Lysa Terkeurst’s New (Love) Boyfriend: Together With Ex-husband, Art? Reddit Update!

Jun 18, 2023 @ 2:09 GMT-0500
Lysa Terkeurst’s New (Love) Boyfriend: Together With Ex-husband, Art? Reddit Update!

Lysa TerKeurst has a new love in her life. She ended her marriage with her ex-husband Art; they are no longer together, and she is happy with her new boyfriend. Reddit users have wondered about her new lover, whom she is dating, but despite his face's reveal, other details are under wraps.

Lysa TerKeurst is a well-known Christian author, speaker, and leader. Her contributions to spiritual elevation and self-improvement have been favorably acknowledged. Her real testimony, candor, and unwavering faith have inspired countless people throughout the world.

We are aware that Lysa TerKeurst has announced her divorce from her ex-husband. And recently, she revealed her new lover. The announcement comes a year and a half after she declared the breakdown of her marriage owing to Art TerKeurst's recurrent infidelity. And fans were soon to comment on her to know about her new lover in her life. So who is her new boyfriend? Reddit users have wondered about her dating life. So let's get into detail.

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Lysa Terkeurst Is Dating Her New (Love) Boyfriend in 2023!

Recently, three days ago, Lysa TerKeurst (@lyasterkeurst) went on to reveal her new lover. She did offer a lovely note to express her affection for him. Without providing any other information and referring to the man in her photo as "CA," the author posted a movie with photographs and recordings of them together from vacations and other occasions. Talking about her new boyfriend she wrote;

The hard parts of our story aren’t the end of it. If you had told me this years ago, I would have thought, That sounds good in theory, but it’s not my reality. I will never understand the twists and turns of life. But I am so grateful that when everything else feels so uncertain, the goodness and kindness of God are something we can count on.

Lysa TerKeurst went Instagram-official with her new lover. celebsindepth.comLysa TerKeurst went Instagram-official with her new lover.
Source: Instagram

There were so many days, months, and years where she didn’t feel it. She had big doubts. Deep hurt. A sadness like she has never known before. But in time, her new partner changed her. She went on to say that he wrote a story that was the sweetest surprise for her. She continued, saying that many of us are still in the thick of the hurt and pain. And she is still right here to walk beside us all adding;

I’m not through it all yet. But I am in a really beautiful part of this journey, and I wanted to share it with you.

Fans of Lysa TerKeurst closely following her personal life couldn’t be more happy to see her with a new man. Many of her fans congratulated her and wished her a better future, and many were truly happy. But some fans were confused regarding her ex-husband and asked if she was still together with Art due to similar looks.

Lysa TerKeurst's dating details with her new boyfriend are unknown. celebsindepth.comLysa TerKeurst's dating details with her new boyfriend are unknown.
Source: Instagram

However, the man is her new boyfriend, who looks a lot like her ex-husband, making fans curious and confused. In the video, you can also see her grandchildren playing with her new guy. Further details regarding her new love have not been revealed yet. We hope to share with you any information if the authors reveal it in the coming days.

Revealing Her New Lover, Lysa Terkeurst, Is No Longer Together With Her Ex-husband Art!

Lysa TerKeurst declared in January 2022, that her 29-year marriage to Art TerKeurst (@artterkurst) had ended due to Art's ongoing infidelity. In an Instagram post she said, "It's been a year of waiting, listening to God, grieving, and taking some time off to process and heal." Her husband, life partner, and father of her children, Art TerKeurst, was repeatedly unfaithful to her with a woman he met online.

Her ex-husband had spent almost $118,000 of the couple's money on an affair with a lady he found on, according to a court document. She stated in December 2022 that she had come a long way in her healing journey. The author is the mother of five children: Jackson, Mark, Hope, Ashley, and Brooke. Jackson and Mark, two of her children, are adopted. She adopted them from an orphanage in Liberia, West Africa, when they were 13 and 14. Oprah Winfrey picked up the touching story of Lysa adopting the two boys, calling it one of her favorite stories.

Lysa TerKeurst and her husband, Art, are no longer together. celebsindepth.comLysa TerKeurst and her husband, Art, are no longer together.
Source: Tuko News

However, she has discovered her new boyfriend on Instagram as of 2023. And some fans were curious and wondered whether she was still with her ex-husband. One user wrote,

One wrote, Is that art?" Or somebody that looks like him? I'm confused!

Well, no, they are no longer together, and she has moved on to dating her new boyfriend. The confusion was generated because her current boyfriend resembled her ex-husband.

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