Misha Collins Praises Castiel’s Big Moment on Supernatural

Supernatural star Misha Collins addresses Castiel’s major moment in this week’s episode as the fan-favorite CW series approaches the ultimate finale.

Supernatural star Misha Collins discussed the significant scene of Castiel in the latest episode. The American drama series is presently at the tail end of season 15, which will be the final chapter.

The long-running show was initially expected to close in May of this year. However, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a shutdown that also impacted post-production.

Consequently, the last seven installments of the show were postponed until this fall. CW also posted a teaser for the show’s finale, which airs on November 19. The episode will have a retrospective section honoring the greatest moments of Supernatural.

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The final run of the show is acting as a long farewell, particularly given the abrupt delay in broadcasting due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now fans await what will be an emotional good-bye to Sam, Dean, and other favorite characters.

Last night’s episode, however, offered a shockingly early farewell to one of them: Castiel.

At the end of the show, Dean and Castiel were entrapped, with Dean’s life hanging by a thread. But Castiel, who did not want to see Dean dead, poured his heart out about the influence he had on his life, as well as the feeling of genuine fulfillment.

Due to Castiel’s heartfelt speech, the Empty turned up to take Castiel and Billy as everybody’s favorite angel finally sacrificed himself for good to protect Dean.

Collins shared his reaction taking to social media minutes after it was televised. He spoke about his admiration for Cas, as well as how much he was emotionally moved by his character’s interaction with Dean:

Misha Collins talked about Castiel's big moment in the latest episode of Supernatural.

Misha Collins talked about Castiel’s big moment in the latest episode of Supernatural.
Source: Misha Collins Instagram (@misha)

Collins’ insight of the scene reveals he strongly respects the show’s decision to kill off Castiel. The actor’s reaction further reflects how Castiel genuinely feels about Dean.

Castiel’s friendship with Dean has been a central feature of Supernatural for over a decade. His sacrifice is, in some respects, the perfect outcome of their bond. While it was a bittersweet moment, ideally the fans found it as rewarding as Collins did.

After this week’s segment, there’s just one more episode left before the ultimate conclusion. Taking into consideration the big incidents that have already taken place this season, viewers may be worried about what might happen in the final couple of episodes and how they will impact their beloved characters.

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However, everything that’s been hinted at so far about the finale implies it will be a memorable goodbye to Supernatural, signing off with all the love and appreciation the show deserves.

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