Mary Earps’s Partner: Does She Have a Spouse, Child?

Aug 28, 2023 @ 7:54 GMT-0500
Mary Earps’s Partner: Does She Have a Spouse, Child?

Mary Earps has not revealed who her partner is, but she is claimed to be mingle. On November 20, 2022, when she posted a picture with a guy named Lorenzo Sarasa Alastuey, many people started asking questions about their relationship. Well, nothing seems to be coming in a confession soon, but she is not married yet, doesn't have a spouse, and has not had any children till now.

Mary Alexandra Earps is an English professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Manchester United in the Women's Super League and the England national team. She began her professional career with Leicester City as a first-team squad member at the center of excellence. She has recently won the Golden Glove for her game at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup.

Everyone must have heard about Nike. Who doesn't like to wear Nike products? Well, recently Nike stated that they would offer a Mary goalkeeper jersey. Nike will also be selling replicas of England goalkeeper Mary Earps' jersey after getting the demand from the public to make them available to fans. People seem to be very happy with the decision, while the exact date when common people can buy the jersey is yet to be announced.

After the news broke, many people started asking questions about Mary's personal life. Is she dating someone? In this article, we will be talking about her partner in detail and her dating history. To learn more, read this article.

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Mary Earps Hasn’t Revealed Anything About Her Partner!

Mary Earps (@1maryearps) has not revealed her partner's name until now. She is a very private person and loves to be away from the paparazzi. She is linked to many people, but none of them have ever been proven. She is not married yet nor has a child, but it is guessed that she is guessed to be dating a Spanish boy, Lorenzo Sarasa Alastuey.

Mary Earps has been very private about her life, and there is very little information regarding her early life and personal life on the Internet. There were many rumors regarding her personal life, spouse and even having a child that have not been discussed yet. Some have been questioning her sexuality and calling her gay, while others say that she may have a partner.

Mary Earps is linked to many people but has not revealed her partner. celebsindepth.comMary Earps is linked to many people but has not revealed her partner.
Source: Instagram

The reason people call her gay is because she has not mentioned her love life in the media, and people think that she might be having difficulties due to her sexuality. She has not called out her partner but there might be some hint she has given regarding her love life.

In November, when Mary posted a picture with a young man, people started guessing he was the goalkeeper's partner. The picture was taken during her celebration with her teammates after their victorious 2022 UEFA Euro Championships. If he is the partner of Mary, then they might have been dating for more than two years now, and the reason they have not broken up is that the picture is still on Earps's Instagram feed.

What Is the Name of Mary Earps’s Partner?

It's not confirmed yet if the young man next to Mary Earps is her partner or not. However, the young man is named Lorenzo Sarasa Alastuey, and according to his Instagram, he seems to be currently living in Huesca, Spain. The picture was captioned as;

Lovely evening at @mcr_champions gala dinner with my Spanish amigo 🖤. Great to hear that Manchester is leading the way to ensure all girls in Manchester schools will get equal access to football.

The person in the picture might just be Mary's special friend, and he might not be her partner. The random guesses of her fans and the comment section might all be fake news. If we find anything suspicious about them, we will inform you guys soon, but for now, there is no confirmation that they are dating each other.

Where Was Mary Earps Born? Who Are Her Parents?

Mary Earps was born on March 7, 1993, in Nottingham, England. She was born into a renowned family where her parents, Julie and David Earps, are businesspeople. Her father, David, is a knowledgeable professional with 30 years of experience in the food industry, while her mother, Julie Earps, runs a small business.

Mary Earps and her parents participate in Pride in Food last year. Mary Earps and her parents participate in Pride in Food last year.
Source: Instagram

Mary was seen with her parents in Pride in Food last year. She also has a brother named Joel Earp and a sister named Annabelle Earps, who is an SEO content executive at Davpack. They have been her biggest supporters, and the family has appeared at her games several times to cheer her on. When she was small, she used to play football with her dad and brother. Her brother is a part-time football player and a full-time software developer at Zenobe.

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