Michael Cimino’s Lip Scar: Is It a Birthmark?

Michael Cimino has a very prominent scar on his upper lip. Fans and viewers of Never Have I Ever are curious to know if it is a birthmark. Well, he has been very open about what caused a scar on his lip. It was due to an accident after a dog bit him and he had to get ten stitches in his face.

Never Have I Ever season 4 is now streaming on Netflix, and in the final season, we meet several new characters. One of those characters is Ethan Morales, which is played by Michael CiminoThe fourth season follows Devi and her friends as they navigate their senior year at Sherman Oaks High School while also dealing with college applications and the future of their friendship. Of course, Devi and the company must deal with both new and old romances. Devi’s new fling this season is Ethan.

Ethan is a new character introduced in the fourth season, but he has been a Sherman Oaks student since freshman year. He had a growth spurt over the summer, and now everyone is looking at the school’s newest heartthrob. He’s a skater who eventually catches Devi’s attention. But keep in mind that Devi has two other love interests, Ben and Paxton, so it’ll be interesting to see how her romantic life unfolds in Never Have I Ever season 4.

Since Michael Cimino has caught the attention of many viewers, viewers have been wanting to know more about him. Michael has a prominent scar on his lips and viewers wonder whether it is a birthmark or was caused by an accident. Well, here is everything you need to know about his lip scar.

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Michael Cimino Got the Scar on His Lip After a Dog Bit Him in 2022!

You might have noticed that Michael Cimino (@itsmichaelcimino) has a very prominent scar on his upper lip. Fans and viewers of Never Have I Ever are curious to know how he got the scar. Well, Cimino has been very open about what caused a scar on his lip. His lip scar is not a birthmark. It was due to an accident.

Michael Cimino got the lip scar from a dog bite. celebsindepth.comMichael Cimino got the lip scar from a dog bite.
Image Source: Instagram

The 23-year-old actor discussed how he got the lip scar from a dog bite when he was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America in 2022 while promoting the final season of Love, Victor. He was hanging out in his friend’s house and a puppy was hanging out on the floor. He was like he’s so cute and he started petting the puppy.

Everything was good then the puppy suddenly bit his lip. Cimino got ten stitches in his face but luckily he was okay. He admitted that it wasn’t the dog’s fault. “He is a puppy and what do you expect,” said Michael Cimino.

Michael Cimino before the lip scar. celebsindepth.comMichael Cimino before the lip scar.
Image Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Michael Cimino has undoubtedly become a household name as a result of his breakout performance in the Hulu romantic comedy series Love, Victor.

The Netflix star also appeared in five episodes of How I Met Your Father, Annabelle Comes Home and voiced Eduardo in Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. He is a talented singer who frequently posts videos of himself playing the guitar on Instagram. He released his debut EP, I’m Somewhere Out There, in 2022.

Michael Cimino’s Relationship Status Explored!

Michael Cimino’s relationship status is possibly single in 2023. He hasn’t been linked to anyone in a long time, and he hasn’t publicly declared that he’s in a relationship. We even searched his Instagram account for any hints as to know about his possible girlfriend but came up empty-handed. So either Michael wants to keep his current relationship status a secret, or he isn’t dating anyone at all.

According to Distractify, the Love, Victor star is said to have dated Mava Gomez for years. She is a YouTube personality. The two stopped sharing photos of each other in 2019, and all the proof of their relationship has been wiped clean from their respective social media pages.

As neither party ever commented on their split, it’s unclear why they split up. He left a comment under a photo of them from 2019, admitting that Gomez was a huge part of his life and he would not just erase her and act like she never happened.