Paul Wight as Big Show, Allison Munn as Cassy Wight, Reylynn Caster as Lola Wight, and Juliet Donenfeld as J.J. Wight. The recurring cast includes Jaleel White, Ben Giroux, Jaime Moyer, Asif Ali, Dallas Dupree Young, Tessa Espinola, Jolie Hoang-Rappaport, and Emma Loewen. Meanwhile, Mick Foley, Mark Henry, Rikishi, and Tan France make guest appearances.

The Big Show Show premiered on Netflix on 6th April 2020.

Previously Played Matilda – What’s Her Net Worth?

The Big Show Show Netflix star Lily Brooks O'Briant's net worth is estimated to be $5,000.

Lily Brooks O’Briant’s net worth is estimated to be $5,000.
Source: O’Briant Instagram

Lily Brooks O’Briant made her acting debut with the role of Hailey in a horror thriller Unnerving (2015). The same year, she made her feature film debut with the role of Carly Gray on Shark Lake (2016).

In 2016, the young actress featured in the movie Restoration followed by a couple of short films, Bare Knuckle (2016) and Broadway Kids Against Bullying: I Have a Voice (2016). Two years later, she had a minor role as Trailer Girl in an independent neo-noir crime thriller movie Pickings (2018).

Watch: Lily Brooks O’Briant – ‘Quiet’ from ‘Matilda

In 2019, the 13-year-old made a single-episode appearance as Young Dot in the comic book series The Tick (2019). Besides TV and film, the actress played Matilda, the 15th kid to perform worldwide, in the second national tour of Matilda the Musical.  Her first show was held on 2nd January 2016, whereas the final performance took place on 26th June 2016.

Lily Brooks O’Briant’s net worth is estimated at $5,000.

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