Justin Herbert’s (Girlfriend) Wife in 2023: Dating Taylor Bisciotti?

Justin Herbert’s girlfriend in 2023 is rumored to be Taylor Bisciotti; however, both of them have yet to confirm or deny these rumors. The rumor started in 2021, when the 25-year-old football quarterback was spotted with a blond lady who was believed to be Taylor. Some even believe Taylor to be Justin’s wife, which is untrue.

How many of you are football enthusiasts? Have you guys been keeping track on the football quarterback, Justin Herbert? If you guys are into sports and watch football then surely you might know the guy who is currently on the spotlight for his exceptional skills and developed into a promising and a successful player for the Los Angeles Chargers.

With an average annual salary of $52.5 million, Justin Herbert has just seen a big boost in compensation. As a result, the charges have made him one of the highest-paid player in the NFL this offseason. He is one of the few who quickly rose to become league’s one of the top players at such a young age. With his extraordinary talent and abilities, Herbert is not only a benefit to the club now but also has a bright future ahead of him. Herbert possesses the talent and game-changing ability to guide the squad to victory.

With Justin Herbert becoming one of the highest paid player in the NFL, the people have been curious to find out more information about him especially his private life and they want to know who the football quarterback is dating currently. So, in this article, we are going to discuss about his girlfriend in 2023!

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Justin Herbert Is Rumored to Be Dating His Girlfriend, Taylor Biscotti!

Justin Herbert (@justinherbert) may or may not have a girlfriend in 2023 however there’s been rumor going around that the 25-year-old football quarterback has been together with sideline football reporter, Taylor Bisciotti. Even though, both of the couple has yet to announce that they are together, the fans believe that they are together but they are just not making their relationship public.

Justin Herbert is rumored to be dating Taylor Bisciotti. celebsindepth.comJustin Herbert is rumored to be dating Taylor Bisciotti.
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When it comes to celebrities, it’s not surprising for rumors to spread even though the particular individual has not made any comments on the topic and when it comes to dating life, fans go crazy on this and they start speculating and start rumor based on some theory. Justin Herbert is one of the celebrities who have faced this problem.

The 25-year-old football quarterback is rumored of dating the sideline football reporter, Taylor Bisciotti but both of them have yet to confirm or deny that they are in a relationship and the rumor about them being together is just mere speculations made by fans. The rumor about Justin dating Taylor started in 2021 when the football quarterback was spotted with a blond lady who was believed to be Taylor Bisciotti.

There are nearly no information available about the two of them and how the couple met also remains a mystery to date. However, according to speculations, Justin and Taylor met in 2019 through their shared love of football and it is believed that the football quarterback reached out to Bisciotti, a lifelong fan and owner of the team, for guidance and support.

With that, they quickly formed a bond and have been working together ever since and they allegedly started developing feelings for each other and started dating.

Meet Justin Herbert’s Rumored Girlfriend, Taylor Bisciotti!

Taylor Bisciotti is a sports journalist and reporter who is mostly known for her work at ESPN and in addition to that, she also currently works as an on-air talent for the prestigious NFL network and many of you who watch ESPN might know her as she is vastly popular for her hosting talent and she also has a fan base of her own.

There is no proof to backup the theory that Justin Herbert and Taylor is currently dating but if they are dating then they have been successful at keeping their dating life low-key and private.

Did Justin Herbert Date the Monster Energy Model, Rylee Jean?

Justin Herbert is really private about his personal life and he doesn’t share much information about his life so it’s really hard to keep track on his dating life. So, people tend to make speculations about the football quarterback’s girlfriend. In addition to Taylor Bisciotti, the 25-yea-old football quarterback is also linked with the Monster Energy model, Rylee Jean (@ryleejeankirk).

Justin Herbert was suspected of dating Rylee Jean. celebsindepth.comJustin Herbert was suspected of dating Rylee Jean.
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There’s not much information about the popular Monster Energy girl and influencer, known for her edgy style and outgoing personality and the football quarterback but there was rumor going around in the past that the two of them were a thing. Although neither of the couple denied or confirmed these rumors. So, in conclusion, there has been no official announcement made about Justin Herbert’s girlfriend to date but it is believed that the football quarterback is currently dating Taylor Bisciotti.