Thabang Molaba Girlfriend – Who is the Blood & Water Season 2 KB Dating in Real Life?

Thabang Mobala shot to international fame in 2020 when he appeared in the hit South African show Blood & Water as Karabo “KB” Molapo. Starting his career as a model, Thabang had two TV credits to his name, but nothing too shiny. It was the Netflix show that brought international attention on the actor and now they want to know if he has a girlfriend.

The South African actor was born on 18 December 1994, to his parents. Athletic from a young age, Thabang started playing football and rugby while in high school. Also, blessed with good looks, young Thabang started modeling something that allowed him to develop a stage presence and establish a career in show business. While he still does modeling gigs, the real reason fans know him is from his acting career.

An acting career that has brought over 450,000 followers to his Instagram account. Before Blood & Water, the actor appeared in South African soaps, all the while honing his skills as an actor. And when Netflix came calling, the actor’s fortune changed for the better. His turn as KB stole hearts all over the year resulting in ladies expressing their love for the 26-year-old actor. So, we are here talking about his girlfriend and current relationship status in 2021.

Thabang Molaba Girlfriend – Relationship Details and Rumor Report in 2021

thabang-molaba-girlfriend-2021Thabang Molaba is rumored to be dating Kefilwe Mabote. They shared pictures from the Blood & Water actor’s birthday party on 18 December 2020.
Image Source: Kefilwe Mabote Instagram

One thing that has been true about Netflix over the past half a decade is actors find worldwide recognition after appearing in the platform. An overflow of Instagram followers and adoring fans is a constant and it was the same case with Thabang Molaba who went from social media obscurity to hundreds of thousands of followers, overnight. And since their arrival, one question has been constant, does the actor have a girlfriend?

You can simply take a stroll through his Instagram comments to see all the thirsty comments of different ladies. There are thousands of ladies expressing their love for the young actor and he gives them what they want, shirtless photos. There is also no mention of a girlfriend in his grid but that has not stopped the rumor mill, linking the actor with entrepreneur Kefilwe Mabote. There is also the KBPuleng stans who keep shipping the two characters.

Is Thabang Molaba Dating Kefilwe Mabote?

Kefilwe Mabote is a social media influencer with over a million followers, a clothing brand and published books. She is an entrepreneur and someone who has made full use of he world of social media, selling a persona online and teaching people how they can brand themselves online. The influencer is the one person people are speculating is Thabang Molaba’s girlfriend.

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All the speculation stems from an Instagram post made by Kefilwe back on 29 December 2020. A collection of photo showed the two posing in various settings. Some of the same photos were posted by Thabang on his Instagram grid. While the photos were posted on 29 December, they were from the Blood & Water actor’s birthday party on 18 December.

Friends and family came together for a celebration and considering Kefilwe was there with the group resulted in girlfriend rumors spreading on the internet. But since the photos from the birthday party came to light, there have been no other mention on their respective socials. It is not certain if Kefilwe is Thabang’s girlfriend and there is no way to tell for sure unless they reveal their true relationship.

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There are also fans who are shipping the actor’s on-screen relationship with Ama Qamata. The duo played KB and Puleng respectively and had a highly shared TV romance which has been shipped by fans of the show. They want to see the two dating in real life but it does not appear Thabang and Ama are anything more than good friends. The more likely scenario is for Kefilwe Mabote to be Thabang Molaba’s girlfriend. But all of these are just rumors at this point.

Thabang Molaba Plays Karabo “KB” Molapo in the Netflix Series Blood & Water Season 2

Blood & Water was an international Netflix hit back in 2020. Hitting the number 1 spot in the US and other countries, the show was embraced by the world during the pandemic. The success of the show also meant Netflix, asked for a second season. And the cast and crew came back to finally unravel the mystery to the delight of fans all over the world.

The South African Netflix show follows Puleng Khumalo, eldest daughter of her parents. She lost her younger sister while they were still kids. Her sister was taken from them and when a birthday party brings back some memories, Puleng goes on a mission to prove her new school mate, the queen bee of the school, is her long lost sister.

Thabang Molaba plays Karabo ” KB” Molapo in Blood & Water season 2. He is one of the students in Puleng‘s new high school. A popular kid in the school, he falls for Puleng and they start on a relationship during the 6-episode first season. That being said, KB is also hiding a secret of his own, something that will affect their lives. KB will be back in Blood & Water season 2.

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Netflix is releasing Blood & Water season 2 on 24 September 2021. The cast of the show is led by Ama Qamata as Puleng Khumalo, Khosi Ngema as Fikile Bhele as  Gail Mabalane as Thandeka Khumalo, Thabang Molaba as Karabo “KB” MolapoDillon Windvogel as Wade Daniels, Arno Greeff as Chris Ackerman, Ryle De Morny as Chad Morgan, Greteli Fincham as Reece Van Rensburg, Getmore Sithole as Julius Khumalo, and Odwa Gwanya as Siya Khumalo.

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