Lisa Berry

Lisa Berry is an accomplished actress who transitions between movies, TV shows and theatre while living in Canada. Born in Richmond Hill, Canada she was the fourth child of her parents and according to herself, a particularly shy kid when she was small. The little girl was taken under the wing by all of her older siblings, and gradually she was able to find her voice and express herself.

While the actress started her career as a makeup artist, since training in The Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, the confidence was strengthened, and she was given a path to make her career beyond just makeup. Soon instead of waiting in the trailers, she was the one getting the makeup done on her and stepping out on the stage for her new career as a theatre actress.

Lisa Berry as 'Billie' during a photoshoot.Lisa Berry was cast as ‘Billie’ in Supernatural.
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Lisa made her career on the stage and was even nominated for multiple awards for her performance in Father Come Home From The Wars which was organized by SoulPepper Theatre in Toronto. Theatre is near and dear to her heart because it allowed the actress to express herself, but her job was also the reason she met her future husband and life partner.

Lisa Berry Married Her Boyfriend Dion Johnstone After 10 Years of Relationship

Dion and Lisa met over 11 year ago.Dion and Lisa met while doing ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ together.
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Life plays tricks with you sometimes but time is circular, what goes around comes around, what is meant to be will happen at any cost, and it is particularly true for Lisa Berry and Dion Johnstone. The future husband and wife met in Stratford when they were both casts in the play To Kill a Mockingbird. It was the first day of rehearsal, and it was also the first time the two met for the first time.

Well, the thing is they were meant to meet at a much earlier date, her friends were trying to set her up with Dion even before they met on stage. Lisa was looking for someone to settle down with and not get into the whole dating scene, which is why even though her friends floated the actor’s name, she was just not interested in being in a relationship.

Lisa and Dion kissing before a party.Dion Johnstone and Lisa Berry went through a long-distance relationship.
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Then, call it fate or good freaking luck, but the moment Dion walked into the rehearsal, Lisa fell for her. The tall, beautiful man was something she thought she deserved and Dion was also feeling the same thing which is why on 11 August 2008 the couple started dating.

For the earlier part of their relationship, Dion said it was all FaceTime and long-distance relationships. They would call each other and sync the movies on the television and watch it together while living miles apart. Work was keeping them apart, but then the couple still managed to work around the whole long-distance thing.

The Marriage Proposal and Tying the Knot

Lisa Berry and Dion Johnstone both wearing white and looking down at her foot.Lisa Berry agreed to marry Dion after an elaborate proposal by him.
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Dion is a romantic, and when he was certain Lisa was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, he decided to take the actress to Whistler. The couple visited the place before, but they didn’t visit the mountains while only walking around the village. He wanted to propose on top of the mountain and to make sure she didn’t suspect a thing, he convinced her he needed a photo-op and they were unable to get it the first time.

Lisa was not aware of what was going on, and he led her to the top of the second peak where the floor is made of glass. She was scared to walk on top of the glass, but then Dion kept telling her “I Got You” and finally she was able to walk.

The actor tried to convince her to get to the edge of the mountain for a better look at the whole area, but this was the moment he decided was the right time to get down on one knee, when she turned around, he was on one bent knee and holding a ring box in his hand. The actress was clueless about Dion’s proposal plan, and when she saw him on his knee, the actress was quick to say yes.

Lisa Berry and her husband Dion Johnstone during their marriage ceremony.Dion Johnstone and Lisa Berry got married after 10 years of relationship.
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It was a romantic proposal by the actor, a real flair for the dramatic, but Lisa deserved it, and it made her happy, which is what matters in the end.

The couple tied the knot on 11 August 2018 in front of colleagues, friends, and families; she wore a simple sleeveless white wedding gown with her hair tied on top of her head. The front of her dress was sewn with a diamond-shaped design, and she held an all-white roses bouquet.

Lisa Berry and her husband Dion Johnstone.Lisa Berry wearing her beautiful white gown during her marriage ceremony.
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Dion also looked dashing in his black suit and bow tie with a white shirt underneath; there was also a beautiful white rose on the left lapel of his jacket, which made the suit shine even more. The beautiful couple exchanged vows and together walked out of the ceremony as husband and wife.

‘Billie’ Actress Lisa Berry Coming Back for ‘Supernatural’ Season 15, and Her Other Credits

The actor is known for many characters she played over her 13 years movie and TV career and out of all the 47 credits under her name, the one she is most popular for is of her portrayal of Billie (Death) in the hit TV show Supernatural.

Though she only appeared in 10 episodes of the series, she’s been part of the drama/horror show since 2015. The character Billie appeared in the 14th season of Supernatural and she was also there in the final season of the season finale which gives us an idea she will be featuring heavily in the last season when it arrives on 10 October 2019.

Watch: Supernatural Season 14 finale where Billie makes an appearance

God is the villain in the final season which means Sam and Dean Winchester are going to need everything and everyone if they were to defeat the strongest foe of their hunting careers. Death helped Sam and Dean in the past but now, even her existence is threatened which makes her even more of a strong ally for the brothers, Castiel and it seems she will be crucial in bringing back Jack, played by Alexander Calvert.

Not only Supernatural though, but the actress is also known for her performance as Detective Roberta Hanson in the show Slasher, Nellie Bullock in Bad Blood. She is also known as Cleophas Garroway actress as well as playing the character of Nolan and Rita George in Continuum and 19-2 respectively.

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