Michael Cimino’s Ethnicity: Nationality, Parents Details!

Many people criticized Michael Cimino for being of mixed ethnicity. Some of his fans are confused about whether he is Mexican or not. Well, he is not Mexican, but his parents are of Italian/Sicilian, Puerto Rican, German, and Swiss-German descent. He is of American nationality. Although he has faced many criticisms since his childhood, it looks like all the threats have made him stronger and more confident.

Do you know the latest twist plot of Netflix‘s Never Have I Ever, season 4? Well, the plot seems to be sexy and interesting, as Michael Cimino is the new cast member. The actor is known as Ethan in the series, and from his first look to his role in the series, it is something spicy we have ever had for the series maker. After appearing in the final season of Never Have I Ever as one of the love interests of the main character, Devi, Michael has been in the news.

In the interview, Cimino appeared to look different than the character with his long hair. After the interview, many seemed to be questioning him about his sexuality and ethnicity. In this article, we will be talking about his personal life and early life. To know more, read this article.

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Michael Cimino Belongs to a Mixed Ethnicity and American Nationality!

Michael Cimino (@itsmichaelcimino) belongs to a mixed ethnicity, and he enjoys exploring different cultures. Although he has faced many discriminations regarding his color and sexuality, he has faced every situation and came out stronger with the support of his parents.

Many people are curious to know more and more about Michael Cimino after watching him in the final season of Never Have I Ever. Some questioned him about his ethnicity and some about his sexuality. Although he holds American citizenship, he belongs to a different ethnicity. Do you think he looks Asian? Do you think he and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan are from the same country?

Michael is of Italian, Sicilian, and Swiss-German descent. celebsindepth.comMichael is of Italian, Sicilian, and Swiss-German descent.
Source: Instagram

Well, due to Michael’s tan-brown skin, many people thought that he might be related to the main cast member of Never Have I Ever, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. Maitreyi, who has an Indian ethnicity, seems to be very proud of her origin. Similar to her, Cimino is also very proud of his ethnicity, but he is not Indian.

Meet Michael Cimino’s Parents!

Michael Cimino’s fans have shown more interest in his parents. His father, Philip Cimino, is of Italian-German ancestry, and his mother, Deb Cimino, is of Puerto Rican descent. He also has a half-sister, Sofia Cimino, from his father’s side. He loves Italian food and also knows how to speak Italian.

Although Michael is of mixed race, he was born and raised in the most populous city in the United States, Las Vegas, Nevada, by his parents. He graduated high school in his hometown. He is of American nationality, and his accent seems to be fully American. However, growing up in America as a mixed race was very difficult for him. His parents are more supportive towards him.

Why Was Michael Cimino Bullied in His High School?

Michael Cimino was not always as popular as he is today. He has grown up among white people, and due to being of different ethnicity, he looks different than American people. However, this led him to face much racism in his childhood days. His classmate used to call him by a different name.

Michael Cimino had even faced racism in high school. celebsindepth.comMichael Cimino had even faced racism in high school.
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During elementary school, his classmate used to throw him on the floor, kick him, and claim he ate bugs, though he says those experiences made him more compassionate towards others. Till today, he has been receiving threats and criticism. In 2021, he admitted to facing many backlashes and stated;

It’s weird … [the Latinx community] is liberal when it comes to things about Latinos, but when it comes to gay rights, it’s like, eh, question mark. We need to change the narrative on that, right away. Because that’s not right. You can’t just be for some issues that concern your people but not all of them. Just because someone’s sexuality is different than yours, that does not mean that they’re not part of your community.

Is Michael Cimino Gay? Who Is He Dating?

Talking about Michael Cimino‘s personal life, he seems to be a very private person, and as of 2023, he is believed to be single. Many people have claimed he is gay, but it looks like it’s just rumored, as he has been in a relationship with an actress previously. He was in a relationship with a fellow actress, Mava Gomez.

Michael Cimino is not gay and has not been linked to any guy. celebsindepth.comMichael Cimino is not gay and has not been linked to any guy.
Source: Instagram

Mava and Cimino were in public relations and used to update their fans about their relationship through Instagram. They are guessed to have been together for more than 2 years, and as per online reports, they ended their relationship in 2019. The reason for their break up is unknown and looks like they are on bad terms as both unfollowed each other on Instagram.